My Wedding Ring: Labradorite

I started off my marriage to Joe with a traditional wedding band-- a channel ring with diamonds, purchased at a fancy-schmancy jewelry store in Omaha.  I don't have it now (long story, this will be another blog post for another time).  I needed a replacement.  Joe is very "traditional" about some things (not so much … Continue reading My Wedding Ring: Labradorite

Enchanted Jewelry…Spirit Guides & Goddesses

White Fire Opal-- .925 Silver-- size 6Guardian Angel SpellWhatever the spiritual path that you follow, you most likely believe that you are watched over by a spiritual entity.  Depending upon whether you are Catholic, Pagan, follow a Native American quest, or almost any other religion, your protective spirit may come with many titles:  spirit guide, totem, … Continue reading Enchanted Jewelry…Spirit Guides & Goddesses