Buddhism & Finding Balance

 The Noble Truths: 

1.  Nothing lasts forever. Expecting to be miserable when things come to an end. This is called “impermanence”, often stated as “life suffering”.

 2. This suffering starts because we are attached to the idea that things will last forever or that if we can just find the magic formula, we can make things the way we want them be , always. This is called “craving” or “attachment”.

 3. We don’t have to be miserable. We can teach ourselves to let go of our cravings and attachments so that we don’t have to suffer as much when things change, as they inevitably will. This truth is called “freedom from confinement” or “extinction”. It is like getting the key to our jail cell or blowing out a candle that‘s burning us.

 4. There is a path to liberation from suffering and getting burned by our expectations. This path runs between the extremes of hedonism and asceticism.

 The Eightfold Path:

 1. Right Understanding
2. Right Intention
3. Right Speech
4. Right Action,
5. Right Livelihood
6. Right Effort
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration

The information above is taken from:
“The Witch’s Almanac”, Issue 27, Spring 08-09

“Buddha’s Magical Numbers”
By Elizabeth Rose
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One of my daughters practices Buddhism and although my path is different, I still found this article to be representative of basic truths. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people crushed when a marriage, job, lifestyle, relationship, etc. changed, because they apparently expected it to go on indefinitely…and it doesn’t.

Anne Lindbergh stated in an essay that a woman’s life goes through major change about every 20 years or so, and she’s right, it does. Beginning with the end of your school years and marriage, on to child bearing and rearing, then possibly to widowhood or divorce, and so it goes. And isn’t it mind-boggling to think of the thousands of changes that take place within all those phases, some good and some not so pleasant.

I view the Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Path as yet another unique collection of wisdom to add to my very eclectic path. I feel that, when all is said and done, it’s basically reminding us that we need balance in all things.

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The Triple Goddess

Triple Goddess

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The Crone…

I don’t know if it’s this time of year or this phase of life I’m in now, but I feel a tremendous magnetic pull to The Crone.  I relish her– I revel in the beauty of her darkness and the depth of her knowledge and all the life tasted that she represents to me.  She is a milestone, a goal, an accomplishment.

She brings to me a sense of peace, as I hope she does to all of you.


The Mother…


 It is the Mother aspect of the Goddess that seems to encompass most of our lives– we are the nurturers.  Whether we are women who have given birth to our own children, or find ourselves entrusted with the care of other women’s children.  And it is not only the children of the world we nurture, but the animals, the earth itself, and the men in our livesWe nurture growth in all things, including new ideas and ventures, in the arts and literature, in all things worthwhile that need careful care and a magic touch.  Within that magic touch is the promise of creation and growth.


The Maiden…


It has been my experience that the older a woman gets, the farther away the Maiden feels.  It is probably a natural progression.  And yet, even women entering the more mature phases of life need the vital life force of this aspect of the Goddess.  She is what propels us forward with strength and tenacity and the self-confidence to discover our inner selves and our hidden strengths.


Lady Amythyst Raine


Female Only Assemblage

Note…This blog was originally posted at one of my MySpace profiles: 

The Goddess Grove


(an online circle/sanctuary for women)

I had finally come to grips with a lot of preconceived notions about religion, God, the Goddess, and where I, and my female side, fit into the big picture.  I’ve been exploring Dianic Wicca and do believe that I may have finally found my nitch.  This short blog was the result of one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments…


How do you feel about this?…Invoking only the Goddess for rituals, holding female only circles, considering the Gods’ main claim to fame as being consort to the Goddess? 

Personally, in 51 years of living– through the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, Christian Fundamentalism and the four husbands who drug me through all this, kicking and screaming I might add, I’ve been infused with enough male energy to last me several lifetimes.  I’m still trying to figure out why men think it is thier duty to direct every aspect of a woman’s life, including her spirituality!…And, by the way, it doesn’t work.
For myself, me personally– I’m ready and enthusiastic to embrace female Divinity, to take my place with the “Womyn” of the world, to reclaim power that was taken from women with the creation of the Eve/apple myth.  To quote Z Budapest– “Eve should have eaten a bushel of apples!– It was her tree!"
I know this will bristle some of the male population, but I’ve never kicked about ‘male only domains’– like gentlemen’s clubs and other good ole’ boys’ assemblage places; so I figure they don’t have the option of protesting when we womyn go off on our own little jaunts to the wild places to gather and drum and dance and let loose with our spiritual expression.

And that’s ’bout ’nuff said– for the moment!