Your Ex ~ Signs They Are Over You

With February’s energy and Valentine’s Day euphoria still lingering, I’ve been pouring over relationship posts in the land of Google.  There were some doozys about boyfriends and husbands sending their ex-wives Valentine’s Day gifts, or making secret Valentine’s Day phone calls, and the reaction from most relationship experts was pretty predictable for this scenario.  Basically, it was:  “What the the hell are you doing?”  Needless to say, the reactions of the new girlfriends or wives over this newly exposed revelation was pretty expected.  They were devastated.

Throughout most of these articles, one thing became really clear:  a boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, or a husband’s ex-wife, is not going to go away UNTIL THEY TELL THEM TO.  And if a boyfriend or husband is shielding and protecting inappropriate or compromising communication with their ex, keeping it a secret from their present partner or wife, there can only be disaster ahead.  Nothing in this modern world of technology is going to stay secret forever, and when the secret is out, it will hit the fan.  If boyfriends and husbands are happy with their new partners, they better appreciate what they have and put all their effort and energy into protecting what they have… or they might lose it.

On to the article I chose for today.  Let’s look at it from a new perspective, through the eyes of The Ex.  How do you know when you’re beating a dead horse?  Read the article below for some insights.

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Dreams: A Fox, A Strange Woman, & a White Staircase

Dreams…you gotta’ love that filmy world that comes alive behind our closed eyelids, when the secrets of our subconscious mind begins to twitch, to flicker, and come alive as we enter the realm of sleep. I’ve noticed that many of my dreams contain a house, or the essence of a house, usually with a dizzying array of rooms. I’ve often wondered if this could indicate the busy world of my everyday life, filled with a variety of people and roles. I am also prone to dreams of deceased family members. This happens every once in a while, and within my dream, they usually have something they want to tell me.

Early in my studies of the occult, I would have dreams with two distinct characters who would come to me with a variety of interesting messages relating to witchcraft, divination, and spiritual mysteries in general. These characters consisted of a very disheveled and wrinkled stoop-shouldered little woman, with a wild main of salt and pepper hair. She usually shuffled along in boldly colored flowing robes, was surrounded by cats, and would stop and stare at me with twinkling mischievous eyes. Her messages were whispered– I had to listen close to catch them. The second character always appeared with her back to me. I never saw her face. She was a tall slender very poised woman with long flowing white hair, dressed in somber colored robes. This woman would be sitting, lotus fashion, with her back to me, and when she spoke, I would hear her words in my mind.

 One of the messages she gave me, that resonates still today:
“Learn to control your mind.”

I keep a dream journal, have for years, and I’ve always been very diligent about recording my dreams in detail; but the last couple nights have been so interesting, I thought I’d blog the dreams that came to me and share them with you.

In one night, through the course of one dream, three objects were highlighted: a fox, a strange woman, and a flight of white stairs.

The fox was a secret, and was being kept concealed in an ancient looking dark cellar with a dirt floor, stone walls, and large barrel kegs. It was sleeping beneath a rough hewn shelf behind the kegs, and I was amazed as it came crawling out of this space, still hazy with sleep.

The woman was sitting on a stool at a bright yellow 1950s style lunch counter. I was seated in a booth right beside and facing this woman. Someone slid in beside me and grasped my hand. In my dream I was able to read this person’s mind, and when they spotted this woman at the lunch counter they were startled, as they knew her, and they were thinking: “I’d better not show Amythyst too much affection, or I’ll piss her off.”

The white staircase was metal, standing free, not connected to anything; and it had apparently been splattered with mud. I decided to wash it off and was amazed at how difficult the task actually was.

A fox, a strange woman, and a flight of white stairs going no where…


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