A Saga

  • First impression

Someone has given you a long laundry list of rules, do’s and don’ts, too many to take in.  The cards tell me that this is a very demanding individual, one that feels entitled and is use to getting their way.  I don’t see you acting on all these demands; but I do see someone standing near your shoulder, whispering wise counsel in your ear… this is either a family member, friend, confidant, or a loved one who has passed and still wants to look out for you.  

  • The story

The cards tell me that there once was a situation that felt fairly happy and normal, but things have changed.  There now appears to be a setting where everyone is doing their own thing and no one seems to be thinking about how this will affect the family unit as a whole.  While half of the clan run amuck, there are two individuals so caught up with their own drama they are completely oblivious to the chaos around them… except for one person, so it seems, and this individual has had enough.  They will be making an exit, stage right.

The cards tell me that this individual has become disillusioned, frustrated, and simply does not know what else to do to cope.  So their solution is to simply leave. (I have to wonder, amidst all the hubbub and noise and confusion, will anyone notice their absence?)

The bottom line for this scenario is that you can’t get rid of burdens so easily… anxiety, worry, indecision, melancholy will all be there, this individual will just be wallowing in them in their own solitary little world.

  • The advice

To the noisy self-absorbed people in this story — shut up and listen.  To the couple who are so wrapped up in themselves they aren’t paying attention to anyone around them — maybe you need some time apart, this sounds more like myopic obsession than love.  To the individual who leaves the sinking ship… if you are not able to move forward while leaving this chaos cleanly behind you, go back and make some noise, find  your voice, stop suffering in silence, knock a few heads together (figuratively) because it appears you’ve never done this before.  It’s long overdue.


Truth and Transparency ~ a marriage made in heaven

There’s one thing standing between you and happiness, just one thing… the truth.

Beware well thought out words and eloquent soliloquies of love and admiration, or explanation.  There lurks beneath this beautiful and glossy surface the dark and murky reality of deception.

Sometimes we believe what we choose to believe, because we think it makes life easier.  It doesn’t, it makes life an illusion.

I wish I had more to say, but today’s message is just that simple.

The Long Good-by

Todays Cards:

  • 2/pentacles, reversed

Someone is so exhausted from trying to walk a tightrope, trying to balance something overwhelming and impossible to contain.  You are just so worn out — physically, mentally, emotionally — trying to maintain a balance where one is no longer possible.  There is just a great feeling of weariness from this card for this reading.  This may be someone trying to balance two jobs, two relationships, or two sets of any type of circumstances that has just become such a burden.

The one thing I can tell you, is that between these two things, you are closer, more attached, more comfortable with one than the other; which should at least make the decision easier, the choice more clear cut.

  • 9/wands, reversed

You have had to reset boundaries several times, over and over, and this is also making you weary, weary and exhausted.  You may have tried to handle a situation in a way you thought could make everyone happy, when this was not realistic, or possible.  There is a strong feeling here of someone who is battle weary, someone who is ready to throw down the gauntlet and move on.

The edges of your boundaries are scarred and weakened, and the effort you put forth to keep everyone on their side of the fence is becoming more difficult, especially since lines have been blurred.

  • 2/cups, reversed

The couples card.  Heads are bent together, cups held for a final toast.  It’s been a long and difficult road, and there is the realization that something may be coming to an end, someone is going to be saying good-by.  You’ve tried and tried and tried, but throughout this long and painful process, you now have to make a choice, you have to choose, a decision must be made.

The one thing I can tell you, you did not fail.  You made a valiant, though some would say misguided,  effort to keep something alive that was most likely coming to a natural conclusion.  
Transitions and the completion of cycles, often described poetically as death, is a pivotal and often traumatic event for the human soul.

Life will go on.

The Spirits Speak ~ You have been chosen as the catalyst

The Deck:  Green Witchcraft Tarot
The Cards:  The Battle Wagon — reversed; The Sidhe; 2/pentacles

Someone is going no where fast, and you seem to be the individual the universe has chosen to set this someone right.  (lucky you)  While they are charging through life, barrelling along at breath taking speed towards a predictable crash, you may feverishly be working behind the scenes to manifest a right outcome for them, even though they seem to be oblivious, or don’t much care. There is the distinct feeling that your interference will be met with resentment and passionate resistance.  Ignore this, do it anyway.  In the end — when their eyes are finally open to reality, or they see a positive outcome through you — they will be grateful.  For now, they will be a brat.

Catalyst... a person or thing that precipitates an event.

Eyes Wide Shut ~ A Secret Revealed Brings a Tower Moment

The Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot
(The High Priestess; The Tower; The Emperor — etc.)

Someone doesn’t see it coming; or someone is deliberately trying to ignore it; or someone is in denial; or someone is not listening to that little voice in their head… Warning lights should be going off.

I started this as a written reading and decided that there was just too much here to say, so it’s a video now.  Also, for the past several days two cards have been coming up together reading, after reading… 6/cups and The Moon — with The Tower. Someone from your past is coming in with a devastating secret that will altar lives; someone from your past is coming in at a time that will prove disruptive to your life as you know it now.  Someone is coming in and going to reveal something to you that will blow you away.

So, how are you going to handle it?

Out With the Old, In With the New ~ the Queen/pentacles, don’t underestimate her

As it so often happens, this reading mirrors the written reading I did this morning for our Daily Cards. It’s kind of eerie when that happens, but it just tells us that there is a definite energy and vibe that needs expressing. Here’s a link to that reading, those daily cards, at my blog: https://everycathasatale.blogspot.com…

Just a heads up… the Queen/pentacles at first appears oblivious and complacent about what’s going on around her. She is not. She had me fooled too, until I pulled that last batch of cards. Don’t underestimate her. If you’re lucky, she just doesn’t care. And if you’re not so lucky… well.

Boogey On Down Your Path

Housewives Tarot Deck was requested for this reading.

  • (4/swords; 3/swords; 5/cups; The Fool)

It looks like there’s been one too many “forks in the cake”, and what a pretty scrumptious cake it looks, but there are times when sharing is frowned upon.  This is one of them. The three of swords unabashedly proclaims three-way relationships that usually result in expected ramifications.  In this case, you’ve had your time to mourn a loss, lick the wounds of betrayal, and put a pox upon a liar.  But now it’s time to let all that go.

Take a deep breath… 

Now it’s time to focus on yourself, your inward spiritual self, your centered mental self, and the glorious physical self that encompasses it all.  Grab your knapsack and head to the spa, the hairstylist, your favorite clothing store.  Buy new makeup, buy new shoes, and get to marching down that new path with purpose, your path, a direction that you’ve chosen for yourself.  Embrace determination and intent with a healthy dose of ego.  Yes, to paraphrase a makeup commercial, “You’re worth it.”

All of this positive action, intention, and thought will manifest something new and fascinating.  It will put before you an opportunity, or an individual, that will be quite a surprise.  Own it.

Surrender ~ what’s holding you back

The oracle deck, “Whispers of Lord GANESHA”, was requested for today’s reading.

  • (The Cards: Surrender; Joy; Divine Support; Inner Knowing; Insight; Fulfillment)

When you finally learn how to surrender — expectations, apprehension, anxiety, negative thoughts, or any of the many personal demons that may be holding you back, you will find room for accomplishment, success, love, creativity, and… joy.

You already know, yes, you really do, what it is you need to surrender.  That little voice in your head has most likely been whispering this knowledge to you for years.  You also instinctively know what it is you need to do to succeed and find fulfillment.  But knowing what we need to let go of, and knowing what we need to do to achieve a goal is very different from actually letting go and doing.  Sometimes we have to work ourselves up to this point.

As you make this journey of surrender and achievement, one of many journeys you will make in your life, know that you have support and encouragement not only from family, friends, or a loving partner, but from the universe and Spirit as well.  As solitary as we may feel and life may seem, we’re never really walking this path alone.

The Wall May Be Coming Down

The tarot deck, Green Witch Tarot, has been requested for our reading today. 

(7/wands; King/chalices; Queen/wands — reversed)

This king and queen are wary of each other, probably in opposition at one time, as though there’s been a lot of water under the bridge. The barriers and boundaries that were put up in the past, for protection and self-preservation, may be slowly dismantled now.

Extra cards: (All reversed: Ace/pentacles; 4/chalices; 3/athames; 2/pentacles)  

One of you will step forward with an offer, an apology, or a unique opportunity, which will be a surprise.  But the question is, will this contact out-of-the-blue be accepted?  There may be some trepidation and hesitation at the sudden appearance and peace offering, probably with good cause.  There was heartache, betrayal, and estrangement here and once, long ago, choices were made.

Secrets Can Be Burdens

What’s our Tarot Forecast have to say for today?
(6/cups — your past; The Moon — secrets and deception; The Hermit — inner contemplation) ~

Nostalgic memories may be playing on your mind, invading mundane daily thoughts, creeping up on you when you least expect it. For someone, there’s a secret you’ve been keeping all these years that will finally be exposed; and for others, there is a secret that will be revealed to you. Either way, you’ll need some solitary time to process the ramifications and fall out from it.

Two more cards for this… (8/swords — reversed; Death) ~

Both scenarios will bring a sense of release and relief, a new-found feeling of freedom. And both scenarios will wipe the slate clean, giving everyone a chance for a fresh start.

Crazy Tarot Lady! ~ outdoor reading with 45 mph wind gusts

(I taped this reading in a tent with both ends open on the west side of our house. The 45 to 50 mph wind gusts were awesome, and the energy was amazing!!) 

Someone has a lot on their plate, burning the candle at both ends, busy and involved with two very separate and demanding roles in their life. To add to it all, you might have feelings of self-doubt about your ability to carry this off, and you also might have someone, possibly two people, who are contributing to these feelings with their criticism and complaints. And the saga continues…

A Pajama, Ole Lady Bun, Morning Coffee Reading ~ join me

Someone is getting a second chance, and it looks like there is the very real possibility of them blowing it. Second chances have come up a lot for my readings the last week or so, but this is different. This individual risks losing everything if they can’t get it together and figure things out.


The Spirits Speak ~ stop fighting it

  • The Spirits Speak… (9/cups; 7/wands; 2/swords) 

You are very tired of fighting something… what? — other people’s expectations? pressure to conform? personal demons? Give it a rest, put it down. Be still and focus. There’s a decision right before you that you may not have realized is even an option… Choose, make a decision. Once you do, life and all it’s jigsaw pieces will fall into place. 

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Getting Where You Need to Be ~ it’s a process

Hello to all my Special People! Todays’ reading shows us that life and the desired outcomes we have for it can be quite a process. From the Hanged Man (the pause button) and the stall you may be in; to the Queen of Swords and the verbal confrontation you may have to navigate through; to the individual who will always want more from you. We’ll be drawing several cards to clarify the situation, to seek the solutions, and to look ahead to the possible outcome.

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