Two Video Readings ~ 1) Meet the Scheister (hang onto your money) 2) To a Couple (get on the same page)

Meet the Scheister

To a Couple: 

Today’s early morning readings are full of on the spot intuitive perceptions and advice. Welcome to Arizona and my home. This morning we dive into a grid of cards and explore relationships, finances, personal connections, and life. If you enjoy this video, or find it helpful, please be sure to Like & Subscribe so that other people can find it too. 

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Desert Reading ~ 1) Narcissist, or Dreamer? 2) Family Decisions, Time Out

There are two readings in one today for your Desert Reading. 1) Someone has had a dream for a long time without acting upon it. You might find yourself at the “now or never” stage of life. 2) There’s a family or group out there with some pretty heavy duty decisions to make. Not everyone may be on the same page.

*Note: if this video seems a little rambling, which it may be, but it still makes sense… it’s because it was a last minute decision to tape with a short window of time, amidst a family emergency for my SO, and a telephone call in the middle of it all.