The Witch’s Desk: Celebrate September! ~ Full Moon & Autumnal Equinox

Wine Moon Herbs: lilac, mugwort, marjoram, rose, thyme Stones: sapphire, bloodstone, rainbow obsidian Scents: gardenia, rose, lilac Colors: brown, yellow-green, amber Trees: hazel, larch, bay Deities: Demeter, Ceres, Isis, Astrological Signs: Virgo, Libra Elements: Earth/Air Crafting Your Magic: Feminine energy is highlighted, receptive energy. Cast magic to draw inward, magic to draw those things-- both … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk: Celebrate September! ~ Full Moon & Autumnal Equinox

Good-by Sweet Summer

For all the Pagans out there who celebrate Mabon (the autumnal equinox), may you have a glorious day of equal sun-light & darkness.  The dark season will be upon us now, before we know it.  This means that I will happily light candles around the house earlier and earlier in the evening and relish their … Continue reading Good-by Sweet Summer


  Autumn Equinox September 21 (approx.) Also known as: Mabon Traditions: celebration of the second harvest festival of the season, thanksgiving for plentiful harvest, in some cultures this is a corn festival, marking the beginning of the autumn season, the witches’ Thanksgiving  Pagan Lore: Descent of the Goddess…in Sumerian myth she’s known as Inanna; in … Continue reading Mabon