The Cover for My New Book– a preview!

This is the cover for my new book:

"Tarot:  A Witch’s Journey"

This book is set to be released
by Labyrinth House Publishers
on October 31.

Pre-sales will be ready by October 1.

tarot-front-cover1.jpg Book Cover 1 picture by witch_of_endore



My New Book– Release Date


 My new book:

 “Tarot:  A Witch’s Journey”

is set to be released on October 31
by Labyrinth House Publishers.

Pre-sales will be ready to go on or
before October 1.

This book emphasizes the intuitive method of reading the cards, highlights actual readings, examines the traditional meanings of the cards– and more, provides a tarot connection with astrology/the kabbala/& numerology, explores the use of psychic tarot readings in missing person cases, and reveals how tarot cards are used in candle magic & mojo bags.