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The Traditional Horoscope Spread ~ A January Reading


The following is an email reading (handwritten reading) done for a client this January.  I’m publishing it here (anonymously, of course), so you can see what a Traditional Horoscope Spread is like, and you can also see why it might take 7-14 days to receive this reading.  Most of the time, these readings run 2,000-3,000 words; but this reading unexpectedly ballooned up to 5,000+ words.  The cards had a lot to say, as I told my client.

The tarot deck used for this reading was Sacred Circle Tarot.

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And now, on with our reading ~



1. The Self ~ The World Tree ®; Page of Wands (Potential); 2/cups (Harmony)

Your world appears to be upside down in some (or many) manners.  As in, what’s black is white, what’s white is black; what’s good is bad, what’s bad is good.  I’m not sure, at this point in the reading, why there is such a topsy-turvey nature to your world.  Also is the idea of “opposing energies”, as in the bright white energy of the sun versus the dark and mysterious energy of the moon, which also brings to mind male/female, yin-yang.  Opposition, and that “upside down” feeling again.  Since this card was drawn for The Self, I suspect that this is how you feel most of the time, and this either is your world, or how you feel your world is.

The young male figure (Page of Wands) seems determined, and I have the feeling that there is an influential figure in his life that he “bows to”, in a figurative sense.  The phrase “on bended knee” comes to mind, and this implies to me an act of submission; or an act of respect; or the idea of someone who is trying to stave off something that is either threatening or disturbing to them; and also the idea of a religious or spiritual ritual.  The personality on this card feels dark, maybe angry, maybe unhappy, or troubled in some way.  The idea of the dragonfly also comes to mind, and with this the idea of time being very fleeting; of directed and pointed energy; of intense concentration on a task or goal.  Since you have directly inquired about your son, this card could be one indication of this man, but it’s probably not the only indication that will rise in this reading.

The two of cups is a very promising card, as it’s title implies (Harmony); and with it comes the promise of harmonious relationships, if not in the present, sometime in the future.  There is also the idea of a lot of energy going back and forth, back and forth, though this isn’t necessarily all positive energy, but it’s still a movement of energy that doesn’t seem to have ceased.  This may imply someone you are, or were, close to, as your mother.  There is also the idea that something needs to be set free, turned loose, let go.  There is also the idea that the silver-lining you seek, or the end of the rainbow that is desired, is still a long way off, but it’s there.

2. Money & Possessions ~ 6/discs (Bounty); The Star; 3/wands (Foundation)

This is actually a very promising set of cards for the topic of this position.  There is the idea of having come out from underneath something, or the idea of having “dug yourself out”, and I’m assuming that in this case it implies digging yourself out of some sort of financial crisis.  The color purple stands out for me with this card, and with that the idea of “spirituality” and “spiritism”; I’m not sure whether this also is connected in some way to your finances and possibly has something to do with how you’d make your living, or it’s reflecting a large segment of your life and what it’s all about.  There is also the idea of a time for flowering, for blossoming, for fertility at it’s most positive.  Again, there is the strong idea of someone “coming out of a dark place”.

From The Star comes the idea of “flames of hope”, the idea of having to clear the way of old debris to make way for new things.  There is the idea of following the star (much as the wise-men), in order to find something amazing and wonderful when you reach a particular point.  And I believe that this is referring to a period of time in here somewhere, that you will not enjoy the privilege of immediate gratification.  There is also the idea of fortification; the idea of an oasis or sacred space surrounded by something built up for protection, whether it’s to keep something out, or to keep something in; the idea of stones and bricks and mortar; the idea of spiked timbers, all of these things creating a wall of protection, or a wall of isolation.  This may be referring to a couple things: 1) past life associations; 2) the idea that you have built a wall around yourself, whether an actual physical wall, or a mental/emotional wall.

The three of wands connects beautifully here with the idea of a contract, a business negotiation, a partnership of some kind.  Time-wise, there is also a lot of “waiting” that comes with the three of wands, not necessarily long periods of waiting, but waiting, never-the-less.  Again, the idea of a rainbow in the distance.  I have the impression that a great deal of patience is going to be required on your part to achieve your goals, to reach your dream.  Finally, some idea of timing is coming through with this card. (Timing in tarot comes to me either through moon phases, or seasons, and often with the idea of foliage and greenery.)  It’s telling me that when the strawberries are blooming, this will be a very pivotal time for you in general, and a pivotal time for you where money, finances, and legal matters are involved.

3. Communications ~ 4/swords ® (Rest); King/swords (Air); 4/wands (Development)

The four of swords tells me of a much needed period of rest and recuperation.  Also, the phrase “pushing up daisies” comes to mind; the idea of a stillness before a storm, or the calmness just after one.  This card usually shows up in a reading when a definite time-out of some kind is needed; it’s saying “chill and be still”.  I also have the idea that whatever is in the works, whatever is going on in a helter-skelter fashion is going to come to an abrupt halt.  There is the idea of a great need for peace, order, and priority.  As far as connecting this card to the idea of “Communications”, there has to be quiet on all sides in order for anyone’s voice to be heard.

This King is rife with the arrogant, overbearing, super-intelligent, “air” of male energy.  He considers himself an authority on most subjects and expects everyone else to as well.  His positive points, and he does have them, is his intelligence, his dogged determination to see a goal through to the end, his ability to harness great power within himself.  This should be the perfect “King” for communication, but this is often not the case, simply because he will not listen to anyone elses opinion, or if he does, he doesn’t take it seriously.  It is almost impossible to argue with this King, because he has an uncanny knack and ability to turn another person’s words around to fit his conception of truth and reality.

The idea of “the cornerstone” comes to mind, a foundation, either one that is needed, or one that might already be in place.  All good communication will come from a strong foundation, a good base; if this is lacking, so will communication be lacking.  There is the idea of a spinning wheel, of many different directions you might take, and the awesome questioning wonder of “Which direction will be the right direction?”  But there comes with the last card of this group also the feeling of confusion, of not knowing which way to go, of puzzlement and indecision.

Communication is key to so many areas and levels of our lives, if communication doesn’t run smoothly, the whole machine (our life) will not run smoothly.

4. Beginnings & Home Life ~ 6/swords (Solace); 3/swords ® (Discord); 9/discs ® (Gain)

In traditional decks the six of swords is the divorce card, and the three of swords is the card of heartache and sorrow, of unhappy love and affairs.  I hate saying all this, but that’s the truth, and with that said, I’ll look at these cards, relabeled as they are in this deck, and see what else I can pull from them:

With the card of Solace comes the idea that you find comfort in something close to you, within your home or familial setting.  There is a certain sense of peace to this card, actually, and a sense of gentle movement, which implies to me that your life is not stagnant, that there is forward progression.  Also, the idea of communication, like a gentle whispering in your ear; the idea of something sort of left hanging up in the air, as a sense of indecision or inaction.

The three of swords being reversed gives me the impression that either much of the unhappiness associated with this card is in your past, or it’s something relatively fresh, but you’re coping with it and working at moving beyond this point.  There is the idea of painful “issues of the heart” (whether emotional issues of love and romance, or actual literal issues with the heart); there is the idea of pointed and deliberate attacks (verbal); there is the idea of third party, someone who’s influence has a negative effect; there is the idea of “topsy-turvey” (this is the phrase that came into my mind).

The third card of this set winds things up on a materialistic level.  Since it’s reversed it has a somewhat less jumpin’ over the moon, slap-happy feel about it.  It implies to me that once money and finances were abundant and stable, and now they might not be so much.  There is the idea of storm clouds in the distance, or the idea of having just come through a storm; there is the idea of “rebuilding”; there is the idea of finding solid ground again, the idea of seeking and working towards stability.

5. Pleasure, Creativity, & Sex ~ 8/discs (Skill); 7/discs ® (Prudence); 2/swords (Opposition)

My first impression is that what you do for a living is a total polar opposite from what you do for fun.

The eight of discs tells me that you get a lot of pleasure out of what you do to make a living, and/or there is a lot of skill and creativity involved with it.  Also comes the idea that something might be missing from your job, along with it the feeling of anticipation and a sense of impatience perhaps. I’m  getting the impression that you’re either waiting for a raise or a promotion, or both naturally, assuming one goes with the other.  The seven of discs with these three cards, in it’s reversed state, implies that this won’t be coming, it won’t be coming as soon as you’d like, or the increase in income will be lower than anticipated.  My last impression from this card is something brewing on the horizon; whether this is a new adventure in the land of employment, or this is a disruption or over-haul at your present place of employment, I’m not sure.  But the clouds are gathering, so be ready.

The seven of discs very strongly tells me you need to tend your money garden with tender loving care now to insure a solid foundation in the future.  Spring time is also relevant in some way for you, early fresh spring-time, when the early flowers are blossoming.  I’m also getting the idea from this card of some sort of opposition, or a group of people who have chosen sides, a sort of “one against many” feeling, as though a group of individuals might be ganging up on someone, possibly because of personal differences, opinions, or loyalties; but I’m also getting the impression of a group of people working to change someone’s mind.

This feeling is enhanced with the two of swords and the idea of opposition.  This is a card of butting heads, and this can viewed two ways; not only a butting of heads with another individual, but a conflict within yourself, which is especially strong when there are decisions to be made.  I’m getting the impression that there is a lot left “up in the air” with someone; that communication is tangled, misunderstood, or non-existent.  I’m getting the feeling that ties are broken, or at least for now the pathway that you had to each other has been erased or cut.  I always have the impression of a safe place; or a mutual location connected to both of you that would be good meeting ground; or even of this location being the central core of a disagreement, the topic of the disagreement.  There is also the feeling of stubborn energy, an unwillingness to compromise.

6. Health & Work ~ Death; 5/wands (Grounding); 5/discs (Restrictions)

All three cards together give me this very quick definite peek into the areas of health and work:  huge transition or change; a reconnect with the physical aspects of life, with perhaps a bit of confusion tossed in; and a tightening of finances, a tightening of the belt required.

There is the feeling of a lot of patience with this card, as though this life transition, whatever it may be, has been in the wings for some time, something that is actually beneficial, even if disruptive at first.  There is a lot of Full Moon energy connected to your work and your health; the time of the Full Moon being a focal point, and its energy being linked to you in these areas of life in a very powerful way.  There is the idea of the “Time of the Crone”, if this is not signifying you, there must be someone close to you who fits with this.  There is the idea of hesitation, a reluctance, or a natural “taking of one’s time” to complete what must be done.  There is the idea of something powerful coming on the horizon, and positively the idea of something in your life being time sensitive.

Fortitude and staunchness come with the next card.  It has a totally different energy than the five of wands in more traditional decks.  There’s more of a peace about it, a definite knowing, having a definite ground plan, being organized and ready for whatever it is you’re facing.  There is the idea of having come a long way, the idea of having withstood rough ground and what some people would consider monumental mountains that have been crossed.  You’ve worked hard to reach the point you are at now.

With the five of discs comes the idea that your money is tied up in something, whether a business, or investments, in some sort of legal action, or with another individual.  There is also the idea of either something in the works, or something left up in the air (money-wise).  There is the idea of green lush pastures in the picture, bringing to mind for me bounty, plenty, and the idea of growth and development, as well as success.

7. Partnership & Marriage ~ King/cups (Water); The Green Man; The Lovers

Wow, you couldn’t have had more “relationship” oriented cards come up if you tried.  At first glance, the King is the lover in your life (more about him in a minute); The Green Man seems to imply that there’s something new about your relationship, or your relationship is new, you’re both fairly young, or your partner is younger than you. That seems to imply a lot, I know, but there is the feeling of “freshness” about it; and of course, The Lovers are what they are.

This King is one of the most romantic of the lot.  He also tends to be hedonistic, and he often has difficulty expressing himself (think of the stereotypical image of the old-movie leading man, the tall quiet type, Gary Cooper always comes to mind for me.).  Because he keeps his feelings to himself, those close to him may not even realize how deeply he feels things, everything, because he will never tell you when he’s been hurt.  You’ll have to pick that up through other cues, sometimes subtle, and sometimes not so subtle.  This is the King that has the most difficulty controlling his appetites (there’s that hedonistic energy); if he loves food, he will eat to excess; if he loves the spirits, he’ll drink to excess; and if he loves just about anything else, he’ll jump in with both feet and enjoy it to the max.  In spite of his faults, he has a sense of loyalty about him, and he will stand staunchly by his family or his partner, defending them the best he can against whatever comes along (as long as he doesn’t have to make a speech).

The Green Man, what can I say, he implies to me Beltane and earthy sexuality, healthy appetites; something that is fresh and new, or the idea that you have the ability to keep your love life fresh and new.  There is the idea of future growth, in that what you have is not all there will be, there’s more to come.  There is the idea of fertility, fertility within yourself, fertility within your partnership, fertility within the world, lush growth.  There is the idea of something in the early stages, and beginnings are always inspiring and laced with hope for the future.  There is the idea of a man in your life who is at his peak right now, someone rich with the taste of life.

The Lovers culminates this section of the reading with the implication of a partnership, a passionate love, a celebration of a sacred union, a joining of soul mates.  There is also the idea that this energy may have reached across eons of time during the course of many life times.  You keep finding each other…Out of undying devotion and love?  Or because there is something that is left unfinished?

8. Death & Regeneration ~ Queen of discs ® (Expression); The High Priest ®; 4/cups ® (Discontent)

As you can see, all the cards for this section have come up reversed, which changes things up a bit, adding a new twist to the scenario.  First impression with all three cards:  As happy and yippity-skippity as the previous relationship cards were, I’m sensing here that there is a man in your life with which communication has stopped, you’re not talking, or you can’t get through. (Of course, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a partner, it could be a father, or father-figure).  It may also imply not only a rift, but a separation of some kind more profound (perhaps physical, or attributed to mental conditions) that prevent communication.  Also, the four of cups implies something that you don’t want to face, or you have come through something that has been very difficult and painful for you.

I know, this sounds and has the feel of something ominous, doesn’t it.  (Have you lost a parent? Or have you been widowed during your life? Or you have a family member with a degenerative disease?…these are rhetorical questions, you need not reply; these are just thoughts that have crossed through my mind and found their way to the computer keyboard.

This Queen, so aptly titled “Expression” seems oddly quiet.  She isn’t talking about something; she’s keeping her deepest darkest thoughts to herself, private ruminations.  The landscape for The Queen of discs, usually very fertile and lush in most decks, is rather barren and bleak in this deck, implying to me that this woman needs to touch base somewhere with someone with whom she can pour out her deepest feelings knowing that there will be no judgments, or lectures.  (Perhaps this Queen has a secret?)

The High Priest implies several things for me, first is just a lack of personal power.  The idea that you don’t feel you have control of a situation (and honestly, considering the topic of this section, none of us really have control in this area of life).  Some of us will go through several deaths in a single lifetime, until we survive the process of metamorphosis (like the butterfly in the chrysalis), and we are reborn into a new version of ourselves.  This card can also imply to me a male figure, someone who has lost their personal power for some reason, or someone who has lost their control and influence over you.  There comes with this card also the idea of “standing your ground”; the idea of a staunchness and determination that keeps you firmly rooted and on the right path.  There is the idea of having come through storm clouds, or at least of surviving unexpected surprises that life has slung your way.

The four of cups reversed…whatever it is that you didn’t (or don’t) want to deal with; there is light at the end of the tunnel, and as the old saying goes, “This, too, shall pass.”

9.  Mental Exploration & Journeys ~ The Chariot ®; The Warrior ®; Knight/discs (Husbandry)

Again, all three of these cards are reversed.  First impression:  Lots of movement and travels, either physically (as in actual journeys around the world), or inwardly (as in lots of self-exploration); and actually, I’m feeling a bit of both energies here.  I also have the impression that you have a partner with whom you may have enjoyed many adventures, that this wasn’t necessarily a solo experience.

The Chariot implies to me someone who has a handle on life, someone at the helm of their ship, someone plotting their own course, someone choosing their own path, someone who’s not afraid to step up and take charge.  The reversal of this card implies that this might have been what you’ve always tried to do, or what you’ve always wanted to do, and you may or may not have always been successful at it.  But by golly, you’re not afraid to jump in that chariot and grab those horses by the reins!  That says a lot, and it may have resulted in a few wild rides.

The warrior implies to me someone who is not afraid to try new things; someone who loves the adventure of exploration, someone who thrives on new experiences.  Again, this card is also reversed, which only makes it seem more interesting to me, and hints at interesting or unusual experiences or confrontations you may have had because of this character trait.  I’m also getting the idea of a very strong personality, maybe even a tad wee-bit of stubbornness thrown in for good measure.

This Knight can be a messenger, but he just doesn’t feel that way here.  To tell you the truth, he feels more like a comrade, a partner in your wild rides and exciting journeys.  He is someone who explores the world with you and is almost as strong and devil-may-care about it.  But I also get the impression that outsiders viewing the two of you together would declare this Knight as the “level-headed” one, maybe slightly less willing to take risks.  The Knight of discs is one of the most stable and dependable souls of the court cards, he can also be the party-pooper (though in his reversed condition, he tends to follow along and join in, even when his better judgment says, “Huh?”)  That’s okay though, you temper each other well, and you enjoy your adventures (both physical journeys, as well as spiritual and mental journeys).  It’s a good match, and makes for good experiences.

10. Career Achievements ~ King/discs (Earth); The Wheel; Sacrifice

At first glance, this King adds stability to your projects (as an energy); as an individual he may be someone who is pivotal to your work world in some way.  There is also the essence of something having come full circle, which can imply the ultimate achievement and signal a moving on to other projects or dreams; and the last card (reminiscent of The Hanged man in more traditional decks) implies a sacrifice on your part to reach your dreams, to achieve your goal.

If this King is an actual individual in your work space, you will find him very stable and down-to-earth (no pun intended), but you will also find him extremely controlling, difficult to persuade to new ideas, rather calculating at times, and very paranoid about “who’s with him, and who’s against him”.  If you are someone who is imbued with the privilege of being within his inner circle, you had to get there by not disagreeing with him (at least not to his face).  This King just also happens to have a tremendously sharp head on his shoulders when it comes to matters of money, finance, and business, so there will be times when what he says is actually the best course to follow.  I know, it can be confusing; but this individual is very complicated, and the situations you find yourself in with him may also be complicated as well.  Follow your instincts.

You will be finishing up something in some way, when it comes to your work or employment.  This can be one of those pivotal moments that tends to be clique, “one door is closing so that another may open”, but it’s true.  There will also be a sense of fiery passion connected to whatever it is that you’re finishing up, implying lots of emotion involved with the process.  Also, I’m getting the idea of feeling haunted by something, whether this is still connected to employment and how things are winding up, or whether the cards are revealing a spirit who stays close to you (possibly someone who has passed, if not a spiritual guide, and sometimes this entity turns out to be one in the same). There is also the idea of going to sea, looking outward to new horizons, sunsets, twilight, and the magical thresholds implied.

Ah, sacrifice.  What is it that you’re sacrificing?  That’s the question.  Another energy coming with this card implies that you’ve spent a great deal of your time (and your life) already sacrificing to get where you are today, doing things for others, never putting yourself first.  This card often comes up in such circumstances when it’s time for someone to shake the sacrificial dust from their feet and start living for themselves.

11. Friends, Wishes, & Ambitions ~ Queen/swords ® (Imagination); Knight/swords ® (Change); Rebirth

This is the most solitary of the Queens, the loner, the epitome of the single woman who not only survives but thrives.  Traditionally, she’s the Divorced Woman, but this card can also imply a woman who is a work-aholic, intent on her ambitions, putting her aspirations and goals much higher on the list than some of the other Queens might.  As a friend, she is beautifully eloquent, if not sometimes quiet during introspective chats; she is loyal; she is incredibly intelligent and has the mental agility to view a situation with supreme objectivity, allowing her to give wise advice (she’d make a good attorney).  This  Queen often gives the impression of being cold and aloof, but this is just an exterior armor she uses for self-protection.  The Queen of swords is actually much more sensitive than most people realize, and she is able to be hurt very deeply. (Though she might view her sensitivity as a weakness.)

Another idea, that is coming through this card is the idea of Eostre (or Easter, if you’re Christian) and early springtime as being pivotal for you in some way.  The energy of this Queen will be especially strong then, her influence keenly felt.  “Take up my sword.”, she seems to say.

This knight is often a messenger, implying unexpected and often problematic topics that come with his messages.  But as an individual, and it’s this that I’m focusing on here, this card implies a younger male who can have a very sharp tongue and a very large ego, which is almost always an unfortunate combination.  He thinks very highly of himself, and he often views the rest of us as slightly inferior to him in some way.  As with all the court cards for the swords, there is often profound intelligence and a gift for words, analytical thinking, (sometimes scheming), ingenuity, and slyness.  (He would also make a good attorney, or a secret agent.)  All of these marvelous mental attributes does not automatically mean that this Knight uses good judgment.

I love the energy coming from the third card…Rebirth.  Your wishes and hopes are on their way, though in its reversed state, you haven’t quite reached them yet, there may be a few more obstacles to step around, or some more “stuff” to get cleared out of the proverbial closet, but hope and promise are on the horizon.  In the coming year, I see you rediscovering yourself, re-inventing yourself, opening new doorways and channels, exploring new paths.  Some of what you see, you will like and want to keep; other things you might choose to leave by the wayside in order to continue your search, your exploration.  Much of this will be an inward process, but this inward process will eventually become larger than can be contained, and it will spill over into the world of manifestation, into your daily viewable life.  It will be a good thing.

12. Secrets, Sorrows, & Self-Destructive Tendencies ~ 6/wands ® (Success); 10/wands (Force); Knight/wands (Adventurer)

At first glance, the idea I’m getting is that sometimes you have a tendency to sabotage your own success, or you don’t have enough faith in your own ability.  There’s also the idea of success at a price, whatever this price might be.  I’m also getting the impression that you have tied up a lot of yourself in the pursuit of success, you might have put all your eggs in one basket, or you are just extremely focused when you’re working on a project, kind of like a tunnel-vision feeling (this would go along with the work-aholic.)  Also, you are extremely industrious, a hard worker, and you’ve shouldered the brunt of responsibility, possibly for a long time, either in a work environment, or a home environment, or both.  With this comes the idea of being tired, a need for a break.  Don’t work yourself into the ground; everyone needs a period of respite, a time to replenish and refresh themselves…body, mind, and spirit.

This Knight, and all the male court cards for this reading, actually, are very strong, sometimes overpowering male figures.  As I said, Knights are messengers as well, and this Knight is haling you down with a message concerning finances, business, money.  This is an individual who’s either trying to get your attention, or he’s someone from your past, an old acquaintance or partner.  The energy from this card is someone who’s got something to tell you and they’re trying to get your attention (I know, I already said this, but it’s coming through so strong, as though he’s saying, “Tell her again.”).  With the section of this reading and the topics involved, there is an element of sadness to this Knight…as though he’s waving from a location or point far away, or long ago.

I usually like to end a reading on a positive note, which is why I’ve often wondered why this traditional spread ends on such an odd topic.  With that said, I think your life, as revealed to me through the cards, is really quite remarkable, and there are definitely good things still to come for you.  Look to the horizon, keep a light heart, excel, succeed, and embrace what Spirit sends your way.


Zodiac Tarot Readings ~ October 2015

My series of astrological tarot readings continues with October and October’s energy for the twelve Sun Signs of the Zodiac.  Also, if you know your Moon Sign, or your Rising Sign, there may be more than one of these videos that will resonate with you, and sometimes this connection is actually just as, if not more, intense and accurate.  At Youtube, in the description box below each video, you’ll find links to FREE and easy calculators that will help you find your Moon and Rising signs.

As some of you know, I’m now a member of the mundane work force with a “real” job (insert smiley face here), which leaves me less time for writing, blogging, and vlogging (insert sad face here), but I’m going to do the best I can to keep up with everything.  If you notice on some of the videos in this series, they were filmed at night (the window behind me is pitch black).  They were actually filmed between 4am-8am, before I left the house to go to work!  See, I’m squeezing things in wherever I can to keep the magick alive! Though I’m not sure I’m going to continue with middle-of-the-night readings 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the videos, and as always, if you want a personal reading with me go to my Tarot Website.


Today’s Reading: Pick a Card

I’m delighted to have added a new feature to my Tarot Website– “Today’s Reading: Pick a Card”…this page will be updated 3 or 4 times a week with different tarot decks and cards that are chosen randomly. Some days I might have quite a bit of time to write and be able to add in-depth insights, other days it could be short and sweet and to the point.  Be sure to stop by (click on the link above) and choose your Tarot Card for the day!


Tarot: Card of the Day…HighPriestess

The deck:  Celtic Druid Tarot

Druid Craft Tarot-The High Priestess

The Priestess is telling me to get my shit together; get off my duff and use the power I have, embrace the magick, stop whining and complaining and make the necessary changes.  Get things rolling, shake things up, she says.  Feel the power, embrace the magick.  You are who you are; you do what you do.  It will be done.  So Mote It Be.


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*Note: These card a day readings are not necessarily posted to give you an in-depth look at a particular card.  This isn’t meant to be a study or a lesson; you can follow the link provided for that.  This card a day theme is often aimed at just me– how does this card strike me, right now, at this minute.  What is it telling me?  How is it helping me?  The ‘card a day posting’ is often my life amplified, and I’ve realized that we’re all pretty much the same, though the circumstances are different, and how this card affects me can impact you.

Journey Through Time

I just finished the most incredible reading for an intriguing client.  Some people you read for have a ‘wall’ erected– either they want a reading but they’re actually skeptical about the whole thing, or they have something in their past that they might not want you to see, for whatever reason, they keep a protective emotional barrier around themselves that prevents you from getting all the way through to the real them.  It can actually be tiring trying to read for these individuals.  That was not the case for this lady and her reading.  She has the most amazing energy– it’s open and fluid, it’s honest and clear, and it’s very easy to pick up on it and follow it…through the cards, through the seasons, through time.

Tarot Reading
Deck:  Haindl Tarot
The Horoscope Spread (nontraditional)

The Emperor ®…Princess/stones…The Chariot

There seems to be issues with male energy this month.  A male figure-head (father, husband, boss) seems to be having difficulties of some kind, disruptive issues that they are dealing with. This may be what leads up to a journey, either unexpected or rushed (or both).  Connected with this is the idea that the lines of communication are not clear and someone is being misunderstood, or there is a sharp exchange of words.

Also…a hidden figure, someone lurking in the background, a third party, possibly a female; Aries, and the strong in-your-face energy associated with it; kingship, superiority, perhaps pertaining to someone’s mentality or someone’s perspective; vulnerability.  The idea of ‘safety-in-numbers’; the idea of ‘the-odd-man-out’, the black sheep, or someone who tends to stand out from the crowd in some distinctive way.  I’m also getting the idea of something ‘behind’ you, which may be figuratively speaking (do you often have the feeling of being rushed, or pushed to do things, as though someone were prodding you on from behind…that’s what I see).  The waning moon will be an important time for you, you must want to ‘bring something to you’, which is what this moon’s energy is used for (but perhaps you already know that).  “This girl is on Fiiirre…” The words to this song, as well as an image popped into my head– and here’s where psychic readings are so weird– this could mean to literally watch out for actual physical fire of some sorts somewhere sometime, or it could mean some kick-ass wild energy that you are able to whip up.

If you were looking for some connection to the Mother Goddess, it has come up with this card.  In the Haindl deck, the Princess of Stones is depicted as the Lakota “White Buffalo Woman” …“The woman’s name was PtesanWi which translated White Buffalo Calf Woman. She taught the Lakotas seven sacred rituals and gave them the chanunpa or sacred pipe which is the holiest of all worship symbols. After teaching the people and giving them her gifts, PtesanWi left them promising to return. Later, the story became attributed to the goddess Wohpe, also known as Whope, or Wope…”

blog 9-7-2013

King/swords ®…The Hermit ®…The Wheel of Fortune

The month of October seems to be starting out with some male energy also, but not as pronounced and over-bearingly strong as last month.  This King may be an actual person in your life– very intelligent he is, rather wordy though, loves to hear himself talk, and tends to be very opinionated.  Since he’s standing on his head, he’s either not being very effective in trying to convince you of something, or in trying to influence your life in some way, though he tries.  The Hermit is also on his head, which means it’s time to reach out and leave the quiet meditative solitary moments for a later date.  It will be to your advantage this month to reach out, to touch base, to contact people you may have been out of contact with for some time, or to make new friends and new contacts.  The Wheel, this ominously portentous card, is actually telling you that your luck will change– is this a good thing?  Most of the time, yes.

Also…You are feeding into something, and I’m not quite sure if this is a good thing, or if this is a bad thing, but I’m betting you’ll know what it is and be able to figure it out when you ask yourself this question– good?  Or bad?; whatever you’re feeding into, it’s growing– this could mean such a variety of things, and this is where I wish that psychic readings would work like they do in Hollywood movies and I’d see that little vignette in my head, but it doesn’t, and I don’t….are you enabling someone?  Are you patting their ego, which might already be too big?  Are you promising something that you might not be able to follow through with?– these are all just questions for thought.

The totem animal, the owl, comes to mind (wisdom, the goddess Athena, predation); also, the idea of lots of watchful eyes– and this I’m picking up from The Hermit, so it sort of gives me the feeling that you might have people watching you when you least suspect it, and this could be in some big pompous way (like in the workplace), or it could literally mean a peeping tom, so keep your shades drawn at nighttime. “Jupiter”…expansive energy, something you’re working on or towards may prove fruitful and successful about now (financial issues, financial and business endeavors, legal issues)…for any of these things, the time is *Now*.

bird owl

10/wands ®…The Hanged Man ®…Ace/cups

This appears to be your “Month of Emancipation”.  Not only are you giving the finger to whomever it was/is who’s trying to stab you in the back, or at least influence you to their advantage, but you’ve also let go of the martyr syndrome, and you’re finally doing something for yourself for a change.  And it looks like a new relationship is on the horizon (the Ace of Cups). Also…remember last month and ‘all those eyes’ watching you?  Well, this month you put distance, or some sort of barrier, between you and ‘them’.  I have a feeling that you’re going to learn to set boundaries, or this might also mean that there will be physical distance between you and this group of people– if it’s work related, be prepared to find yourself relocating for your current job, or starting a new job in another location; if it has to deal with family and friends, it’s that good healthy boundary that I just spoke of.  Love them as we do, sometimes family can be stifling, and sometimes they can be just downright manipulative.

Rainbows come to mind, and the idea of revelation, salvation, coming-of-age, self-exploration, rejuvenation, rebirth, resurrection.

nature rain bow

Three/wands ®…Princess/cups ®…The Star

The month of December will be a time of cleansing and caution, of third party endeavors that might entail an unexpected glitch or two, which just might shed some light where light needs to be shed.  It could also be a month in which there is an unusual exchange between you and someone you‘re very close to, an exchange that could uncover some information that you might find disconcerting, surprising, or upsetting, or all three, or none of the above if you‘re really laid back and open-minded.  This set of cards is sending off a strange set of vibes that seem to be confusing and contradictory– and this very well may be the energy that you experience during this month.

Also…if new contracts, or any other legal document, comes up that needs signing this month, be extra cautious.  You might want to have an attorney take a look at it if you don’t understand it fully– 100%.  There could be a little underhandedness afoot.  Crystals– clear quartz point crystals come to mind…either you have them and like them, or you need to get some, either way, their energy is calling to you.  I see a figure on the other side of the crystal in my mind, a shadowy figure– I’m not sure if this figure is you, or if it is a female figure that has passed that is somehow trying to connect with you.

When any of the cup cards come up reversed, it signifies some sort of loss to me, that along with the unusual news you will be receiving…this could just be pertaining to a relationship loss of some kind (and it quite literally could mean someone physically moving away, this has come up in readings before), but it could also be referring to the actual passing of someone that you know (and before you get all anxious and everything, because I hate when things like this come up and I often keep mum, but just know that sometimes I get these feelings where animals and pets are concerned).

If anyone in your family is seriously ill, and you have the sudden urge to go and visit them, do so, without hesitation…If you have the sudden urge to visit anyone, follow through on it.  I’ve found, from personal experience, that there’s often a reason unknown to us, a reason that we’re suppose to see and connect with his individual.

Cleansing…cleanse your personal space (both physically, just because in clearing out dust and debris, you are unwittingly clearing out lots of nasty energy type thingys, and cleanse your personal space spiritually– using incense, either sandalwood or sage, white candles, and salted water with which you can asperge (sprinkle) various rooms of the house– and don’t forget cubbies, closets, any small spaces.


January (2014)
Strength…8/cups ®…Prince/stones ®

The beginning of the new year might be off to a slightly shaky start, as far as money goes, though this Prince is one of the most stable, even when standing on his head, so this will all get worked out.  It will just take a bit of time and a little effort.  Who’s leaving?…or who left and changed their mind?  Someone who left your circle of friends will return, and this could include family, friend, or partner– not sure on this one; I just know that someone has a change of heart and decides to return– uh-oh, could this possibly be job related? (It‘s a possibility– things like this tend to pop into my head just when I‘m ready to go on to the next set of cards.)  Though you may feel a little distressed this month, you can pull it off okay– you’re a strong gal, and you have the capability of handling a lot on your plate at one time.  It’s a busy flurry-scurry hurry up and straighten out time.  Smile!

Also…the serpent: wisdom, the goddess (the apple and the snake– don’t let them fool you…as I suspect you already know, the apple is the fruit of the goddess, and the serpent is representative of her knowledge and wisdom); sexuality, an open honest expression of such and a healthy appetite (I could be less demure and discreet and say, “Hang onto your hat, girl.”…but I would never do that J)

That eight of cups nags at me– coming and going, going and coming– leaving and coming back.  Hopefully, by the time this month rolls around, you will know exactly what (and who) this is referring to.


7/wands…Ace/wands ®…Death ®

The month of February will be marked by a radical change.  Since the Ace of wands showed up for this occasion, it should traditionally point to changes in finance or business, and it very well may; but that’s not necessarily the feeling that I’m getting– I’m thinking more along the lines of relationships, your feelings, your emotions, even your inner connection with the Divine.  Big change.  You will find within yourself the courage you need to handle the changes in your life now with calm and courage.

Also…the idea of putting up a barrier, figuratively speaking; contemplation and quiet, meditation, and the sea shore; seashells and the ocean; passion– physical passion, passion for ideas and plans; the raven– occult mysteries, magick, paranormal; water, or waterways, a boat; passage or initiation of some kind.


Justice…3/swords…Queen/stones ®

March may be a month of sorrows, personal sorrow, as well as quiet introspection.  The three of swords is a stickler, it is; it points to heartache or heartbreak of some sort.  Justice or karma of some kind may be met this month, but these issues are seldom what we expect them to be, and we’re often disappointed that the justice wasn’t enough, or the karma didn’t come sooner.  And with this Queen, who represents the ‘mother’ aspect, either of someone around us, or within us,  I am always leery when she’s standing on her head.  It usually means the ‘loss’ of something– either the actual loss of our mother, empty-nest syndrome, the loss of a pregnancy, or the onset of menopause.  It holds the transitory quality that encompasses women’s lives.

Also…the idea of ‘self’, of a healthy ego, the idea of pride in yourself– in your accomplishments, as well as other aspects of ‘you’– all good things; the scales of justice– this almost always pops into my head with the major arcana card that came up, I’m hoping that you don’t have any legal issues in the works at this time, but be prepared for this, because sometimes that’s exactly what “Justice” is pointing to. And then there’s Libra– it sort of goes with the scales, huh, but also the attributes– love of beauty and peace, the hopeless romantic, the mediator.  A tear, a single tear; the number ’3’– symbol of the triple god and goddess, the triad, ‘father/son/holy ghost’,  in Wiccan spell casting– by the power of 3 times 3; body, mind, & spirit…three; the sacred spiral– there’s a lot spiritual energy coming through this set of cards; I do believe that you are going to find March to be a month of spiritual awakening, big time.

In Haindl’s deck, on the card “Queen of Stones” is depicted “Spider Woman”…also known as “Grandmother Spider”…a great wise-woman; creator of the universe, casting her dew-covered web into the sky to create the stars.  This entity has significance for you, especially this month, watch for her; watch for her as images of spiders that show up unexpectedly– on the tv, in a newspaper ad, things of this nature– pay attention to the actual creature, should you come upon it…what comes into your mind? Where did you see it?  What were you doing?

American Native Spider Woman


Separation, movement, as the six of swords is traditionally the ‘divorce card’, but separation can encompass so many things, and I hate being negative, preferring to look on the bright side of things– and this card is also traditionally the ‘you’ll be traveling over water’ card, which sounds really tiresome and gypsy’ish when you hear it over and over, but it so often turns out to be prophetically true. (Water, waterways, and the such seem to come up quite often for you in this reading.)  This Queen, my goodness…she may be you (genteel, well-organized, neat and tidy, and likes her world this way as well.  She also likes being in control…let me rephrase that, she *Needs* to be in control, if she’s not the world will know it– (you?).  If it’s yourself this Queen is showing me, no problems, if it’s another individual in your world, then you might have a few issues to work through, because her sense of control may be affecting you in a negative manner.  The last card here, the five of stones (pentacles in more traditional decks) depicts a tight money issue, financial stumbling blocks– but the up factor here is that this card is reversed, meaning this bump in the road is going to be short lived, just that– a small glitch.  I like when all three cards come together with one message, but that is not the case this time– I’m not able to see the link here, but I’m betting that you most certainly will.

Also…someone in the background of all these goings on this month, a shadowy figure, I’m thinking male, and as he fades to the background, so does his importance and his influence.  The idea of pricking your finger on a needle– don’t know where this is coming from, unless you sew, or unless you’re getting blood drawn this month for lab work.  The idea of a dominant female– very dominant (you or the Queen?…or you *Are* the Queen J); an aloofness, as though you are deliberately disassociating yourself with someone, but the disconnect is not quite complete.

The Queen of Wands is depicted in this deck as Kali (or Kali Ma), a kick ass goddess.  This goddess is loaded with wild-woman devil-may-care energy, and she’s one of the goddess’s that I’m writing about in my next book.  She is a vengeful warrior goddess, and it’s this type of energy (and entity) you call upon when you need to stand up on your hind legs and howl, protecting yourself without any qualms of guilt.  Keep her in mind.

goddess Kali Ma


You are reunited (or just plain united) with someone from your past this month in a celebratory way (wedding, family reunion, some sort of group gathering).  Messages concerning financial or business issues may be coming through– or this card, the Princess of Wands– brings an energy or a particular person you will come in contact with during  the month of May…she’s a tough little thing, knows her own mind, but tends to be moody (especially if she’s overly tired, or she’s hungry– hang onto your hat).  A younger female individual comes to mind and her (and her energy) are very robust, industrious, and rather invigorating– this may actually be the theme for this month, so if you find yourself racing around at 100 mph accomplishing all sorts of things you didn’t think you’d get done, you’ll know where it’s coming from (the Princess of Wands).

Also…a ring, or a favorite ring, or a ring you haven’t yet purchased or received, or a ring that‘s special to you in some way– oh, I see it on the left hand, but I don’t want to attribute it to that “special” kind of ring, because all of us wear rings on both hands (but that definitely popped into my head).  The third eye chakra– pay attention to your intuition, and also, perhaps this chakra needs some working on, and you’ll find more information on the chakras at my website: click  HERE.  If this chakra is out of balance, you have a tendency, for one thing, to look at everything through a really logical train of thought, and your ability to be in tune with that little voice in your head that works on intuition and gut feeling is pushed to the wayside, and sometimes we just can’t afford to shut that little voice out.

The idea of a sword and a shield– the warrior, strength, being able to stand up for yourself, courage, nobility, believing that you should take a certain stance or action for ‘the principle of the thing’.  Sometimes, even when it’s not to our ultimate benefit, we just have to do something that we know is the right thing to do, just cause we do– not everyone understands this.  “The Perfectionist”…if this is you, let it go, which is so easy for someone to say, because you probably can’t just let it go, it’s ingrained, it’s part of the very basic thing that is ‘you’; if this is an individual in your life, this Perfectionist, realize this about them– they can’t help it, any more than they can help having brown eyes, or dimples, it’s in their makeup.

A bubble, the kind we used to blow as kids from those little plastic bottles and wands, and with it the idea of something ethereal, transitory, something beautiful but fleeting.  The element of water, which is also tied in with intuition, psychism, your dreams (and nightmares), as well as spirit and goddess connection.

The month of May might be magickal.

woman 2


Get the ball rolling.  Get a move on with whatever plans you have in mind.  Get it done– now’s the time.  June appears to be a power month for you; you’re standing on solid ground, a firm foundation, you have the upper hand in a situation or relationship, run with it, don’t miss this opportunity.  In the end…success.  You’ll get what you desired, you’ll get what you’ve worked for, all the puzzle pieces will fall into place for you.

Also…rainbows– I think they came up earlier (symbolizing lots of things besides a pot of gold…happiness, ‘crossing-over’ (on many levels, not the way it’s usually thought of, but crossing over to new understandings within yourself, new understandings with other individuals, finding yourself on a new spiritual level, that sort of thing).  A totem animal– the vulture–symbolizes death/rebirth, new vision…and I’ve heard that this totem is a life-time thing, once it’s entered your life it will be with you always, even into other lifetimes.

Rite of Passage, through fire, no less– fire is purifying, cleansing, it sweeps the slate clean so that we can begin again, it gives us a second chance.  (I also believe that ‘fire’ appeared earlier– and I don’t want to alarm you, but that practical side of my mind is always intruding, and it wants me to tell you to be cautious about fire– the regular mundane kind– in general.)  The idea of a sponge– ‘soak up’ …knowledge, information, anything of this nature which comes your way that you can literally ‘absorb’.



July encompasses partnerships, decisions, stalemates (both sides stubborn?); it’s all about working to get your way in the end, working towards something you want, or the way you want something.  It’s a kind of ‘stick to your guns’ energy that will dominate.  May the strongest party win– and hopefully, this will be you.

Also…maple trees, and the idea that the coming autumn will prove to be significant to you in some way, perhaps that’s when the decisions made this month will come into play, when the plans laid this summer will unfold.  Entering uncharted waters, trying something new, and along with this that feels figurative, also comes the impression that you will literally be entering a building for the first time– somewhere new to you, somewhere you’ve never been– the logical voice in my head is saying (apartment building), the illogical voice is whispering “ancient sites, runes, old castles, time-worn stone steps, artifacts, ancient sculpture or pottery, medieval– or even older“.  It’s this little whispery voice that always gets me into trouble, but perhaps you have some sort of connection to this type of thing which I am unaware of.

As autumn was highlighted, so is the coming winter, perhaps a time of great decision for you, once more.  It’s funny how ‘time’ is irrelevant or transitory.  Time comes to me with tarot as seasons, and though this set of cards is meant to deal with a particular month, a particular time-frame, it is actually reaching, with ghostly otherworld fingers, into the future, the coming winter. I do believe that you must be very cautious with the decisions that you make this month, in July, because you will be living with the consequences of these decisions for months to come.  What you decide this month, right now, will affect your future; and I do believe that the decision will be yours.

avalon glastonbury

  9/swords…The Fool…4/stones

So, July is past, and the decision is made…now begins the consequences, starting with anxiety (we always second-guess ourselves, even when we feel absolutely 100% sure that our decision was the right one, and even if it is), issues sleeping (insomnia, troubled sleep, perhaps nightmares– brought on by the extra pressure, the anxiety) can sometimes come up.  The idea that you are going to be beginning a new journey, perhaps literally– actually moving, relocating; or figuratively, as taking a different path in some aspect of your life (this also adds to your sense of anxiety).  There is a sense of financial pressure this month, having to tighten the purse strings, penny-pinching, but this may also be because finances might be very important to the decision that you made in July, they’re connected, and as right as you feel you are, as excited even as you might be about all of the upcoming events, that does not mean that it’s not a time of anxiety and second-guessing yourself.  Learn to be confident in your decisions, in your ability to handle change, be confident in ‘you’.

Also…a bird, a long-necked white bird, in peril of having it’s throat slashed (as is how birds are slaughtered)– this sounds so macabre, but it’s not really, it’s saying– ‘don’t burn all your bridges behind you, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face, leave options open, don’t permanently slam doors behind you’. (Something to keep in mind.)  The other cards also– long necked white birds (Geese?  Swans?)  This is probably manifesting as some sort of totem animal…

Goose:  communication, the written word, fertility, marital fidelity, the goose was a totem animal to American Indians, it’s images used during the celebration of the Winter Solstice.  Swan:  altered states of awareness, beauty (a new realization of your own), development of intuitive abilities, healing, and transformation.

bird swan


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tarot15.jpg picture by Amythyst1

 Below is an actual tarot reading
for one of my clients: 

1. Your husband’s job…

 The Wheel of Fortune

The Fool ® 2/pentacles King/swords ®

It looks as though a change is coming, and it could be a change that turns things topsy turvy, at least for a while. (Note: spinning and cutting come to mind, weaving, as well as objects of a circular nature.)

 The Fool generally sees us on a journey, whether a physical journey, or something new which we’re beginning…a new path, which reinforces our first card. This man either has an angel on his shoulder, or he has someone behind him from whom he draws support. It also appears that with this change will come greater financial balance. Also, the idea of “killing two birds with one stone” and “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, comes to mind– this seems strange, even to me. I don’t know if there is a literal connection somehow to birds, or these cliques will have something to do with your husband’s employment in a figurative way.

 The King of swords is a proud man who sometimes tends to take life too seriously. It would be to his benefit to look at the lighter side from time to time. Laughter reduces stress. (Note: I got the impression that this King needs some down time and that stress might be a factor in his future in some way.)

falldivider.gif picture by witch_of_endore

 2. Your third grandchild…

Temperance ®

 The Hermit 8/wands ® 8/pentacles

 This will be a child of balance, patience, and determination; someone with fortitude who doesn’t give up easily, but keeps plugging away until the desired goal is reached.

 This is also a solitary child, someone who isn’t afraid of being alone, but rather, gathers strength and maintains serenity by actively seeking ‘quiet time’. She (or he) will not act swiftly, will not in fact do much of anything quickly, but will have more of a slow and plodding nature about them.. They will certainly not be impulsive. Don’t become frustrated when you want something done quickly and it isn’t, ‘cause this child is going to do things in their own good time on their terms.

 This individual will know, from a very early age, what their lifework is, and may begin an apprenticeship/training in this field at a very early age, possibly in the late teens/early twenties.

 (Note: I don’t know where I get the ‘they’ from, but since it came on its own accord, I’ll leave it as is.)
falldivider.gif picture by witch_of_endore

3. General Reading

The Chariot

 Princess/cups 3/cups Knight/cups

 First, is someone getting married? If the aren’t right now, they will be in the future.

 I felt, with the first group of cards that your husband’s change of employment would involve: 1) a move, 2) travel, 3) a long commute; and this concept is enforced here with The Chariot. Someone is going somewhere.

 The Knight of cups brings to mind the story of the frog and the princess, Sir Lancelot, and the idea of dark water, totally disconnected thoughts…this is what happens when you use the intuitive method of reading the cards. If any of this doesn’t make sense to you now, it probably will in the future.

 Also, autumn comes to mind, perhaps in relation to a time element for some of these events to play out. Actually, I feel that autumn is going to be very significant to you in some way. And I also feel as though water plays some significant role here as well– this could be actual physical water; such as a lake, river, creek, pond, etc.; or it could involve the element of water; which includes such things as emotions, dreams, intuition, the west, the color blue, and Mondays. It looks as though everyone is going to have their hands full, when it rains, it pours, as the old saying goes.

falldivider.gif picture by witch_of_endore

 *About the reading:  The ‘they’ in this particular reading came from the fact that I was not only picking up the unborn child, I was picking up a parent as well.  As the mother told me, it was ‘freaky’, and I had it down pat, even to the apprenticeship.

 The bond and connection between parent & child is the strongest of all human bonds.  Remember this when you’re doing readings, just as in this case–  when reading for one, you very likely will pick up the nuance of both.

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