Past, Present, Future Audio Reading for “Liddy”

This is an audio reading for one of my clients. We'll call her "Liddy". To book your own reading with me, through audio, video, email, or Skype, go to my tarot website, The Tarot Parlour ~ *Note: audio readings are usually not used to create a video, this is a special case. Your audio … Continue reading Past, Present, Future Audio Reading for “Liddy”

Audio Tarot Readings

Audio Tarot Readings ~ The following Tarot Spreads are now available as Audio Readings. When you purchase one of these audio readings, you can choose from the Drop Down Menu in the Paypal Widget which reading you want. All audio readings are $15.00. Follow this link: The Spreads to choose from: 1. 3 Card … Continue reading Audio Tarot Readings

Mid-April Zodiac Tarot Updates! (video)

Our mid-month updates for April are finished and out!  These mid-month updates are "mini-readings", a two card draw, just to keep a check on which way our energy is going for the month.  Are we headed for something new?  Has the energy of the monthly reading changed course?  Are we in for some surprises?  Disappointments?  Victories? … Continue reading Mid-April Zodiac Tarot Updates! (video)

Mid-January Zodiac Tarot Readings! (All Zodiac Signs)

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: Time Stamps:  Aquarius/1:22; Capricorn/6:23; Pisces/9:53; Aries/14:30; Taurus/16:38; Gemini/19:58; Cancer/22:02; Leo/25:08; Virgo/28:55; Libra/31:32; Scorpio/34:44; Sagittarius/37:30 *Note:  While filming the segments for Aries, Taurus, & Gemini, I experienced technical difficulties with my equipment.  I could bring these clips up to watch on my computer, but I could not add these videos … Continue reading Mid-January Zodiac Tarot Readings! (All Zodiac Signs)

December’s Mid-Month Astrological Tarot Readings Are Up!

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel ~ Time Stamps: Aquarius/1:24; Capricorn/5:56; Pisces/10:49; Aries/14:52; Taurus/18:55; Gemini/24:16; Cancer/29:38; Leo/35:19; Virgo/39:13; Libra/44:14; Scorpio/49:57; Sagittarius/54:37 Rising Sign Calculator:… Moon Sign Calculator:… If you would like a Personal Reading with me, follow this link:

Partnerships: It’s All About Internal Sabotage

(The following reading is a portion of an actual client reading, published anonymously.  It has been edited to maintain the privacy of the individual.) 10/cups ®……10/swords……5/wands First impression: My first impression is that things at home tend to be hectic; you’re not getting a lot of support from your spouse, as a matter of fact, … Continue reading Partnerships: It’s All About Internal Sabotage

Aces: New Beginnings for the New Year

The Aces The Aces herald beginnings, beginnings in love, finance, money ventures, or mental endeavors—according to cups, wands, pentacles, and swords. Beginnings may be strong and powerful, overwhelmingly passionate, or rife with potholes and points of contention we should be cautious with. Beginnings are always exciting, often unexpected, and lead us on a journey through … Continue reading Aces: New Beginnings for the New Year