Choosing Stones & Crystals for Your Home

In this list you'll notice that instead of giving you a specific list of crystals and stones by name, I'm giving you colors that are associated with these spaces, and you can choose which stones you connect with in this way.  I don't know about you, but I find a lot of people are so … Continue reading Choosing Stones & Crystals for Your Home

My Pendulums! (video) ~ I carry a "Divination Bag" in my purse, and I'll show you what's inside!Thank you for watching, liking, and sharing my videos, and please be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.The Witch's Corner ~http://amythystraine.blogspot.comMagickal Connections ~http://wytchymystique.comThe Tarot Parlour ~http://tarotreadingswithamythystraine.blogspot.comBooks by Amythyst Raine ~ Music ~Avec Soin – Romance by Kevin MacLeod is … Continue reading My Pendulums! (video)

Winter Solstice: December Magick, the Whys & Hows

Happy Winter Solstice!  December  Named for: “Decem”, meaning ‘ten’ Anglo-Saxon: Midwintra-monap Birthstone: turquoise, zircon Flower: holly, narcissus, poinsettia  December Moon Magick: Oak Moon Herbs: cedar wood, juniper, sage, star anise, carnation Stones: lapis, smoky quartz, lazulite Scents: violet, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, rose geranium Colors: red, white, black Trees: pine, fir, holly Deities: Hathor, Hecate, Athese … Continue reading Winter Solstice: December Magick, the Whys & Hows

Crystals & Stones: Black Stones

The Black Stones!  Black Opal Energy:  projective/receptive (male & female) Planets:  all planets Element:  all elements Powers:  astral projection, psychism, beauty, money, luck, power, self-worth, strengthening the will to live, loyalty, spontaneity Snowflake Obsidian Energy:  projective (male) Planet:  Saturn Element:  Fire Powers:  protection, grounding, divination, peace, compassion, strength, removing blockages, healing Apache Tear Energy:  projective … Continue reading Crystals & Stones: Black Stones

Dreams, Magickal Formularia, & Fairie Realms

I have a new dream to add to my journal, it's incomplete, one scene out of an entire adventure, most of which can't be remembered, but it's visually memorable:  An Indian (Native American) village is burning.  I don't see the flames, but the smoke is thick and curling, sulfurous, twisting through the air like dirty gray … Continue reading Dreams, Magickal Formularia, & Fairie Realms

My October Newsletter is Out

This newsletter is jam-packed with personal photos of Samhain's past, my own recipes for pumpkin pie & hot apple cider, a *gorgeous* Samhain video, as well as the usual stones and bones, herbs and tarot, spells and 'stuff'.  It's a boiling cauldron of witchy information and links to supplies and occult merchandise.The spell for this month...a ritual: Breathing … Continue reading My October Newsletter is Out

Anonymous Tarot Reading, Pineapples, & Rum

 The July Newlsetter is out… Tarot: This month I’m going to do an anonymous random “mini-reading”.  I’m going to pull three cards and interpret them, letting the universe take me where it will and reveal what comes.  This information is meant for someone out there, and when they read it, they’ll know who they are: … Continue reading Anonymous Tarot Reading, Pineapples, & Rum

Crystal Therapy– Making Crystal Tinctures

(reposted from my May Newsletter) TherapyMaking TincturesIn general, crystals and stones used for healing are used in a variety of ways...They are worn on the body as pendents, rings, etc.; carried on the person in pockets, mojo bags, and such; used as healing pendulums suspended above the affected areas; placed directly on the affected body part … Continue reading Crystal Therapy– Making Crystal Tinctures