From The Witch’s Corner ~ Making Incense with Your Kitchen Spices

I am a WITCH on a BUDGET! I'm always thinking of ways to Use What I Have around the house and incorporate it into my magickal practice.  One of my favorite things to work with is incense.  There's just something about scent that puts you in a perfect frame of mind for all kinds of … Continue reading From The Witch’s Corner ~ Making Incense with Your Kitchen Spices

Herbs: The Magickal Acorn

The Acorn: Good luck, protection, wisdom, and personal power.  A dried acorn is an excellent natural amulet for keeping a youthful appearance. Technically, I'm not sure if the acorn counts as an "herb", since it springs from the mighty Oak Tree...however, I do know that it most definitely is full of magickal energy, and it … Continue reading Herbs: The Magickal Acorn

Some “Berry” Nice Magick :)

Mundanely speaking, there isn't a berry I don't find delicious, so I've included a recipe for each berry in this post.  Magickally speaking, there's much more to these colorful delectable morsels than a muggle would ever guess, so we're going to take a good look at this side of berries: Blueberry Folk Names: Bilberry Power: Protection Deities:  Dark Lord; Lugh; the Hunter … Continue reading Some “Berry” Nice Magick 🙂