Past Life Reading: Spiritual Peace & Relationship Closure

Tarot Reading:  “Past Life”
Deck:  Druid Craft Tarot Deck

1. Basic Soul Nature/upon entering this life

6/swords…King/pentacles…The Fferyllt

You were one who would rather run than fight; you also had a tendency to back down or retreat when the going got rough, or the situation was more than you wanted to handle at the moment.  This behavior may have been because you were all about being in control, and if you lost this position, in whatever circumstance, it made you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.  You had the spirit of the seeker, the sorceress, the magician, the healer; you held close with the magic of the earth and the spiritual practices of an ancient time.

Also……the ocean, or the seas, played a large part of your life, and you may have spent a great deal of time traveling by boat.  You also kept a secret, something so significant that it often felt like an entity standing just behind your shoulder, it’s representative of being haunted by something or someone.  (If you still have this feeling– ‘something’ there, something watching you, something behind you; this is where it’s coming from.)

2. Environment


Your background was such that money was an issue.  I get the idea that poverty was an accepted way of life for you, maybe even desired.  Your immediate surroundings were peaceful, meditative, and had an air of solitude and refinement about it.  It was an atmosphere that was conducive to meditation and prayer.  I believe that during a past life, at some point, you were living within a monastery or a convent.

Also……the communion chalice; autumn; baptism by the river; a long period of solitude (whether enforced or voluntary, I’m not sure); perhaps a long period of healing after an illness.

3. Early Years

Ace/pentacles…Princess/pentacles…The Hanged Man

Your childhood was one of comfort, possibly even wealth, but this came to an abrupt end, and I feel that this was a decision rather than through circumstances beyond your control– this is why I have the very strong feeling that you willingly sacrificed a comfortable life for the convent or monastery.

Also……the spiral (as a symbol, perhaps as an indication of time frame here.  I have the feeling of transition from paganism to early Christianity.)  Even in your childhood in this life, there is the feeling of deep thought and meditation, reflection, and a strong sense of spirituality.

4. Education


You learned early on that you detest conflict, and you would go to great lengths to avoid it.  This knowledge may have come from experience, experience in facing opposition to some of your life choices.  These cards seem to reflect more of life’s education than any formal learning, as indicated by the second card of this set:  verbal battles left you feeling defeated, depressed, and trapped; and this may still be a holdover in your present life.  I have a feeling that you will go out of your way to avoid verbal confrontation; and this, too, is something that’s left over from previous life experience.

Also……once more, even with this set of cards, is the awareness that you feel haunted by something ‘behind you’, either literally as though something is physically close to you, bothering you in some way, or the feeling that you have to watch over your shoulder, including the ‘hair standing up on the  back of your neck’ feeling.  You may also feel ‘up in the air’ over something in your life, unable to come to a decision.

5. Accomplishments


Your accomplishments in previous lives have to do with overcoming personal demons:  you’ve had to learn to survive periods of depression and anxiety; you’ve had to learn to stop procrastinating and face issues and situations that needed your attention, things that you may not have wanted to deal with at all; you’ve learned to handle suffering and mourning with courage, and to come through the experiences as a stronger individual.

Also…the feeling of being chased (there it is again, the feeling of ‘something behind you’, whether literally being chased by something, or figuratively by something from your past, or your past lives.)

6. Occupation

Ace/swords…10/cups…The Fool

Your occupation in a previous life involved mental endeavors, study, and learning, the world of the scholar.  It was also centered around the home, or a facsimile of such, as the convent or monastery would be, involving a tight-knit society, or group.  At times, your occupation, or your quest for knowledge, experience, and answers led you to travel; this may well have also included journeys of the mind through meditation and deep thought.

Also…again, ‘autumn’ comes to mind (there must be some significance to you, this season, both in your past lives as well as your present); birth– perhaps this is the season of your birth, present or past, or someone who is significant to you was born during autumn.

7. Social Status

9/pentacles…The Sun…7/pentacles

You were someone of high status in this past life, perhaps a Reverend Mother, or a Mother Superior, as this reading points so strongly to a religious spiritual life.  You also held financial responsibilities within this position as well.

Within this realm, you were happy, content with yourself and your accomplishments, at peace with the world.

Also…birds were important to you and relevant somehow with your position– such as homing pigeons, carrier pigeons, or the hunting birds, like the falcon or a variety of hawk.  One or more of these creatures may also be your totem animal in this, your present life.

8. Relationships

King/cups…The Tower…King/swords

At some point in your life, probably very early on, you were caught in a love triangle between two very powerful men.  This led to some sort of disaster for you, figuratively as well as literally. This may have had something to do with your decision to devote your life to the spiritual world and divinity, to the contemplative life of the convent.

Also…the idea of a worn-out sense of loyalty (this idea is coming from the King of Cups), a sense of weariness connected to this King.  The King of Swords has a completely different energy– virile, strong, verbally eloquent, high energy.  What came to transpire between these two individuals in your past life was life altering for you, creating a chaos and disaster that you may not have healed from even within this life-time.  If you feel uneasy about relationships in general, if you find it difficult to trust and you tend to take things more slowly than most, this is where it may all stem from.

9. Family Life

The World…3/swords…6/wands

These cards seem to define and corroborate the previous cards– the three of swords is symbolic of a tragic love triangle.  The World stating that this situation came full circle to a conclusion; and the six of wands suggesting that you came through this experience bruised but wiser.

Also…the four elements (earth, air, fire, water), and with these elements a sense of sexuality in it’s most pure form, chivalry, power and strength from a feminine perspective.  In this past life, you appear to have suffered a blow to the heart which, as the previous cards stated, might effect how you form relationships in this life-time.

10. Death


Your death in the past life most high-lighted within this reading appears to have been a very quiet solitary death at an advanced age for the time period it was (during the early years of Christianity).  I feel that it involved a fever.  I also get the impression from these cards that within one of your incarnations you were a male, but I don’t feel that you lived past childhood, dying as a young boy.

I feel that one other incarnation is revealed with these cards, and this is a young, very independent strong-willed pagan woman.  Beautiful and free-spirited, with a strong bond to animals.

11 & 12. Lessons Learned


It’s all about relationships and learning to fit the pieces together in a constructive desirable way.  It’s a matter of seeking your soul mate, and this may be a journey that will last through several lifetimes till you finally get it right.  It’s about learning to balance being in control, and knowing when it’s okay to let go of the reins and let someone else take the lead.

The Star…5/pentacles…2/pentacles

It’s about learning to find balance in all areas of life, it’s about learning that extremes are never good, even if you think they might be at the time.  It’s about learning to deal with adversity in a constructive manner, learning to be an optimist, learning to handle the mundane aspects of life with this same type of equilibrium.

13 & 14. How your past life affects your present life.

The High Priestess…The Moon…The Chariot

You tend to seek spirituality in this life-time, just as you did in past lives, though the journey may take you on totally different paths for each incarnation– it’s all about the journey, not the final destination.  It’s about honesty, dealing with harsh realities, it’s about learning to follow your instincts, to rationalize the bumps in life, to recognize those people who are constructive to your life and those people who are destructive, and it’s about having the strength to weed them out.

It’s about not being afraid to try new things, to follow new roads, to seek new adventures.

Cernunnos…The Lord…6/cups

It’s about learning from your past, not only past lives, but the past stemming from your present life.  It’s about recognizing and acknowledging those people you’ve lost contact with, it’s about reopening communication.

It’s about learning to deal with male energy, both from past life experiences, as well as the present.  It’s about learning to define positive aspects of the men in your life, about striving to develop positive relationships with a positive attitude. It still boils down to finding your soul-mate in the end.  It seems to be a journey you’ve been on for quite some time.  Along the way, it’s also been a spiritual quest, and a very successful one, it would seem.

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Past Life Reading for M.


Past Life Tarot Reading

(for M.)

1. Basic Soul Nature

You tend to limit yourself by not being very adventurous when it comes to trying new things. You are confined and defined by other people’s opinions. You allow yourself to be restrained and contained by circumstances and people in your life, and you allow this mostly through apathy and laziness– you tend to follow the path of least resistance. This can mean that you withhold honest opinions, or any opinion at all, and you will never side with the underdog because that would mean more work and effort. This often sets you apart from those you would otherwise share a connection with.

You are a soul trapped by mitigating circumstances, and to relieve yourself of the inner nature that allows this, that is– in order to change, you will have to find your voice and strength of will.

2. Environment
The Hermit ®

You lived in isolation, which is a circumstance that led to an inability to verbally express yourself with success or ease. You lived in a manner that didn’t require a lot of interaction. I’m seeing a staff and feel that your life revolved around agriculture, livestock, the outdoors. You were connected to the earth and it’s cycles so closely that this aspect of your past life has carried over for many lifetimes, and to this day, this is your connection. Sometimes the environment in this past life was harsh; you faced the elements at their most basic. Winter seems to have left an indelible impression in this aspect, as it was the most rugged to survive.

3. Eary Years
Page/pentacles ®

You were wild in the youth of your past life. You were earthy and felt no qualms about satisfying your whims and urges. For many reasons, some of them being your unorthodox behavior and your inability to make solid emotional connections to people, you were isolated– or you felt isolated– from those close to you, those within familial or community settings. However, there’s one thing that you had no doubts about, and that was your connection to the earth and the lifestyle that accompanied the farmer or the peasant in a rural setting. Through the haze that has been your experience with human relationships, this is the one contact that has always been strong and clear. You knew early what it was you wanted to do and where you belonged.

4. Education
The Moon

Your education was sketchy, often based on superstition, as well as ancient wisdom and practices. This past life reaches far back into ancient times, before the dawning of the Renaissance, before the first ages of ‘enlightenment’, even before Christianity had reached the vast majority of what we now call Europe– but just on the cusp of this change. You lived by the laws and knowledge of nature, rather than the precepts and wisdom of the early scholars.

5. Accomplishments
The Magician ®

Many of your attempts to accomplish goals in this past life were thwarted by a lack of power, incentive, energy, direction, or the acceptance of those around you. What you did accomplish in this past life was connected to the elements– and the Elements. One problem was that you often found that your ideas, which may have been ahead of the times, were not readily received or accepted by friends, family, or community. Because of your nature, it was just easier to follow the general path and forget about those goals and dreams that only you could see as worthy and attainable. This may be an issue that plagues you all the way to your present life.

6. Occupation

Your occupation centered around a rural and agricultural setting. You may not have been as successful in your occupation as you could have been because you often lacked ambition, but also because you suffered from some sort of physical infirmity which often prevented you from successfully completing physical tasks. You tired easily, were sick often, and lacked a strong constitution. You were also an individual within the community whose job it was to help dispose of the dead. Your life was touched by those spirits in numerous positive, as well as negative, ways.

7. Social Status
The Chariot ®

Although you were not at the top of the social ladder, you were well within the upper echelon. In spite of any hindrances you might have faced with your occupation– both those brought on by your own nature and those beyond your control, you were well respected within your community and you made a fairly good living for the time that this was. You lived slightly above the average standards and provided well for your family. It appears that within your community, you were often called upon to help make important decisions, implying that you were counted among the leaders of this particular area or village.

8. Relationships
The Hierophant

Your stubborn personality and terrifically conformist views made relationships in this lifetime difficult, and it’s possible that this type of behavior has carried over into many lifetimes. You had difficulty seeing a world outside of black and white, or defining personal boundaries of freedom for your partners. Within this past life you had more than one mate, possibly several– some lost to illness, some to wars and famine and other catastrophes of this age. You were plagued in this lifetime with a series of broken relationships, and this pattern may still continue with each incarnation. You’ve spent an eternity seeking your soul mate, and it is a search that has so far been unsuccessful, but a search that you refuse to abandon.

9. Family Life
Eight/cups ®

The most frustrating thing about family relationships in this past lifetime is that someone was always leaving, whether it was because of death or personal decisions. This leads you to a feeling of abandonment, or a fear of abandonment, that may persist to this day. It’s also indicated that you have a tendency to abandon a relationship when it becomes difficult, when it requires more verbal interaction and emotional depth than you are prepared or able to give. It also seems that you were forever ‘seeking’– seeking approval, seeking love and connection and attention, seeking some aspect of a relationship that you were never quite able to find. This search is most likely still underway.

10. Death

Your death in this lifetime was brutal and violent, possibly death by the sword, as would be befitting this ancient era. The perpetrator was a thief or someone who owed you a great deal of money, land, or goods– possibly a business partner. The sad thing is that it seems he was most likely successful at the end and either kept those things which were your due, or robbed you further from your estate posthumously, carrying away many of your belongings, livestock, etc. The odd thing is that this individual may very well touch your life in the same negative way in the present lifetime, not quite as dramatically as in this past life, but more as someone that you may have connected with through business deals of a very negative nature, business deals that led to bad financial decisions and outcomes.

Lessons Learned During Your Past Life:

11. Eight/pentacles

One of the most important things you learned from this past life is to have a strong work ethic; to concentrate on developing your occupation, to apply yourself where needed to learn your craft, and to grow in your ability for whatever career you have chosen in this lifetime.

12. Nine/wands

You’ve learned, through unfortunate events in your past life, to not be quite so trusting of everyone who comes along. You’ve learned to protect yourself and stand up for your opinions, beliefs, and decisions. This is all very well and good, as long as you don’t become overly suspicious and paranoid about people and their motives.

How This Past Life Affects Your Current Life:

13. King/pentacles

There is an individual who you keep meeting from one lifetime to the next, and you’ve not yet learned how to protect yourself from this individual’s negative control and influence. You will keep meeting this character until you gain enough self-respect and self-confidence to stand up to this person; you will keep confronting this individual from one lifetime to the next until you loose your fear of them.

14. Seven/swords ®

You’ve learned well the importance of working diligently to create a financial nest egg to support your future. You’ve learned the value of the dollar; you’ve learned the virtue of hard work; and you’ve learned to accept success with grace.