Paranormal Quest

I started a new video blog series at my Youtube Channel:  Paranormal Quest.  We started off the first episode last night with an evening session on a Ouija Board.  The following video is the result.  

Ouija Boards….oooohhhh, oooogie boooogie!

My Ouija Boards are up and ready to go! I just took photos of them on my old garden bench by the barn, and the mosquitoes were eating me alive! I've never taken pictures so fast. There are three boards to choose from: the primrose board, the traditional board, and the butterfly board.'s a lot of … Continue reading Ouija Boards….oooohhhh, oooogie boooogie!

Cloudy Skies and Psychic Stories

The "Divination" page at 'The Witch's Corner' has undergone a complete face lift.Upon this page you will find:1.  Divination:  definitions of cyrstal ball scrying, pendulum scrying, tarot cards, tea leaf reading, palmistry, & the Runes. 2.  Free mechanized online tarot readings, runes readings, and Ouija board 3.  The Tarot:  Included in this section is a tarot card … Continue reading Cloudy Skies and Psychic Stories