Organizing Your Life to Achieve Your Goals

Originally, this video tarot reading was posted specifically for one of my clients who purchased a video reading.  Just so you know how it works, purchased video readings are taped, edited, and uploaded anonymously at Youtube; and when all is said and done, I email my client a link to their video, which is open for public viewing.  I usually do this and don’t give it another thought.  But this video is different.  I’ve watched this video several times, and the more I’ve watched it the more a dawning realization came to me ~ the message in this video is universal.  Of course it applies directly to my client and to all the personal hurdles and obstacles, all the personal dreams, desires, and goals that encompass this individual and their unique set of circumstances; but there is so much more to it.  So many of us, myself included, can benefit by what Spirit has to say through this reading, and this set of six cards.

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EDIT: (10-09-22

I know longer give personal readings, but I’ll still answer your questions.

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