Mid-September Zodiac Readings

Where is your energy right now, in the middle of this month?  I’ll be drawing one card for each of the astrological Sun Signs to determine what’s in the cards for the you.  If you know your Moon Sign, or your Rising Sign, there may be more than one card in these readings that will resonate with you.  I’ve included Time Stamps so that you can go straight to the astrological sign of your choice.  You don’t know your Moon Sign, or your Rising Sign?  I’ve included links that will take you to simple calculators that will give you this information:

Time Stamps:  Aquarius/1:22; Capricorn/3:14 ; Pisces/4:44; Aries/5:57 ; Taurus/7:22; Gemini/9:05; Cancer/11:25; Leo/12:20; Virgo/13:41; Libra/14:57; Scorpio/16:14; Sagittarius/17:47

Rising Sign Calculator:  http://www.horoscopeswithin.com/calculate.php

Moon Sign Calculator: http://www.lunarium.co.uk/moonsign/calculator.jsp#.VfmkXOlRHIV

If you would like a Personal Reading with me, follow this link: