A Tarot Reading for The Moon

I do tarot readings for tarot cards. I know, how weird is that. A Tarot Reading for Moon: The Moon ~ The World; Justice; Queen/wands You send us through portals on a whim and a prayer, ignoring our pleas and screams of protest, unaware yourself of where this new passageway will take us. You just … Continue reading A Tarot Reading for The Moon

Tarot Readings ~ A Personal Twist Today

Greetings!  Come join me 'round the table for an early morning Very Personal tarot session, as I have my morning beverage and turn the cards for myself (And maybe for *You* as well, if our energy is aligned!).  If you're part of my personal circle of friends and family, or if you use to be, … Continue reading Tarot Readings ~ A Personal Twist Today

Tarot Tutorial: A 3 Card Spread (video)

Today we're going to learn how to connect the traditional meanings for three cards with our intuitive interpretations in order to do a Three Card Spread.  You'll be amazed at how much information can be found in just three cards, how much can be revealed, especially when read intuitively.

A Tarot Experiment: Blind Reading

As I have said over and over about tarot reading...the power, the knowledge, the wisdom, the insight, is not in the tarot cards-- it's in the Reader.  The cards are just a tool, a beautiful tool, that gives the reader's sub-conscious a little jump start.  I believe that most tarot readers can actually learn to … Continue reading A Tarot Experiment: Blind Reading

Video Reading 3-9-2015

Here are the cards for this reading: Tarot: Books, Classes, & Readings Home EMAIL READINGS TELEPHONE READINGS VIDEO READINGS Short n' Sweet Video Readings LOCAL PRIVATE READINGS IN-HOUSE READINGS PUBLIC EVENT READINGS Today's Reading: Pick a Card TAROT BOOKS Tarot Classes: Text & Audio Tarot Classes: Video TESTIMONIALS Free Reading: Pick a Card Follow this … Continue reading Video Reading 3-9-2015