PODCAST, Short n’ Sweet ~ Individual Card Interpretations

In this podcast I pulled several cards and did a quick one-card interpretation for each of them. If one of these cards resonated with you and you would like me to do an expanded reading on this card, email me at: 


Type “Expanded Reading” in the subject line, and let me know which card it is that you want me to expand on. *Note ~ these readings are FREE, and these readings are done for entertainment purposes only.

The Deck: Enchanted Dreams Tarot (gifted to me by a dear friend) 

The Cards in this Video: 

1) 6/Pentacles ~ Someone’s backing out

2) The Guide ~ Manipulation

3) 10/wands ~ Breaking under pressure

4) 9/pentacles ~ Your happy place

5) Wheel of Destiny ~ New beginnings

6) The Moon ~ Secret revealed

7) Knight/pentacles (reversed) ~ Period of instability

8) 3/cups ~ A Choice to be Made


Desert Reading ~ It bites the dust

This is a month that is focused on relationships, and this reading high-lights the drama of a long standing relationship that is going (or has gone) up in flames and the ramifications that follow when both parties go through an adjustment.

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