From The Witch’s Corner ~ Herbs for Divination & Spirit Contact

I decided at the last minute to shoot this video when I was going to prepare my oil burner with some herbs for divination and spirit contact.  I was planning on doing some divination later in the day, dealing with the topic of spirit communication, and my girls had been at me for a long time to sit down at the table with them and a Ouija board.  I wanted to burn some herbs in my oil burner (potpourrie style) to set the energy in the house on that wave length.
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Amythyst Raine is an author and psychic/clairvoyant. The tarot is her tool of choice, which she uses as a key to tap into universal knowledge. Amythyst is dedicated to helping others live better lives through self-examination, as well as through psychic revelations, spirit contact, and spiritual guidance.


Dreams: Beyond the Grave

(This dream was originally posted July 9th, 2008, at Myspace.)

My father-in-law passed away in mid-June. He was a very controlling manipulative man. When he died, my husband and I were estranged from him. In my lifetime I have experienced contact with people who have passed over. I knew that the spirit of this man would come. I just didn’t know how long it would take him to get a decent bearing in this new plane of existence. I was expecting him…

July 1, 2008

In this dream—

I and my husband’s family were in some kind of ‘house’—I don’t know if it was a country club (that’s kind of what it felt like), a funeral home, or what. There were large, spacious rooms, people milling about, mostly family. A kitchen area was along side these rooms—a galley kitchen. You could walk in one end and walk out the other.

My husband and I were in the kitchen together for a few minutes. I think we were slightly peeved with each other for some reason. On leaving the kitchen, my husband went into one of the spacious living rooms to watch TV, and I turned to the right and went into another.

One of my brother-in-laws, P_____, was in this room with several other people. He was sitting on a tan couch. There was no where to sit, everything was occupied. He tapped the couch between his knees and said, “Sit on the floor, over here, by me.”

So I went and sat on the floor, leaning up against the couch between P_____’s legs. There was something that felt uncomfortably intimate about this situation, but I wasn’t sure why. There was no reason, at that moment in my dream, to feel that way.

Not too much later, I was hungry and thirsty, so I got up and walked through the kitchen, coming out at the other end, where there was a small table of food and drinks sat up.

This table was in a smaller nook at the end of the kitchen where a dining table sat, and several men were seated around it playing cards. My father-in-law was one of these men.

When he saw me at the small table of food, he gathered the cards up and rose from his chair, coming over to me, extending his hand. I thought he wanted to shake hands, so I extended my hand and he took it in his.

In a flash of a split second, I knew I had made a mistake. He didn’t want to shake my hand—he began squeezing it, gradually, fiercely, the look in his eyes evilly gleeful. He was enjoying what he was doing with unabashed devilish delight.

The strangest thing about this dream is that I knew within that split second that I was dreaming and I knew, within that dream, that I was going to have to snatch my hand away before he could really hurt me. I looked into his eyes and I said, “You bastard!”, letting him know that I knew what he was up to. And I snatched my hand away at the last second, just before his grip would’ve tightened and I wouldn’t have been able to get loose.

The irony of this dream doesn’t end here. When I told my husband about this dream—and the fact that I was expecting his father’s spirit to manifest here in some way—he told me that he had dreamed of his father on the same night. In my husband’s dream, his father is sitting on a bench talking quietly and calmly to him. My husband told me that my father-in-law left a message for me—he said to tell me that he apologized.

Explore the World of Dreams

Do you keep a dream diary or journal?

If you don’t, you should at least think about it. When you can go back and re-read dreams you’ve had days, weeks, months, even years ago, it casts an amazing light on numerous things: your own persona most of all, how you view the world through symbols and analogies, hidden fears- jealousies- desires, patterns of behavior, and a host of other hidden agendas and personal quirks you were unaware of. Some dreams will reveal even more. You may get a glimpse of past life experiences, as well as contact with spirits or relatives and aquaintances who have passed over– and you will recognize these dreams when they occur.

If you decide to keep a dream diary, you should keep a notebook and pen right at your bedside. Dreams are elusive. In that split second between waking and sleeping, the dream will dissolve from your concious mind. You may wake up in the morning and know that you’ve been dreaming, but you will not, for the life of you, be able to remember anything about the dream itself. This can be extremely frustrating. To capture a dream, sometimes we have to jot it down as soon as we’re awake enough to hold a pen, but before we’ve had time to think of anything else, or speak to anyone. Often this means jotting down a dream, even just the rudimentary details, in the middle of the night by little or no light. When morning comes, then we can sit down and go over our scrawled notes– you will be amazed at how much will come back to you if you do this.