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Good morning, World! I received the following comment from a lovely reader at my blog, Magickal Connections. This is her comment (posted anonymously and unedited):

“What can I do to get my boyfriend to leave this girl alone whenever I ask him about her he keeps on liein about her plus why can’t I keep my money whenever I get it it just gone”

And this is my reply:

I don’t cast spells for people, but you may find what you’re looking for at this page of love spells:

And about the lying, that’s a terrific character flaw, one you might find a magical solution to on this page:

About your money… first look at it mundanely– do you budget? Do you stick to a budget? Do you have someone else influencing how you spend it? Think about mundane everyday things you can do to manage your money more efficiently, and while you’re doing that, you can look for an appropriate money spell on this page:


Blogging on WordPress

This is just a note to let you know that I’ll be posting a lot more at Every Cat Has a Tale than I will be here at my beloved Magickal Connections. I absolutely hate the new blogging tools at this site. I find them awkward and restrictive, as well as irritating.

I love this blog, but if anyone has noticed, as far as posting goes, I use it primarily to pass along a link to new posts at my Other Blog. I will continue to do this.

However, I have to say that over the years here at WordPress, I’ve built this blog up with pages and pages of informative information on tarot and witchcraft, and I feel (quite proudly) that this blog can still stand on its own.

I’m not giving up Magickal Connections, but I’m using it in a different way for my own purposes.

Audio Tarot Readings ~ A Uniquely Personal Connection (video!)

This video is an ACTUAL audio reading done for a client and posted here anonymously, of course, so you can see what an audio reading is like.
What is an Audio Tarot Reading?…Simple.  After you have chosen from the spreads available for an audio reading at my tarot website, I’ll record your reading on the voice recorder on my phone, and I’ll email the reading to you as an attachment.  Audio readings are a fast and wonderful way to receive a uniquely personal tarot reading.   Audio readings are also the least expensive means of receiving a reading from my tarot website.  ALL audio readings are $15.00.
For more info, or to purchase a reading, follow this link:
Note: actual audio readings are an audio file that is sent directly to you as an email attachment.  There will be no visuals (video) with it, as you see in this example.
Music ~
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Tarot Readings! ~ I’ll Be Here May 27th

Tarot Readings!!…I’m giving Live In-House Tarot Readings @ Next Millennium, 3141 N. 93rd St, Omaha, Friday, May 27th, 3-7pm. Would you like to see what’s in the cards for you? I’d love to do a reading for you and see what’s hanging with you from your past, clinging to you in the present, and waiting for you in the future. Stop by and say “hi”.


Mid-May’s Zodiac Tarot Readings! (video podcast)

Time Stamps ~ Aquarius/1:36 (Queen/pentacles, The Star); Capricorn/5:01 (The Star, King/swords); Pisces/8:12 (2/cups, 9/wands); Aries/12:17 (7/cups, Knight/wands); Taurus/16:26 (King/pentacles, The Moon); Gemini/20:63 (The Sun, 5/wands); Cancer/22:56 (King/pentacles, 3/swords); Leo/26.34 (10/swords, The Lady); Virgo/29:33 (4/cups, 4, wands); Libra/33:30 (7/cups, King/pentacles); Scorpio/36:48 (Princess/cups, The Lovers); Sagittarius/40:27 (Knight/wands, 3/pentacles)

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The Witch’s Corner ~ FAQ ~ Topics: Poppets & Witch’s Oil (video podcast)

1) Poppets ~ Should I “personalize” them with my hair, etc.? If I have to be away for more than a week, do I take them with me? Are they OK to pass through TSA? Do you recommend breathing life into them after receiving them? Will they be upset if I don’t travel with them?
2) Witches’ Oil ~ Where can I buy it, or how do I make it?

My Personal Book of Shadows ~ Shared with you! (video)
My personal book of shadows is one of my most treasured possessions.  It’s not only full of spells, recipes for potions, and all the usual witchy things; it’s also full of photos, mementos, and things that make up a witch’s life as she travels her path.

If you haven’t started your book of shadows yet, I have a few helpful ideas; and if you do have a book of shadows, I hope you enjoy this video as I share mine with you…Blessings, Amythyst

February’s Mid-Month Zodiac Updates! (readings for all 12 signs)

Here’s the mid-month tarot astrological readings for all 12 signs of the zodiac (Sun sign, Moon sign, Rising sign).

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Follow the TIME STAMPS below to go directly to your zodiac sign:

Aquarius/00:46; Capricorn/3:53; Pisces/7:06; Aries/9:53; Taurus/12:23; Gemini/15:38; Cancer/18:44; Leo/22:55; Virgo/25:56; Libra/28:46; Scorpio/31:08; Sagittarius/33:28

You don’t know your Moon or Rising sign?  Follow these links below to FREE calculators that will help you find both.  Some months your Moon and Rising signs might resonate more with you than your Sun sign.

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Moon Sign Calculator:



Spaced Out Radio ~ A Witch’s Brew with Amythyst Raine

Did you miss this radio show?  Well never fear, it’s right here!

I want to thank Spaced Out Radio and Dave Scott for a rockin’ two hours.  It was absolutely my pleasure!


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Do you have a Goddess Connection?

[The following is an excerpt from an Author Interview in The Spellery]

The Spiritual Feminist…my most important piece of work.  If I never write another word, I have accomplished all I was put here to do with this book.  This is a book of feminine celebration, healing, and re-empowerment.  It’s a book to help women connect with the Goddess and to find out just what aspects of their lives will be improved and embellished with this connection.  It’s a book to help women find themselves, because sometimes we get so­ lost along the way, mired in responsibility, motherhood, work, husbands, family, and everything else the world throws at us.  Every aspect of Woman, every aspect, deserves to be celebrated.  We have to learn how to embrace ourselves and every other woman on the planet.  We have to learn to stop being so judgmental about ourselves and other women.  We have to learn to support each other and stop tearing each other down. We have to stop being sneaky, jealous, and spiteful with our Sisters.  We have to recover from abuse.  We have to discover our strengths.  We have to learn to recognize our weaknesses and work around them.  We have to learn how to make our lives better, and how to teach our daughters all of this so they’re smarter than we were, so they have a jump-start on Life.

We have to look God in the face and realize…Womanhood is Divine.


This book is so important to me, and I believe so strongly in its message and the difference it can make in a woman’s life, that if I could afford to and it was possible, I’d GIVE every woman on the face of the planet her own copy.  As I wrote this book, I was reaching deep inside myself, searching for answers to questions, acknowledging my own life experience, exploring my own weaknesses, strengths, fears, doubts, and ego with the realization that my experience was universal to all women.  I felt empowered in the writing of this book, and you will feel empowered in the reading of this book.  The Goddess is in every page.  I felt her energy in the tips of my fingers when typing, in my mind when contemplating the sections of this book and the content.  If it can be said that a book is divinely inspired, believe it.  That’s how I feel about “The Spiritual Feminist”.

I want to give you an idea of the journey you will take with the Goddess in this book by including in this post the outline for “The Spiritual Feminist”.  This is the outline that I created as I wrote the book, and the outline I eventually worked from in creating this book.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any other author do this– post the skeleton of their creation, but I’m going to do this to give you an idea of where you will be going when you pick this book up and hold it in your hands.  This is a unique look into the author’s world, into how I work, into how I organized and developed the manuscript for this book.


The Spiritual Feminist

(word count: 51,194)

Hail Mother Goddess


Part 1: Meet the Goddess


[Included for each of the following goddesses, these sections:

1. Her Story

2. An Essay or Anecdote

3. Embracing the Goddess

4. Correspondences]








Baba Yaga



Black Tara

Blue Tara











Green Tara






Kuan Yin




Mama Cocha

Mami Wata




Red Tara



Snake woman



White Buffalo Calf Woman

Part 2: Affirmations & Goals


The Physical Aspect

1. It is my body…

The Spiritual Aspect

1. I will connect with the universe through the Divine Feminine, and through that connection with my ancestors and the root of all that is me…

The Mental Aspect

1. I will not allow other people’s opinions to form the image I carry of myself…


Contributions from women around the country, stating their stage in life and their goals, have been collected and added here.

Part 3: A Woman’s Life Through the Elements



Earth Energy Affirmations

Earth Invocation


Air Energy Affirmations

Air Invocation


Fire Energy Affirmations

Fire Invocation


Water Energy Affirmations

Water Invocation

Part 4: A Woman’s Life Through the Year


[Incuded for each of the holidays:

  1. The Goddess

  2. The Holiday

  3. My Celebration

  4. Correspondences

  5. Holiday Recipes]









Part 5: A Woman’s Life Transitions





Making and Breaking Divine Connections

Part 6: Turning Mundane Milestones into Spiritual Rituals


First Menstruation


A Ritual



Ritual & Celebratory Suggestions



Things You Want to Leave Behind

Things You Still Want to Accomplish



The Thresholds:

the 10th year

the 20th year

the 30th year

the 40th year

the 50th year

the 60th year

the 70th year

the 80th year

the 90th year

Wedding Showers


Creating the Home = Creating Sacred Space

The Kitchen

The Livingroom

The Bathroom

The Bedroom

Baby Showers


Magickal Gifts

Part 7: Finding the Goddess in Tarot:

Motherpeace Tarot, A Personal Journey


The Major Arcana

Minor Arcana: The Suit of Swords

Minor Arcana: The Suit of Wands

Minor Arcana: The Suit of Cups

Minor Arcana: The Suit of Discs

Part 8: Wise-Woman Wisdom





Moon Phases

Days of the Week

The Elements

Magickal Oils

[Included for each of the oils: Correspondences & Ingredients; Day; Candle Colors; Moon Phase; The Base; The Herbs– and “My Recipe”!]

Health & Healing


Mars Astrological Oil

Witches’ Oil

Psychic Oil

Sex Oil

Prosperity Oil

Summoning Powder

Black Cat Oil

4 Thieves Vinegar

Graveyard Dirt

Banishing Oil

Command & Compel Oil

Uncrossing Oil


Visit Amazon to LOOK INSIDE “The Spiritual Feminist” and sample the magick!

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The Spiritual Feminist ~ Author: Amythyst Raine Hatayama, Cover Artist: Anne Turrell