Short & Sweet Tarot Readings (video)

"Short & Sweet" readings are quick three-card-spreads that are meant to get right to the point.  I came up with this concept to provide brief and entertaining tarot videos.  It should be noted that my online (emailed/handwritten) three card spreads, although much more brief than the longer more in-depth readings offered, are not nearly this … Continue reading Short & Sweet Tarot Readings (video)

Protection Magick: The Gray Witch Way

What’s a Witch to Do? Protection Magic: Flexing Your Magical Muscle To bind or not to bind, to hex or not to hex-- What’s a witch to do when she’s confronted by a bully? Because a magical practitioner has more of an arsenal in her handbag with which to defend herself than the average person, … Continue reading Protection Magick: The Gray Witch Way

Nebraska Rain at Hedgewytch Hollow (video)

We've had lots of rain here in Nebraska over the past few days.  These thundershowers have included hail and flash flood warnings in some areas.  For us, it means water in the basement-- a huge *mess*!   But I can't help admire the beauty of a dark rainy day.  The color of everything is intensified-- the … Continue reading Nebraska Rain at Hedgewytch Hollow (video)

The Witch’s Corner: Updates

  This free picture collage generated with Smilebox Wytchy Wares Enchanted Jewelry  Magickal Connections:  Spell Bags Following is an instructional video on spell bags featuring Lady Amythyst Raine: