A Desert Reading ~ Mercury Retrograde

What should I rethink?

Who’s in charge? Do you think it’s you? This might not be the case. Some of you may have handed over the reins, even sub-consciously, to another individual or entity (as in company, or group, who can use this place of power). So let me ask you again… Who’s in charge? If you’re not sure at this point, you’d better get a grip on it.

What should I redo?

If you’ve done something really stupid to endanger a relationship, whether it’s a romantic relationship, friendship, or other partnership, you might want to redo (or undo) what it is that may cause damage. And then, cross your fingers that it’s not too late. Actions might be easier to eradicate, maybe, depending upon what it was; but remember that words once spoken can never be taken back. Once spoken, once heard… too late for some to do any back-tracking.

What should you reconnect with?

Everything. Life. Slow down. Some of you have been burning the stick at both ends; some of you have been on such a forward roll, whether with your career and work, or any number of personal things, that you have neglected other aspects of your life. I think it’s time to stop and smell the roses. If you don’t do it now, the garden may dry up and you might be surprised at what’s left.

What needs to be re-evaluated?

Relationships. Who’s your friend and who’s not? It’s time to take the blinders off and leave the naivete behind. If you’re going to make an honest assessment of who you can trust in your life and who you can’t, you’re going to have to take a good hard look at your connections… Who has your back? Who waffles? Who caters to your ideas with a steady stream of “yes”; and who gives you honest opinions that contain some depth to them, though it might not always be what you want to hear? Is there anyone in your circle that’s causes problems in your life in any way? Decisions may have to be made. Think of it like Facebook, there’s a delete button for a reason, though real-life face to face closet cleaning might be more difficult and emotional.

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UPDATE ~ Free Reading: Pick a Card

Update: Free Reading/Pick a Card ~ two decks were used this time with a Bonus Card for each choice, and there are photos of your cards drawn… enjoy


A Desert Reading ~ A Message from the Other Side

Sunday, May 26, 2019 ~ Deck: Sacred Circle Tarot
Tarot Spread:  Mediumship Spread
1 ~ the person who has passed on
Abandonment/8 of cups
This is someone who left your life and inner circle before they passed, either a spouse or romantic partner, a child, or a parent. Their disassociation with  you during life may not have felt to them that they were leaving anything behind, or abandoning anyone, but to family members around them, and particularly to you, this may have been exactly how you felt about their departure from your life.

2 ~ their life, looking back
The Green Man (coincides with The Fool in a standard deck)
Lots of foolishness, a gay naivete that accompanied youth or puberty, the teen years.  It included poor choices, a long journey (figuratively), as in getting back to a point in the road or a juncture of life that was abandoned for a while.  Spunk, bravado, pride, aloofness, sometimes condescension comes to mind.  Also, “ulterior motives” may accompany their life experiences.  I also feel that this may represent a young male, either indicating that this individual died young, or this is how they choose to represent themselves to me, as in wanting to appear as they were during a happy period in their life.

3 ~ a lesson they’d like to share
Regret/5 of cups
This individual expresses a lot of regret from their vantage point on the other side.  This includes relationships thrown away; opportunities tossed aside; many losses experienced on a variety of levels.  I feel the biggest thing that this spirit wants to share with us is not to miss out on, or lose something, that is or could be precious in our lives.  Don’t take anything for granted.  Don’t treat important things in your life frivolously.  

4 ~ something they wish they’d paid more attention to
Success/6 of wands
This spirit wishes they’d paid more attention to meeting goals, that they would have worked harder to achieve more in their life.  I believe this individual became so wrapped up in other activities or relationships that they were led off a chosen path, lured away from the direction their life was meant to go.  There is also the idea of being bound against one’s will from actively making decisions and implementing action during their life that would have precipitated success.  He’s telling us to be vigilant, don’t be easily swayed by convincing people and shiny promises that will prove destructive and hollow.

5 ~ a message from this spirit to us
The Web/major arcana #11
Spirit is apologizing for getting himself caught up in unfavorable circumstances and decisions that affected your life.  He’s incredibly regretful of any pain or trauma that he may have caused during his life time to loved ones and family.  This spirit realizes that there is no way to take back the experiences of his previous life and make amends to the people he touched, but he wants you to know that he is well aware of the repercussions his life had on you, and he’s sorry, so very sorry.  Also, he may choose to show his presence to you in the appearance of a white dog.  When you see a white dog, a white dog that grabs your attention, know that this spirit is present and making a connection with you.

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A Desert Reading ~ One Card for Today

10/swords ~

I’m not feeling the sense of “burdens” that this card is usually connected with.  There’s more of a feeling about everyone being on the same page for some major transition, project, or job.  It’s going to be important for some of you to have co-workers, a spouse, friends, or family all looking in the same direction, all working towards the same goal.  You will at least need their support and positive energy, as negativity or a lack of support will only make your task more difficult.

For those of you who find yourself at the threshold of something new, a decision to make, or a new transition coming up, make sure that you have your ducks in a row, that you have the necessary information you need to accomplish what you’re setting out to do.  Some of you may also want to look around and see where the stumbling blocks lay and get rid of them; whether they are individuals, or circumstances, or personal weakness.

Moving Forward ~ Tarot Special Offer

Moving Forward Tarot Spread ~ Have you been through something in your life that was traumatic, profound, and possibly life changing? Where do you go from this point? You may benefit from a reading to gain insight and possibly discover a new direction.
Moving Forward Tarot Spread

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The Week Ahead Tarot Spread ~ Interpretations

It’s time for me to take a break from book writing and spend some quality time creating a blog post (much more fun and relaxing than book writing, no pressure).  This week at my Facebook page, The Tarot Parlour, I posted a tarot spread titled “The Week Ahead”, and I drew three cards for this reading.  Below is the spread, the cards, and my interpretation.  I drew these cards randomly, with no one in particular in mind; however, I wouldn’t be surprised if these cards wind up resonating with me, or with some of my readers.  That’s just how the tarot rolls.


The Cards ~


1.  What you need to think about ~

For some of us, it’s actually time to put ourselves first.  A  little narcissism, at the right time and for the right reasons, is actually a good thing.  Whether you are having questions or doubts about a relationship, or a career change, or something else uniquely personal to you.  It’ about time you stop going over in your mind the repercussions your decision will make on every single person remotely connected to this situation and start thinking about the repercussions it’s having on YOU.

2.  What you need to do ~

You need to kick to the curb all of those things that are standing in your way.  There’s something you need to do, and there might be something you need to eliminate from your life in order to accomplish this… addictive behavior; codependent behavior, an individual or individuals who don’t have your best interest at heart, and maybe even if they do; your own fears and doubts and insecurities.  The list could go on.  What is it that you’re thinking about doing?  What’s holding you back?  How driven are you to reach this goal?  What are the repercussions for you if you don’t?  Is there a time frame to all of this?

3.  The challenge ~

The biggest challenge for you is taking that first step.  The unknown is scary; doing something big on your own is scary; taking a new path, beginning a new journey, turning a new page… they’re all scary.  It takes a great deal of courage, and a nice chunk of self-confidence to turn your back on the familiar and start off down the universal road to the Future looking the Unknown directly in the eye the whole time.  Conquering your own fears and doubts is part of the challenge.  Identify them, get acquainted with them, embrace them, laugh at them, and discard them.  Your journey awaits.


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Our Tarot Spread for Today

Good morning, from The Tarot Parlour!

Here’s our cards for today ~

1. Who I think I am/The Fool
2. Who I really am/Queen of Pentacles
3. Who others think I am/The Sun

Feel free to leave your interpretations in the comments below.


Past, Present, Future Audio Reading for “Liddy”

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Taurus ~ In-Depth Tarot Reading ~ January 2018 (video)

I’ve done a series of videos, 12 of them, one for each zodiac sign, using the Celtic Cross Spread and a variety of tarot decks over the past year. I have to say that this is one of the strangest. Instead of editing out odd moments in this video, to make the reading run smoother, I left them in, and I talk to you about them. I let you know what feels odd about the reading, how the energy feels, what I’m thinking. I don’t know how else to explain the strangeness of this reading, other than to just let you watch it and find out for yourselves. This felt like such a bizarre reading, I almost didn’t post it.

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Cancer ~ An In-Depth Zodiac Tarot Reading (video)


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Q&A ~ Ack! Tarot Reversals, You Didn’t Reading it the RIGHT WAY!

This is going to be a quick blog post.  The following is a comment/question left on one of my videos at my Youtube Channel.  Here’s a link ~

Organizing Your Life to Reach Goals ~ 5-30-2017

This question is from Scorpio Rising:

Do you read all cards in the spread as upright (even when turned over as reversed) in your readings? The first card was King of Pentacles reversed, but you read it as upright. I am of the understanding that a reversed card would or should render the meaning differently.

My response:

Hello, Scorpio Rising!… Sometimes reversed cards are significant, and sometimes they’re not.  You have to learn to pick up and listen to your intuition, it will let you know.  I read using the intuitive method, and I would hope that all readers eventually get to this point.  It takes you outside the box of set rigid traditional card meanings and interpretations.  If a reader can’t get past this mental box, their readings will be mechanical and repetitive, they won’t be able to really see the story, to hear what the cards (and Spirit) are trying to tell them.  I didn’t necessarily read the King of Pentacles as upright, because his more negative side was coming through, and this is how it works for me.  When this card comes up in another reading, for another client, it may present an entirely different picture, which may or may not have anything to do with the traditional meanings for this card, whether upright or reversed .  For me, tarot cards are just a trigger to poke my psychic senses and turn me in the right direction, the rest is coming from me (my mind, my brain, my intuition, wherever it is that second sight comes from).  Everyone’s psychic abilities are unique, and it works differently for every individual.

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Capricorns! ~ Here’s Your In-Depth Zodiac Reading (video)

Dig those old dreams and aspirations out of the closet, Capricorn!  It’s time to manifest those goals you put on the back-burner.

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Featured Tarot Reading for March ~ The Pentagram Spread

 Tarot Spread Featured for March
#1 The Pentagram Spread
1. this is where you came from
2. this is where you are going
3. this is what is difficult for you
4. this is what makes sense
5. this is your ultimate goal
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Tarot Readers ~ Public Readings: Ground Rules, & Protection

From ~ The Witch’s Desk…

I use to have a major tarot reading gig the end of each year at Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  This lasted for seven years.  It was a crazy 6 hour marathon of non-stop readings.  People would wait in line for ridiculous amounts of time to receive a reading, and I always thought there had to be a better way of handling the crowd.  As the New Year’s evening wore on and the spirits flowed (and I’m talking about the bottled ones), the crowd became louder, more impatient, and overwhelming.  It was even worse when midnight rolled around and I was finished.  Yes, it ends– I was done at 12:00am.  I had been reading from 6pm to 12am, and there were often still people standing in line, people who had been standing in line for very long periods of time when they could have been doing something much more fun.  Understandably, these people were angry when I shut down my booth.  Considering where we were and the occasion, they could get belligerent and rude, but not always, so I still have some faith left in human nature.

The readings themselves, which were suppose to be mini-readings, so I could read for as many people as possible, often became very touchy moments when an individual thought they could settle down for a long chat, turning a mini-reading into a long tarot/therapy session.  They were often miffed when I cut it off, handing them a business card and telling them they could purchase a reading from me any time of the year, it wasn’t just a holiday thing.  Ameristar paid me hourly, so the readings it’s clientele received were “free”.  (Oh, horrors, that these individuals must actually pay me personally for my time.)

Almost always, without fail, I was sick the next day.  I don’t think it was illness of the flu-season/germ variety; I think it was caused by a dramatic depletion of my own energy, and perhaps even a hanging on of the negative energy that came from so many people, so many problems and issues, just so much energy period that wasn’t my energy.  Finally, as the 8th year rolled around, Ameristar abruptly informed me that my services would no longer be required.  I’m not sure what happened, if the business changed hands and new management wasn’t attuned to tarot reading and that sort of thing, I don’t know.  But this was the end of a long run, and my kids were thrilled when I spent a New Years evening at home with them for the first time in seven years.

I learned a lot from my years doing these readings

1.  Don’t become personally, emotionally,  and energy-wise drawn into a client’s dilemma.

It’s okay to care and to sympathize, but don’t fall into the trap of being sucked into their emotional crisis to the point where it’s going to affect you (physically, emotionally, mentally), as though it were your own crisis.  You have enough going on in your own life to deal with.  This sounds so cold, but it’s necessary, especially if you’re going to be dealing with a multitude of people and lots and lots of very negative energy and depressing circumstances and situations.

You’re there to read the cards.  You’re there to pick up messages from the universe that most people don’t know how to connect with; and you’re there to verbalize all this wonderful magickal information coming through, whether it’s a voice from the past, a glimpse of the future, or affirmation that they are at least headed in the right direction.

2.  When reading at a public venue, provide a sign up sheet, so that people don’t have to stand in line, waiting for their turn.

This is only going to work at a venue of reasonably small size, so that you can call out the next name on your list and the individual can hear you.  It wouldn’t have worked at Ameristar; the casino was too large, too chaotic, too noisy, and people would have most likely been wandering off where they wouldn’t have been able to hear me anyway.  But at shops and bookstores, this is perfect.  Your client can wander the store, browsing and shopping, while they wait their turn.  This works.  Everyone is happy.

3.  Post a sign, big and bold, with the time that you STOP giving readings.

This is going to be especially important at a venue with no sign up sheet.  I did a holiday party reading for Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Omaha one year, with long, long lines of people who became increasingly fidgety and upset as the evening wore on. Between the time allotted me for the evening, and the number of people waiting in line, I knew that I would not be able to read for everyone who wanted a reading.  I actually stayed over a half hour to 45 minutes past the time I was paid for in order to read for a few more individuals.  When the time came to stop reading, I was confronted by several angry people storming my table, demanding my business card, declaring they were going to “report” me to the individual who set up the party…I have to smile as I type this.  How do these people think I would ever be able to read for them after blasting me with so many negative emotions and nasty rude behavior.

First, hotel security should have been present during the event; and secondly, someone from the company should have been nearby to over-see things, or at least to handle their own unruly employees.

4.  If you’re reading at a hotel or other large venue, request security be present, or at least close-by, just in case you need them.

(See #3)

5.  Wear comfortable clothing, and make sure that you have something to drink with you.

You’re going to do a lot of talking.  You might do a week’s worth of talking in just a few hours.  Your mouth is going to get dry.  There have been times, during the course of these marathon reading sessions, where I have lost my voice.

6.  It’s nice to have someone come along with you to the larger events, a “go-for” person, or someone to fill your seat when you take a bathroom break.

7.  If you’re reading for several hours at a venue, do not hesitate to take a bathroom break when needed, or even pause to eat a cookie, or stretch your legs.

This is not slave labor.  No one in any other line of work would work through hours without a break or food.  The first year I read at Ameristar, for some crazy idea, I thought I should go through the whole six hours without a break!  It was a big mistake, and I paid for it dearly the next day.  And surprisingly, most people seem to be very understanding when you say, “I need five minutes.”

8.  Protect yourself, your space, and your energy magically and holistically!

On the evenings that I was doing public readings, I wore lots of moon stone and lapis and citrine.  The next day I wore lots of smokey quartz and hematite.  You want to ground and center yourself after marathon tarot reading.   Be sure to eat something.  You want to bathe with intention to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit– I like to add a pinch of sea salt laced with lavender essential oil, as well as a pinch of rosemary to my bathwater.  Smudge the tarot decks you used, the bag that you carried all your stuff in, the inside of the vehicle that you drove to and from the event.  Check your chakras, check your aura.   You get the idea.  Anything that is cleansing and grounding for YOU, do it.

I hope I haven’t scared anyone away who has thought about doing public readings.  If you follow some of this advice, you should do just fine.  It’s a learning experience.  It’s also extremely rewarding, and you just might be amazed and delighted at some of the interesting, intelligent, special people that you meet through these events.  I had people coming back to Ameristar year after year, and one of the saddest things about ending that era was not being able to reconnect with these individuals each New Year’s Eve.

Happy Tarot Reading, good luck!

Love & Blessings,

The Tarot Parlour

Cancer ~ Zodiac Tarot Reading for August (video!)

Cancer ~ August Reading 2016
The Deck:  The Herbal Tarot by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin
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