What’s in the August Newsletter?

The August newsletter video: As I was taping this episode the weather was becoming *Darker and Darker and Darker* and soon it began to rain, so during various sections of this video you may hear the rhythmic plunk, plunk plunk of water leaking around the sky-lights on my porch roof, you may hear the steady … Continue reading What’s in the August Newsletter?

Samhain Magick ~ Calling in the Ancestors

October's Special! A Magickal Bag of Items created for this Magickal Month Samhain Magick Calling in the AncestorsThis bag includes:1. Black Cat Oil 2.  a black candle 3. a mini ghost poppet (white) 3.  Ancestor's Oil 4.  Mugwort 5.  3 straight pins Dark Moon Special! Samhain Magick Spell Bag $24.99  click  HERE and scroll down Blog … Continue reading Samhain Magick ~ Calling in the Ancestors

Special Offers! ~ From The Witch’s Corner

Special Offers!   These special offers will be found for a limited time at my website: The Witch's Corner   http://www.ladyamythyst.com/occult-merchandise-curios Protection Spell Kit This kit includes ~ 1 Guardian Angel Poppet; 1 bottle of Protection Oil; 1 white 5" taper candle; 5 incense cones; 1 burlap drawstring bag 10"X6". The value of this kit … Continue reading Special Offers! ~ From The Witch’s Corner

New Spell Bags @ The Witch’s Corner ~ Love, Money, Healing, Hexing, & The Elements

Follow this link ~ Spell Bags Spell bags contain the items and ingredients you need to Cast Your Own Spells!  Be it for love or revenge, for healing, prosperity, or to tap into the elemental energies.  The magick is yours.  The spell bags below will contain the items you need to cast your own spells, … Continue reading New Spell Bags @ The Witch’s Corner ~ Love, Money, Healing, Hexing, & The Elements

I’ll Be *Here* December 5th!

I'll be here: Craft Show! Christensen Field Christensen Field Rd Fremont, NE Saturday, December 5th, 9am-3pm I'll be giving TAROT READINGS and selling a variety of new-age occult novelty items. Readings will run $10.00 for 10 minutes. New-Age Merchandise that will be offered includes items found on these pages plus other items not listed. http://www.ladyamythyst.com/newagemerchandise.htmContinue reading I’ll Be *Here* December 5th!