Queen of Swords

Daily Tarot Card ~ Queen/swords, Light Seers TarotSomeone is taking some quiet solitary time to really sit back and think something through very analytically, with deep intellectual thought. You are removing yourself from the line of fire, or the hub of a chaotic or messy situation, to figure out what you want to do and … Continue reading Queen of Swords

Getting Where You Need to Be ~ it’s a process

Hello to all my Special People! Todays' reading shows us that life and the desired outcomes we have for it can be quite a process. From the Hanged Man (the pause button) and the stall you may be in; to the Queen of Swords and the verbal confrontation you may have to navigate through; to … Continue reading Getting Where You Need to Be ~ it’s a process

Video Reading 3-9-2015

Here are the cards for this reading: Tarot: Books, Classes, & Readings Home EMAIL READINGS TELEPHONE READINGS VIDEO READINGS Short n' Sweet Video Readings LOCAL PRIVATE READINGS IN-HOUSE READINGS PUBLIC EVENT READINGS Today's Reading: Pick a Card TAROT BOOKS Tarot Classes: Text & Audio Tarot Classes: Video TESTIMONIALS Free Reading: Pick a Card Follow this … Continue reading Video Reading 3-9-2015