From The Witch’s Corner ~ Herbs for Divination & Spirit Contact

I decided at the last minute to shoot this video when I was going to prepare my oil burner with some herbs for divination and spirit contact.  I was planning on doing some divination later in the day, dealing with the topic of spirit communication, and my girls had been at me for a long … Continue reading From The Witch’s Corner ~ Herbs for Divination & Spirit Contact

Making a Non-Wax Candle (video!)

The candle I made for this video is a spell candle for love, but for any of my muggles who happen to visit this blog, this is just the basic way to make a regular ole' non-wax candle.  It was so much fun, and even the couple glitches I ran into during the process (which … Continue reading Making a Non-Wax Candle (video!)

FAQ ~ Old Herbs, Male Witches, the Queen Stage (video podcast)

In this episode of Frequently Asked Questions, the topics are: 1.  Herbs ~ When they get old, do I have to throw them out? 2. Male Witches 3. Queen Stage of Women's Mysteries ~ I also discuss the Maiden, Mother, Crone, and how they all transcend age and biology! "The Smell of Magick" http://ladyamythyst.comContinue reading FAQ ~ Old Herbs, Male Witches, the Queen Stage (video podcast)

Woman Speak 3-20-2015

The Goddess is Copia; the tarot card is seven of wands.  In this episode you are invited inside the Witch's house to snoop in her Magickal Cupboard!  What do you think you'll find?

Woman Speak 3-6-2015

This week the goddess is Airmed. The topics are herbs and green witchcraft. Our project-- we're going to create a Witch's Bottle for Love Magick. You'll also find a section at this video on precautions for love magick, encouraging common sense, as well as the use of mundane efforts to keep your life running smoothly, … Continue reading Woman Speak 3-6-2015

Woman Speak 2-6-2015

Come plant rosemary with me...the Goddess is Thalia, the herb blessed Rosemary. Where ever you might live, whether on an acreage, or in an apartment, plant a garden to invoke goddess energy. Here's what to plant at the four corners and at the elemental quarters. And what shall we put in the center?...let's find out. … Continue reading Woman Speak 2-6-2015

Magickal Preparations for Winter

1.  Cleanse each room of energy debris...The negative stuff, the dark and ugly energy lurking in the corners and beneath the couch and chairs, the energy that hides in the cubbies and closets and scares those children who sense it...smudge, incense, burn candles, and bring out that magickal broom-- sweep, sweep, sweep that space clean.  … Continue reading Magickal Preparations for Winter