What’s in the August Newsletter?

The August newsletter video: As I was taping this episode the weather was becoming *Darker and Darker and Darker* and soon it began to rain, so during various sections of this video you may hear the rhythmic plunk, plunk plunk of water leaking around the sky-lights on my porch roof, you may hear the steady … Continue reading What’s in the August Newsletter?

Radio Show Coming Up!…Crone’s Cauldron

Mark your calendars!  Radio show coming up! I'll be a guest on "Crone's Cauldron", ( http://www.unitedpaganradio.net/ ) Tuesday, November 17th, 9pm Eastern/8pm Central. Also, check out Crone's Cauldron FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crones-Cauldron/806199002811962 Yay! I'm an Event...imagine that!  Please pass this link on and be sure to join the radio show where there is an interactive chat … Continue reading Radio Show Coming Up!…Crone’s Cauldron