Psychic Oil ~ What is it? How do I use it? How do I make it?

Hello, from Hedgewytch Hollow! I'm tucked in bed this morning with my computer and a fresh cup of morning coffee (my first one, actually).  My ipod is singing to me in the background (an Indian/Yoga/Relaxation chant), and if I remember, I'll tuck it at the bottom of this blog post so you can listen to … Continue reading Psychic Oil ~ What is it? How do I use it? How do I make it?

Video: Potions~ Black Cat Oil

Here's my very own recipe from my very own Book of Shadows for Black Cat Oil!...I give you my ingredients, and we make a jar of BCO together.  For more information on Cats, Cat Magick (including Black Cat Oil), Cat Correspondences, and Cat Superstitions, visit my blog (Magickal Connections) and this post:  "Magickal Katz"...

Spell a Day: Monday-Friday Magick

Here's inspiration for a spell a day, connect with powerful spiritual entities, beat writer's block, be delightfully successful in your newest business venture, get that marriage proposal you've been waiting for, and find your true inner beauty. We're going to be working with my favorite kind of magick...candle spells! I'm including herbs and stones, … Continue reading Spell a Day: Monday-Friday Magick

Winter Solstice: December Magick, the Whys & Hows

Happy Winter Solstice!  December  Named for: “Decem”, meaning ‘ten’ Anglo-Saxon: Midwintra-monap Birthstone: turquoise, zircon Flower: holly, narcissus, poinsettia  December Moon Magick: Oak Moon Herbs: cedar wood, juniper, sage, star anise, carnation Stones: lapis, smoky quartz, lazulite Scents: violet, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, rose geranium Colors: red, white, black Trees: pine, fir, holly Deities: Hathor, Hecate, Athese … Continue reading Winter Solstice: December Magick, the Whys & Hows

Update: Online Book Launch

 Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way This book is a magickal formularia for the gray witch. The information found here will help you to successfully follow your pagan path, cast your spells, empower yourself, protect those you love, and work your magick... the gray witch way. After you purchase this online book through Paypal, I will email you the link, along with … Continue reading Update: Online Book Launch

Magickal Correspondences for Daily Influences

 Correspondences for Daily Influences:MONDAY:  Planet—Moon; Colors—silver, white, gray; Herbs—moonwort, myrtle, violet, willow, wormwood; Influences—dreams, emotions, clairvoyance, home, family, medicine, cooking, personality, merchandising, theftTUESDAY:  Planet—Mars; Colors—red, orange; Herbs—basil, dragon’s blood, patchouli; Influences—dynamic energy, matrimony, war, enemies, prison, hunting, surgery, courage, politics, contestsWEDNESDAY:  Planet—Mercury; colors—gray, iridescent, opal, violet, yellow; Herbs—jasmine, lavender; Influences—communication, loss, teaching, reason, divination, skill, … Continue reading Magickal Correspondences for Daily Influences