The Witch’s Corner ~ Bind Me Not Spell (video!)

Be sure to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel, Like & Share! This spell is exactly what you need if you feel that someone is working negative magick on you, particularly with the desire to control you. The Spell ~ “Tit for tat, This for that; I undo the ties that bind. Unwind, unwind, unwind; Three … Continue reading The Witch’s Corner ~ Bind Me Not Spell (video!)

Woman Speak 2-6-2015

Come plant rosemary with me...the Goddess is Thalia, the herb blessed Rosemary. Where ever you might live, whether on an acreage, or in an apartment, plant a garden to invoke goddess energy. Here's what to plant at the four corners and at the elemental quarters. And what shall we put in the center?...let's find out. … Continue reading Woman Speak 2-6-2015