The Inspiring Blogger Award

Blog Award 4

Thank you so much Lady A  (Witches of the Craft) for this nomination!  I’m delighted, humbled, and surprised all at the same time.  It’s such a warm feeling to be acknowledged by your peers, to be recognized for your work and efforts, and it makes lots of positive energy in the form of beautiful silver balls dance all over the universe! (At least it does for me)  🙂  I also want to thank you for the beautiful message you left with this nomination, and all the lovely things you said.  Your energy is amazing and contact with you is always magickal– it leaves me with a “warm and fuzzy” feeling for the rest of the day.

Here are the obligations that go along with accepting this award:

  • Display the award on your blog
  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • State 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 bloggers, link to them, and notify them about their nominations

7 Things About Myself:

1.  My favorite Tarot Deck:  Motherpeace Tarot

2.  I recently gave up caffeine and I’m trying to adjust to the sudden and unexpected drop in energy! However, I don’t mind the taste of de-caff coffee at all, and I really don’t miss the Buzz-Rush I used to get off it…not much anyway. 🙂

3.  I am basically lazy (yes, really, I am– one of the negative aspects of Libra), and I can ignore a sink full of dishes longer than anyone I know…yep, I can– click Here

4.  Toilet paper:  Over

5.  I love to eat out!! It is one of my most favorite things, and something that we rarely do. If you want to get on my good side (or even if you don’t have any ulterior motives)– feed me, and I will be your friend forever. (This seems to apply to cats as well).

6.  I love taking photographs & making videos.

7.  Favorite Color: Shades of Green

I nominate the following bloggers for the Inspiring Blogger Award…I’m going to be coming back and editing this post, as I’m going to take my time and find at least 10 blogs that genuinely touch me and inspire me.  There are so many eloquent and talented writers in the pagan community that spread their magick through the wonderful world of blogging.  You are all amazing, mystical, and enlightening, and you add so much to the positive energy rolling around in this Universe.  Blessed Be!

1.  Tania Marie’s Blog

2.  Ayslyn’s Corner

3.  Writings of a Pagan Witch

4.  Shauna Aura Knight

5.  The Magickal Pen

6.  Journeying to the Goddess

7.  Laura Bruno’s Blog

8.  Dog Brindle



In my search for inspiring blogs, I am amazed at the wonderful blogs out there that have been abandoned!  One of the criteria for this list of blogs above is that it had to be an active blog and to have had a post made no later than November 2014.  I’m still searching, so I’ll go ahead and post this as is and edit later when I find more spectacular blogs!