November’s Full Moon

Snow Moon Herbs:  cumin, gardenia, vanilla, anise, sage Stones:  brown zircon, topaz, silver sheen obsidian Scents:  cedar, peppermint, hyacinth Colors:  gray, sage green Trees:  alder, cypress Deities:  Kali, Isis, Bast, Osirius, Sarasvasti, Hecate Astrological Signs:  Scorpio, Sagittarius Elements:  Water/Fire Crafting Your Magic: Free yourself of those things that bind you, bind those things you need … Continue reading November’s Full Moon

Another Book Review! ~ The Spiritual Feminist

Thank you to Vivienne Moss for a wonderful review! "There is much wisdom and enchantment to be found in The Spiritual Feminist. The amount of information revealed will be welcomed by anyone wanting to travel along the Goddess Path. Amythyst Raine-Hatayama has poured her heart and soul into this charming book and I hope to … Continue reading Another Book Review! ~ The Spiritual Feminist

Around Town with The Spiritual Feminist ~ Photo Blog!

My daughter picked me up this morning for a round of shopping and lunch-- and I took The Book with us (The Spiritual Feminist).  This was a Hoot!!  Following are photos of our jaunt, the places we went, and the people we saw...Welcome to Fremont, Nebraska (USA)! Fremont Police Station Okay-- 'nough running around.  Everyone … Continue reading Around Town with The Spiritual Feminist ~ Photo Blog!

Book Launch Party!! ~ Hooza!

I posted a while ago on Facebook about the Book Launch Party tonight for The Spiritual Feminist.  I'm looking forward this evening to fun with family and friends-- some picture taking for my publicist!-- and good food and drink.  Thank you to my daughter, Anne, who had a special cake made for the evening-- it's … Continue reading Book Launch Party!! ~ Hooza!

Surprise!!!…I Received my Author Copies today!

LOOK what I got today!! *Author Copies*...the big box arrived this morning as an unexpected surprise. Release date:  April 24th, 2015 Pre-Order at this link:  click  Here