The Gray Witch’s Grimoire ~ Best Seller!

Good morning, World!! Oh, my gosh!! What a way to start the day... I got an email this morning from my publisher, John Hunt Publishing (Moon Books): Congratulationson having sold 5,000+ copies of "The Gray Witch's Grimoire".  By most definitions, in most markets, this is where it starts being thought of as a “bestseller”. Holy … Continue reading The Gray Witch’s Grimoire ~ Best Seller!

Amazon Ranking!

My book The Spiritual Feminist is ranked #170 in the Goddess category at Amazon right now... Not too shabby! Woot! I stumbled upon this information by accident today when I was updating my FB pages.  The numbers at Amazon are in a constant state of flux and change, so I don't really keep track … Continue reading Amazon Ranking!

Tarot for Grownups ~ Another sales milestone!

Good morning, World! I'm delighted to announce that my book, Tarot for Grownups, has reached another sales milestone this month. Yay! and Happy Dance! 🙂 Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ If you haven't already purchased a copy, you can follow the links provided here.  This book is written for adults, so expect … Continue reading Tarot for Grownups ~ Another sales milestone!

November’s Full Moon

Snow Moon Herbs:  cumin, gardenia, vanilla, anise, sage Stones:  brown zircon, topaz, silver sheen obsidian Scents:  cedar, peppermint, hyacinth Colors:  gray, sage green Trees:  alder, cypress Deities:  Kali, Isis, Bast, Osirius, Sarasvasti, Hecate Astrological Signs:  Scorpio, Sagittarius Elements:  Water/Fire Crafting Your Magic: Free yourself of those things that bind you, bind those things you need … Continue reading November’s Full Moon

Around Town with The Spiritual Feminist ~ Photo Blog!

My daughter picked me up this morning for a round of shopping and lunch-- and I took The Book with us (The Spiritual Feminist).  This was a Hoot!!  Following are photos of our jaunt, the places we went, and the people we saw...Welcome to Fremont, Nebraska (USA)! Fremont Police Station Okay-- 'nough running around.  Everyone … Continue reading Around Town with The Spiritual Feminist ~ Photo Blog!

I’m Blogging for Moon Books (JHP)

 Feather Magick   (excerpt) "...Cardinal: the very color of this bird sparks with the energy of Fire…passion, lust, love, and raw sexuality. It wreaks of sweaty sheets; breathless whispers; the fierce mingling of bodies, the beautiful struggle to get ever deeper, closer; ecstasy so intense it leaves you exhausted. The red feather of the Cardinal … Continue reading I’m Blogging for Moon Books (JHP)

Preorder “The Gray Witch’s Grimoire” @ Amazon

Great news!..."The Gray Witch's Gimoire" is up at Amazon.  You can preorder this book at and  The release date for this book is May 16, 2012.  (Published by Moon Books/John Hunt Publishing). Follow these links: "What makes this book unique? The world of the gray witch has been largely avoided, misrepresented, … Continue reading Preorder “The Gray Witch’s Grimoire” @ Amazon