Video: Potions~ Black Cat Oil

Here's my very own recipe from my very own Book of Shadows for Black Cat Oil!...I give you my ingredients, and we make a jar of BCO together.  For more information on Cats, Cat Magick (including Black Cat Oil), Cat Correspondences, and Cat Superstitions, visit my blog (Magickal Connections) and this post:  "Magickal Katz"...

The Witch’s Corner: update

  Wytchy Wares is now offering smaller bottles of magickal oils, at a fraction of the price, with the same high quality.  The following oils come in approximately 18 milliliter bottles. Banish the Spirits (Exorcism/Purification Oil)   Annoint a black candle with this oil to exorcise those demons that are bothering you-- whether the irritation … Continue reading The Witch’s Corner: update