Tarot: Becoming a Professional Reader

I've been thinking about becoming a professional tarot reader. How is it different from reading for people for free?  What do I need to know to read tarot professionally? How is it different-- reading for free versus reading professionally? For one thing, there's way more pressure!  When a client is paying for a reading, they have … Continue reading Tarot: Becoming a Professional Reader

Tarot Card of the Day: “Shadow”

The Deck:  The Psychic Tarot Two figures stand on this card, identical figures, one in the shadows, one in the light, both gripping a golden scepter.  They are eye to eye, stern, serious, surrounded by a galaxy of blue stars. Black and white.  Polar opposites, polar opposite energies, polar opposite personalities.  What is the ulterior … Continue reading Tarot Card of the Day: “Shadow”

Aces: New Beginnings for the New Year

The Aces The Aces herald beginnings, beginnings in love, finance, money ventures, or mental endeavors—according to cups, wands, pentacles, and swords. Beginnings may be strong and powerful, overwhelmingly passionate, or rife with potholes and points of contention we should be cautious with. Beginnings are always exciting, often unexpected, and lead us on a journey through … Continue reading Aces: New Beginnings for the New Year

Tarot: Card of the Day/2-Cups, Motherpeace Tarot

Partnership, pairing, and sharing.  As much as our individuality is respected and held sacred, so is our ability to share our lives, our world, our bodies, and our selves with another human being.  Whether we are mated to someone through romantic love, creative endeavors, ideas, familial connections, or simply choice-- this is a sacred union … Continue reading Tarot: Card of the Day/2-Cups, Motherpeace Tarot

Tarot Reading: Picking up Personalities

  Write your readings down, for yourself, for your clients, in your tarot journal, for future reference, to look back and see your magickal connection with the cards. Below is an actual tarot reading for one of my clients:  1. Your husband’s job… The Wheel of Fortune The Fool ® 2/pentacles King/swords ® It looks … Continue reading Tarot Reading: Picking up Personalities

Past Life Reading: Spiritual Peace & Relationship Closure

Tarot Reading:  “Past Life” Deck:  Druid Craft Tarot Deck 1. Basic Soul Nature/upon entering this life 6/swords…King/pentacles…The Fferyllt You were one who would rather run than fight; you also had a tendency to back down or retreat when the going got rough, or the situation was more than you wanted to handle at the moment.  … Continue reading Past Life Reading: Spiritual Peace & Relationship Closure