The 7’s ~ to tend, to steal, to defend, to decide

The 7’s ~ to tend, to steal, to defend, to decide… new blog post on the Minor Arcana

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The Three’s ~ To Work, To Suffer, To Compromise, To Celebrate

The Three’s ~ To Work, To Suffer, To Compromise, To Celebrate …new blog post:

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“Tarot for Grownups”…sneak peek

(an excerpt from “Tarot for Grownups”)

4) Who’s Who?– Court Card Personality Types

Each court card represents archetypical energy. Each court card also represents a personality type, and when someone comes for a reading, it’s generally to uncover those things about other personalities that may be on the negative side. This fact might dismay some people, but it’s the truth. No one feels the need to uncover more information about an individual who is not having a negative impact on their existence. We don’t need more insight into someone who is loving, cheerful, agreeable, and sweet. We need more insight into the bastard who’s screwing up our life…


As of this posting, “Tarot for Grownups” has once again made it into the top 100 best-selling books in fortune-telling at Amazon.  Click on one of the links in this post to order your copy.  The court card personality types will continue with:  Kings: Exposing the Male Persona; Queens: The Bitch in Us All; Knights: Wild Boys; Pages: Youth is Wasted on the Young


“Tarot for Grownups” (update)

“Tarot for Grownups”…as of this moment this book is back in the top 100 Best Sellers list in Fortune-telling at Amazon. The books have arrived at warehouses in the US and UK, ready for release; it will be another month before they are available in Australia and South Africa. I’m waiting for my author copies, which are on the way…”Woot!”
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Tarot for Grownups/John Hunt Publishing