What’s in the cards for you?

You'll find the following three cards and interpretations at the link provided.  This was a general three-card draw for love, finance, and future possibilities.  This is a free tarot reading, courtesy of The Tarot Parlour. Today's Free Reading Card #1/Love... 5/WANDS Card #2/Finances... 7/CUPSCard #3/Future Possibilities... KING/PENTACLES click  HERE

The Witch’s Corner ~ Update

UPdate: I finished the final draft for my new book, and I'm ready to resume making magickal merchandise @ The Witch's Corner. You'll find the following pages up and running... Items for Protection ~https://amythystraine.blogspot.com/p/spells-for-protection.html Items for Health ~https://amythystraine.blogspot.com/p/spells-for-health.html Items for Money ~https://amythystraine.blogspot.com/p/spells-for-money.html Items for Love ~https://amythystraine.blogspot.com/p/spells-for-love.html