Solitude Pays Off/You Get a Second Chance

There’s two readings in this video today:

1) Sometimes we really need solitude to think something through, to ground and center, to connect with our Spirit guides and our inner self. Don’t think of your quiet time alone as a stagnant period because it isn’t, it may be some of the most mentally and emotionally inspiring moments you experience.

2) Sometimes couples go through several up and down, off and on again stages before everything “clicks” and the couple realizes that they are actually meant to be together. Respect time apart, respect the time of noncommunication. Use this time to think, assess, plan, and acknowledge what’s good about being together.


The Giver & The Taker ~ there needs to be a break in this pattern

There’s so much going on in this reading, I actually don’t know where to start. Basically, you’re going to have to watch this video to see the full story unfold. If you identify with any of the darker aspects of this reading, seek help, talk to someone. If you recognize someone who reflects the darker aspect of this reading, reach out to them. 

*Suicide & Crisis Hotline: 988 

*National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

Readings with Amythyst ~ Dejavu, that bickering group — again; the spineless wonder; and the prideful ego

Today’s general reading covers three pivotal scenarios:

  • Dejavu! There’s this bickering group of people who have apparently not solved their issues, will they ever?
  • Someone is not able to make major and necessary life transitions because they don’t have the backbone to make difficult decisions, will they listen to the Queen of Pentacles?
  • Someone is going to miss an opportunity for a rare second chance at a relationship because of their pride and ego, will someone step up and be the first to apologize or make the first move?

It looks funny — but it works, click on it!

Tarot & Spirituality ~ three scenarios, which one is yours

Today’s general reading covers three very specific scenarios, which one do you scenario(s) do you connect with? 

  • someone has been waiting for so long, they need to decide if it’s time to stop 
  • this dreamy spacey king is going to have to get a grip 
  • the bickering and nitpicking in this dysfunctional group is going to lead to no where

What to do about it — if anything

So, did anyone connect with one or more than one of the scenarios that came up in this reading… 

  • the issue of secrets and deception;
  • a lack of progress in a situation;
  • a new love interest coming in;
  • someone in your circle who is not willing to negotiate or compromise;
  • the individual that’s taking off on an unwise journey back to their past;
  • and then, the issue of financial matters that are not being wisely handled.

Today’s spread is called the “Crazy Brain Spread”. There’s a total of three questions/positions for this spread, and there’s a number of cards pulled for each. In today’s reading you’ll find six different scenarios. For some of you, more than one scenario may resonate.

Your Questions ~ Advice for Your Relationship Issue

Welcome to “Your Questions” ~ this video deals with a question about a relationship. It sounds like someone finds themselves at a cross roads. If you have a specific question you’d like me to put to the cards, email me at and your question may be answered in one of my videos. Confidentiality and anonymity are protected. Comments are open at YouTube for this video.

Short n’ Sweet Readings ~ You Proved Your Point

Welcome to a short n’ sweet reading. I try to keep these readings under 10 minutes, often under 5. Yay, for you! I’m hearing the word V-A-L-I-D-A-T-I-O-N. This might have been a long time coming for some of you, and it tastes very sweet. 

*NOTE: comments are open at YouTube for this video. Whether comments are open or closed is going to be up to my discretion, video by video, and depends upon issues with spammers.

And the story continues ~ there is a definite change of plans for an unexpected future

Yesterday I laid a group of cards and got the frame work for their story, you’ll find that here, in this blog post:

These Cards Need Time to Flesh Out Their Story

The story continues to unfold:

There’s someone who’s been very focused on a specific very complex and involved goal, so much so that they sort of have tunnel vision about it, this goal possibly centers around education and work.  They know that they need this kind of focus and dedication to make this happen and reach this new plateau.

What’s happened, or about to happen in their life, is totally unplanned, it’s not something they intended to happen or even thought about at this point in time.  This is just something that the universe sort of drops on them unexpectedly, something totally out of the blue.  (Cupid does that, you know, you have no intention of meeting anyone, or falling in love, or becoming involved, and then — bang — there you are).

There’s still the idea of something happening very fast, accelerated energy all around, a whirlwind still; and this time the cards are telling me that this is all driven by passion, and someone speaking their truth, either to someone else, or to themselves, or to both.  It’s an “aha” moment of clarity and realization.

And this does indeed change everything.  The future is spinning, realigning itself; there is a change of plans.

There’s still lots of decisions to be made, but the cards are telling me that they’re no longer being made for one person by one person.  These plans involve two people now.  Groundwork is being laid for the future.

Today’s Video Readings from Arizona

Take a Break/And Delegate

Take a Stand/Voice an Opinion

Make a Break/Walk Away

Today’s early morning readings are full of on the spot intuitive perceptions and advice. Welcome to Arizona and my home. This morning we dive into a grid of cards and explore relationships, finances, personal connections, and life. If you enjoy this video, or find it helpful, please be sure to Like & Subscribe so that other people can find it too. And if you haven’t already purchased my new book, The Little Handbook of Spiritual Awakening, you can do that using the link below. If the Spirit moves you, leave a brief book review or a few words at Amazon, that would be amazing! Please and thank you in advance!

Your Questions: Which direction is my life suppose to go?

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The Anatomy of a Tarot Reading

My Notes & Scratchings (automatic writing):


Someone “at the top” or “behind the scenes”.

One part of a couple attempting to move on from a relationship, the other partner trying to hold them back.

The Tower (reversed):

Causing a fiasco, or directing a fiasco.

It upended something previously stable.

He’s good at manifesting what he wants/He’s good at making you believe he can manifest what YOU want.

Ten/wands (reversed):

Either feeling no sense of responsibility, or avoiding or passing off responsibility.

Contact and interaction with him will lead to huge and unexpected changes in your life.

The Magician & Death

Someone is working so hard to manifest change, and someone else is trying so hard to hold them back.

This is the tale of a couple, most likely a married couple that is no more.  The cards don’t tell me specifically about their life together, because that’s no longer the point.  What’s past is water under the bridge.  The point is the here and now, the point is their separation, or their divorce, and the energy and interactions that are happening as we speak.

One party is calmly trying to pick up the pieces and move on constructively, in anticipation of building a new life with new beginnings and new opportunities.  There is a hopeful feeling of looking to the future, an excitement about new things “right around the corner”.  This individual is infused with the bright energy of “happiness in the face of great change”.  The ultimate optimist.

The other party to this couple is seething, angry, steeped in jealousy, regret, the loss of control.  This person is not looking to the future but is stuck in the past, thinking over all the “what if’s”, seeking vainly for answers and miracles that could fix what’s broken, looking for ways to keep their former partner in a state of limbo.  And in this energy, this person feels they can keep the future at bay.  They seriously believe this.  It feels so dark, so dark that it goes beyond the idea of a pessimist.

The cards are giving me this advice:

To the optimist:  detach completely from your former partner, their connection is poisonous and will only prevent you from rebuilding your life and finding new happiness.  Focus on YOU.  Focus on your plans and goals and dreams, and make practical preparations to carry you through to all these things.  It’s okay for you to be happy.  It’s okay for you to feel positive about your future, as you should.  Leave all negativity behind and follow the sunshine… you deserve it.

To the King of Pentacles:  seek therapy.  You need to talk to someone.  You need to talk to someone to regain a healthy focus on your life and the situation that you’re in now.  You need to talk to someone who can help you work through all these negative feelings that will hold you back and prevent you from building a new and healthy life for yourself.  You need to talk to someone who can teach you how to get in touch with positive energy.  You need to leave the darkness behind… and you need to leave your former partner alone.

Two Video Readings ~ 1) Meet the Scheister (hang onto your money) 2) To a Couple (get on the same page)

Meet the Scheister

To a Couple: 

Today’s early morning readings are full of on the spot intuitive perceptions and advice. Welcome to Arizona and my home. This morning we dive into a grid of cards and explore relationships, finances, personal connections, and life. If you enjoy this video, or find it helpful, please be sure to Like & Subscribe so that other people can find it too. 

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Queen of Swords

Daily Tarot Card ~ Queen/swords, Light Seers Tarot
Someone is taking some quiet solitary time to really sit back and think something through very analytically, with deep intellectual thought. You are removing yourself from the line of fire, or the hub of a chaotic or messy situation, to figure out what you want to do and where you want to go from here. This card tells me that someone is putting thoughts (and words) together in a careful and mindful matter so that they are clearly understood. There have been enough misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Three Scenarios ~ three people? or all the same poor soul?

Once again, there are three people in this reading, maybe these are three completely separate individuals dealing with their own lives and their own personal dilemmas…

Or is this all one person?

  • 1)  2/swords; 3/pentacles

You are  being bombarded with unwelcome advice and criticism.  In the midst of this bombardment, caught in the act of trying to protect and defend yourself, you lose sight of what it is you’re working towards and which direction you want to go.  You thought you had it figured out, you thought you had it carefully planned, you thought it would work.  But these voices, these people and the chaotic confusing energy they are creating has interfered with your mind and your train of thought.

Advice/solutions: King/cups — reversed

Follow your heart.  Discard the negative opinions being shot your way, or even the negative people, if this is how far you want to go. Know that your own instinctive intuitive knowledge is correct.  Know that you had it right the first time, all those plans, all those ideas and goals.  Know that sometimes in life there are people who are actually afraid of someone else’s success, someone else’s bold plans and actions, because they themselves are scared and insecure.

  • 2)  Page/wands — reversed; The Chariot — reversed

You may feel totally upended.  You had something planned, you were ready to go, and wham — someone did something to knock the energy, passion, and enthusiasm right out from under you.  You seem to have lost your desire as well, for this thing you were ready to do, this place you were ready to go, perhaps this person  you were running towards.

It’s like the air has been let out of your balloon.  

What happened?  What did they do?  What were you told?  What did you discover?  What was revealed?  What was the turning point for you, that maybe changed your mind?

Advice/solution:  3/cups — reversed

Leave the crowd behind, leave the clique behind; leave behind other people’s expectations, and unnecessary burdens, and impossible standards.  Step away from an individual, or a group, that are clouding your judgement, making you question your decisions and choices, making you feel unsure of the world around you and of reality itself.

Step away into the lovely oblivion of introspection.  Reacquaint yourself with the world as you last saw it, when your visions, dreams, and goals were clear, and sharp, and in focus.  Go within to find yourself, and then trust your instincts and move forward.

  • 3)  King/cups — reversed; 2/pentacles — reversed

Your indecision, your inability to make a choice; the idea that you have that this situation can go on indefinitely and doesn’t need immediate attention… this is all maddening to the individuals in your life, specifically the individuals directly connected to this dilemma.

There is the feeling of something, or someone, or a situation being trapped in a strange sense of “limbo”, not being able move forward, or backward, and the idea that with this state of being everything will be lost.  If you would only make a decision and stick to it… that’s the trouble here, you see, that you keep changing your mind.

Advice/solution:  9/cups — reversed

You will never get exactly what you wished for, and even if  you would, it would not live up to what you thought it would be.  Are your expectations too high, or unrealistic, or romanticized?  With this third reading, there is just the most disheartening feeling that you will never be realistically happy, and I hate to end a reading on such a negative note.  So let me leave you with some suggestions:

  • learn to live in the moment
  • know that what you have right now may be all you get
  • don’t give up so easily — on a situation, a relationship, an individual, or yourself
  • learn patience

It’s going to be up to you to learn to be content in life.  The ball is in your court.

The Spirits Speak: Two people want the same thing…

Two people want the same thing,
how is this going to roll?

The Deck: After Tarot 
The Cards:  Page/swords; 4/pentacles; 5/swords; 9/pentacles — reversed; 8/wands; 9/swords

Today the cards are talking about opposition.  Two people trying with great effort to both claim the same thing,   And all this time, a third party trying desperately to hang onto it, whatever “it” is… general reading here, so there are many possibilities and scenarios:  a relationship, a material item, opportunities, a job, privileges, etc.

There is a lot of swift and impulsive communication going on, meaning that things will be said that may later be regretted, the truths may be stretched or exaggerated, as each party tries to make their case (court case? — for someone).  It actually feels like two parties verbally bringing this issue before someone.  There is the feeling of each trying to convince a person who will make a decision that they are the better choice.  Who are they trying to convince?… a judge, a lover, an employer?

A swift decision will be coming.  The page of swords will get what it is they want, but the victory will be shallow, and it will lack the feel-good energy of  a genuine victory.  It will taste bittersweet.  The opposing party will be left decimated, and it may be a while before they can emotionally and mentally work through what it is they lost… and why.

The Spirits Speak ~ You need to find your voice

You may find yourself taking on a difficult conversation, and not by choice.  In order to make a point, in order to reach a goal, in order to come out ahead (in a positive way), you may be called upon to face someone, or a situation, head on.  This is going to mean talking to them, or talking about it.  This is the only way you’re going to clear the air and celebrate your independence and peace of mind.

Spirit says, “Swallow the bitter pill first, and celebrate with sweet wine afterward.”

By opening the channel of communication in a straight forward (sometimes blunt) manner, you will put something into motion that’s been sitting at a stand still.  You will revive a situation, a relationship, or a person with a new sense of passion and energy.  You will cut through insignificant people, opinions, or influences that are no longer serving you.

Caught Between Two Kings ~ the lady is a player

At the time I taped this video, I was recovering from a seasonal bug that was going around. I was still exhausted and didn’t feel good on many levels, but I wanted to do a video so bad that I went ahead with it. 

The result are several strange clips of weird readings strung together. I felt so frustrated, but I continued reading after reading, until the last reading I did, the final three cards, gave us the main point of this whole thing. But what I didn’t realize until I put it all together, is that all of those seemingly “disjointed” readings, when I felt so tired and disconnected, were all actually leading to the climax. 

Tarot never ceases to amaze me.