My Ugly Box of Bugz (video)

The things a Witch collects!!!  In this video I’m sharing with you my own private stash of creature parts and what I would use them for magickally to move energy and create positive results in spells and mojo bags.


My Anniversary Gift, Rita & Marvin, and Naughty Witches

The January Newsletter is out at The Witch’s Corner
…and it’s a beautiful newsletter, if I do say so myself.

The theme for January is Avalon and peacocks.

There are a dozen new personal photos in the Photo Gallery — find out why I’m a such naughty witch, and how manly the produce we grow here in Nebraska can be.  Meet "Rita & Marvin", two new additions to our house– with a combination of 16 legs, and see the spectacular anniversary present from hubby.
You’ll also find the usual topics:  Tarot Tips, Magickal Herbs– this month we’ll look at herbs to induce prophetic dreams, and Spells of the Month– naturally we’ll have to put these herbs to use.

There is a youtube link to a ‘stop animation’ film produced by Isabella…it’s a hoot, believe me.