Today the Cards Tell a Sordid Story ~ from another time

This feels like such long time ago. There’s the ambiance of the turn of the 20th century, high top stiff collars, the clopping sound of horses on cobbled streets, the smells of primitive plumbing and horse drawn carriages, the staid colors of cheap dyes for men’s coats and ladies’ skirts.  There is the feeling of a much different pace of life on a daily basis than what we experience now.  Everything moves more slowly — us, and our efforts to travel from one spot to another, mail and communication in general, goods and services.  It’s so much slower, I feel that I can take a deep breath, that the “rush” of movement in the 21st century has ceased.

It’s timeless, this scenario, the set of circumstances playing out before me in a different era and to a different tune, but it’s also the same.  There is a surreal feeling of deja vu.  There is a tryst, of course.

There’s quite a bit of virulent and violent interaction between two females, cloaked in the conventionality of their era, but so raw when seen through the mists of time… raw and shocking.  Between the two women, there is an aggressor, and there is a victim.  The minute details of this interaction may be steeped in mystery, unknown to the people surrounding them at the time the drama and confrontation played out.

After the confrontation and it’s ultimate conclusion:

Someone ran away, disillusioned by the outcome, horrified by the results, morbidly disgusted mostly with themselves, but also afraid of discovery.  This deed, these feelings, this is something that the perpetrator doesn’t even want to face with themselves, much less to have the populace know such things, speak of such things.  “Let’s run away”, she thinks to herself, “where no one will know.  Where the secret will be safe.”

And what of the object of all this venomous desire and lust and conflagration?  What happened to him?  Where did he go, how did he move on, what course did his life take?… Within his reality, it would seem that his true love fled, the one he felt so connected with, the truth of her absence shrouded in mystery, unrevealed.  It would seem that life became what was expected and natural at this time and place, for this man and his newly proposed partner, though the passion may have been missing from this coupling, and the legitimate relationship wooden and predictable, the life constrained and often dull.  But it fit smoothly in the puzzle pieces of the day, of the time, of his life, and of the lives of all those he touched.

What became of the victim of these feminine hostilities?  Where did her physical remains come to rest? It would seem that her final resting place would never be discovered, though her spirit moved through the motions of the transition, and her soul ascended.

Questions were left, the mystery remains.


Beyond the Veil ~ celebrate the wedding reception that didn’t take place

The focus for this reading is a female, and her name begins with an “L”.  I hear something that sounds very much like “Lavidia”, or something very similar.  She shows herself as being around 29 years old, in her late 20s/early 30s.  She was either around this age when she passed, or this was a time in her life when she was happiest.

She had a complicated relationship with authorities, or with a very authoritative figure.  She talks about inflicting a lot of damage to herself, either through poor choices, or through physical self-harming.  Someone was keeping an eye on her, or flat out stalking her, spying on her.  She seems to have been aware of this at the time, though she seems very untroubled by it now.

She talks about a place in the forest, being close to nature, and she feels very peaceful and calm as she refers to this.  She talks about being close to trees, and she finds delight in the fact that the wild things come close to her.  She is either describing her version of heaven, or her burial site.

She talks about regrets and damage or fallout done to other people because of her.  She feels that she left before she had finished with her tasks here among the living.

She talks about being reunited with a former partner.  They were either married when he passed, or were planning to be married.  She shows herself in a wedding dress now.  She may have purchased this dress just before her partner passed.  This was important to her, her partner and their wedding plans.

In remembrance, hold a small “reception” or dinner with friends and family.  This will be the reception she never got to experience, but she will see it, her and her partner, and the warm feelings of celebration will make her very happy.  Make sure you include flowers in this gathering, lots of flowers, she’s very adamant about this.  She will get to experience an event that she was so looking forward to in life through you.