Audio Tarot Readings

Audio Tarot Readings ~ The following Tarot Spreads are now available as Audio Readings. When you purchase one of these audio readings, you can choose from the Drop Down Menu in the Paypal Widget which reading you want. All audio readings are $15.00. Follow this link: The Spreads to choose from: 1. 3 Card … Continue reading Audio Tarot Readings

The Witch’s Cauldron: 7 of Cups Magick Spell

This spell will require the energy of the seven of cups tarot card—the card of decisions, decisions, decisions. When you find yourself facing a life changing all important decision and you are having trouble reaching it, this is the spell for you. It’s also beneficial if you are faced with a multitude of decisions and … Continue reading The Witch’s Cauldron: 7 of Cups Magick Spell

“Tarot for Grownups”…sneak peek

(an excerpt from "Tarot for Grownups") 4) Who’s Who?-- Court Card Personality Types Each court card represents archetypical energy. Each court card also represents a personality type, and when someone comes for a reading, it’s generally to uncover those things about other personalities that may be on the negative side. This fact might dismay some … Continue reading “Tarot for Grownups”…sneak peek