December’s Full Moon

December Oak Moon Herbs:  cedar wood, juniper, sage, star anise, carnation Stones:  lapis, smoky quartz, lazulite Scents:  violet, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, rose geranium Colors:  red, white, black Trees:  pine, fir, holly Deities:  Hathor, Hecate, Athese Astrological Signs:  Sagittarius, Capricorn Elements:  Fire/Water Crafting Your Magic: Balance carefully the energy of the traditionalist and that of the … Continue reading December’s Full Moon

November’s Full Moon

Snow Moon Herbs:  cumin, gardenia, vanilla, anise, sage Stones:  brown zircon, topaz, silver sheen obsidian Scents:  cedar, peppermint, hyacinth Colors:  gray, sage green Trees:  alder, cypress Deities:  Kali, Isis, Bast, Osirius, Sarasvasti, Hecate Astrological Signs:  Scorpio, Sagittarius Elements:  Water/Fire Crafting Your Magic: Free yourself of those things that bind you, bind those things you need … Continue reading November’s Full Moon

The Witch’s Desk: Celebrate September! ~ Full Moon & Autumnal Equinox

Wine Moon Herbs: lilac, mugwort, marjoram, rose, thyme Stones: sapphire, bloodstone, rainbow obsidian Scents: gardenia, rose, lilac Colors: brown, yellow-green, amber Trees: hazel, larch, bay Deities: Demeter, Ceres, Isis, Astrological Signs: Virgo, Libra Elements: Earth/Air Crafting Your Magic: Feminine energy is highlighted, receptive energy. Cast magic to draw inward, magic to draw those things-- both … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk: Celebrate September! ~ Full Moon & Autumnal Equinox