The Wayward Husband & the Determined Other Woman ~ Video!

There is a new video & new playlist @ my Youtube channel: "The Witch's Corner ~ FAQ". The request I received from this individual for magickal help with a wayward husband and a determined Other Woman will actually require a two-part answer, which means two videos! Up first, "Asunder You Shall Go" Be sure to … Continue reading The Wayward Husband & the Determined Other Woman ~ Video!

“Justice”: She Tells on You

When the major arcana card "Justice" comes up in my readings, 95% of the time it's because the person I'm reading for is involved in some way with the judicial system.  They're either going through a divorce, or involved in some sort of litigation or other legal issues.  Always.  This never fails.  But getting someone … Continue reading “Justice”: She Tells on You