Green Witchcraft: Herbs & Planetary Connections



Old school Witchcraft 101…those of you who’ve thrown some magickal energy around (in a good way, of course), cast a few circles, chanted a few chants, those who have walked this path for any length of time and tapped into the magickal realm of witchcraft and wizardry, are going to be familiar with the information in this blog post, but be patient with me.  This post is for the new kids on the block.  (Better than being patient, why don’t you add your magickal two cents to this post with a comment by leaving some of your own wisdom for new witches to pick up on, things you’ve learned through your own experience and practice…thank you in advance.)

Below are the planets and their special energies and ten of my favorite herbs for each planet:

MOON— Day/Monday– this is the planet that is immersed in the energy of the goddess, feminine energy, intuition, inner mysteries, dreams, the filmy ethereal world of fairies and mythical creatures, and the element of Water

The herbs:  calamus, lemon balm, gardenia, passion flower, jasmine, lotus, moonwort, myrrh, sandalwood, poppy, camellia

MERCURY— Day/Wednesday– this is the planet connected to communication and creativity, it centers on intelligence and wonderful lucid moments of awareness, and the element of Air

The herbs:  fennel, lavender, lemongrass, marjoram, peppermint, almond, bittersweet, flax, horehound, lily of the valley

VENUS— Day/Friday– this is the planet connected to love and romance, beauty and luxury, it’s bathed in the warm glow of healthy narcissism and mutual attraction, sexuality, warm and fuzzy friendships, and the element of Water

The herbs:  apple, aster, magnolia, hibiscus, foxglove, geranium, blackberry, corn, lilac, willow

MARS— Day/Tuesday– this is the harsh, hot, in-your-face energy of the warrior, it encompasses strength, it protects, it challenges, it sets boundaries and patrols the parameters of our world, on the watch for negative energy, and it is connected to the element of Fire

The herbs:  cumin, garlic, ginger, holly, pine, tobacco, wormwood, coriander, allspice, hawthorn

JUPITER— Day/Thursday– this is the planet of growth and expansion, it touches and influences the financial commercial world we inhabit, it infiltrates the judicial system, the institutions that keep our society running smoothly, and it’s influenced by the element of Earth

The herbs:  anise, dandelion, sage, nutmeg, witch grass, clove, honeysuckle, hyssop, maple, fig

SATURN— Day/Saturday– the dark side, the shadow world is found here, the place that so many tend to tip-toe through, but the energy so often needed, this is the planet that will bring the truth to light and punish those who have harmed others, and it’s connected with the element of Earth and Fire

The herbs:  skullcap, slippery elm, wolf’s bane, morning glory (devil’s guts), hemlock, hemp, belladonna, comfrey, mimosa, knot weed


Natal Chart…Astrology At It’s Most Intimidating :)

Bear with me, I’ve only done this once before, I definitely don’t consider myself an astrologer (there’s too much math and fine detail to it for me); and I really don’t have the time truth be told, nor do I feel the same natural connection for doing natal charts as I do for reading the tarot cards.  But this once I was genuinely curious, and I really did want to learn how to construct an accurate natal chart– thank goddess for handy-dandy ready-made charts and the most wonderful book:  “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” by Joanna Martine Woolfolk– and they weren’t kidding, it is.  The interpretations found in this blog post were taken directly from the book– I’m not past this phase yet when it comes to astrology; I’ll have have one eye in the book, going from chart to chart, and another eye on all the interpretations given to the planets and the signs.

First, this individual’s sun sign is Scorpio (Oh my god, they’re so dark and intense, but they are absolutely captivating as well.  They are good looking and highly sensual, dark and brooding, but when they do relax and let their softer side come to the surface, they are thoroughly irresistable...AR)

His ascendent is Libra, and his Moon sign is Gemini (Bright side: versatile, witty, charming, lively, amusing; Dark side: disorganizd, inconsistent, superficial, cunning, manipulative…pg. 163).

From there I constructed a chart with the 12 houses, lined the astrological signs up to the houses, beginning with the ascendent, and then, using the date, location, and time of birth, lined up each planet to the houses they were in at the big event.  It’s probably the sloppiest natal chart ever made, but I’m pretty sure of it’s accuracy just because of the indepth info in this book and the ease with which even a novice like me can use it.  The one thing that still bothers me is that I don’t trust my own interpretations yet, and I’m so use to this coming naturally with tarot cards it’s going to take some getting use to and some work.

Anyway, I took a photo of the handwritten chart, and the following is how the signs lined up to the twelve houses along with the interpretations found in the book:

House #2/Virgo:  Possessions… Pluto— (You are adventurous about money and not afraid of taking risks.  You like to diversify, and during your lifetime there may be several changes in your source of income.  You tend to become obsessed with possessions and finances.   Good point:  unique fiscal talent, resourcefulness, ability to win high return on your effort.  Bad point: squanderer, selfish, tendency to be unscrupulous…pg. 244)

House #3/Leo:  Communication… Uranus— (You have an independent and inventive mind and like to follow your own road rather than someone else’s.  Travel in your life often comes up suddenly.  At times you can be strikingly original in the way you speak and write.  Good point: creative, ingenious, versatile.   Bad point: restless, friction with relatives because of unconventional ideas, prone to accidents while traveling…pg. 245)

House #4/Cancer:  Home/Early Life… Mars— (You have a great desire to own your own home so that you can live independently.  In your childhood you may have been in conflict with parents, especially your father.  Your latter years promise to be active, and you are unlikely to be dependent on others for a place to live.  Good point: enterprising about making money at home.  Bad point:  quarrelsome in domestic relations…pg. 246)

House #5/Gemini:  Creativity/Sex… Moon— (You are impulsive about love and tend to follow your heart rather than your head.  You seek out pleasure in life; one of your love affairs is likely to become public knowledge.  You may have a child who becomes famous.  Good point: romantic and creative imagination.  Bad point: overprotective and possessive of lovers and/or children… pg. 247)

House #10/Capricorn:  Career… Jupiter— (Your desire to achieve in life will likely have good results in your career.  You are confident, sociable, able to deal successfully with people.  Jupiter in this House often confers public honor or esteem.  Good point: ability to win favor of ingluentials.  Bad point: tnde3ncy toward an arrogan, devil-may-care attutude… pg. 252)  Saturn— (You are self-reliant, ambitious, and likely to achieve success.  You have the stamina and perseverance to attain your ambition step-by-step.  There is the possibility that you will reach high position toward the end of your life, but that it will be a lonely place.  Good point: Self-disciplined and responsible.  Bad point: selfish, susceptible to discredit or disgrace… pg. 252)

House #11/Sagittarius:  Hopes & Wishes/Friends…Venus— (You are sociable and fond of people and usually have lots of friends.  You will likely benefit from your associations in both a social and a monetary way.  You are drawn to marry a friend or someone you meet through a group or association.  Good point: a tactful, diplomatic touch with people.  Bad point: you are like to confuse friendship with love… pg. 253)

House #12/Scorpio:  Secrets & Sorrows/Self UndoingSun— (You like privacy and quiet and the joys of meditation and reflection.  You may be reticent or have difficulty expressing yourself and are close to only a few people.  Success comes later in life rather than earlier.  Good point: a deep spiritual understanding.  Bad point: you tend to lead a secluded or lonely life… pg. 254)   Mercury— (You tend to be a contemplative, self-absorbed, insightful thinker who works things out for yourself, alone or in secret.  You worry over trifles and inconsequentials and may be very shy.  Good point: an instinctive researcher or investigator.  Bad point: vulnerable to slander… pg. 254) Neptune— (You are deep and sensitive and likely to possess a strong artistic bent.  You prefer to work and live in a quiet atmoshere where you can create or meditate.  There may be a mysterious or otherworldly qualtiy to your personality.  Good point: kind and helpful toward others.  Bad point: afraid of life or harsh experiences.

I’d be absolutely delighted to hear from astrologists out there, to expand on the interpretations, to tell me an easier way to do it, or at least to give me a few pointers for the next time.  It would also be interesting to hear from other people who have tried to create a natal chart– what resources did you use?  Was your endeavor successful?

Saturday’s Magick

Saturday:  the planet- Saturn; the element:  fire and earth/Protective Energy:  this is the get even, in your face, I-can-take-care- of-myself energy that so many people need and so many people are afraid or hesitant to seek and to use.  Gird up your loins, set your boundaries, put your wagons in a circle, stand on a lone hill and howl your independence, show your strength– you might scare the hell out of yourself in the process; but you will also scare the hell out of your enemies/Herbs:  morning glory (binding), skullcap, wolf’s bane, slippery elm (shut their mouth), belladonna, and boneset/Color:  black (negative energy, negative influences, negative people– be gone)