Discovering Your Passion

If you would like me to do a personal reading using this tarot spread, use the Paypal Widget ($49.00) at the top of this page... The number of positions shown for the spread below does not imply the number of cards drawn for any reading. I'll lay as many cards as it takes to … Continue reading Discovering Your Passion

What do you need to take care of yourself? ~ tarot spread

Physically ~ Ace of Swords For some of you... there are unpleasant physical reactions to other people's harsh words, criticism, and negative intentions. It's very easy for someone less sensitive to tell you that you have to get a grip on this, we all know that it's just not that simple. The problem is that … Continue reading What do you need to take care of yourself? ~ tarot spread

Moving Forward ~ Tarot Special Offer

Moving Forward Tarot Spread ~ Have you been through something in your life that was traumatic, profound, and possibly life changing? Where do you go from this point? You may benefit from a reading to gain insight and possibly discover a new direction.Moving Forward Tarot Spread$35.00 AT The Tarot Parlour ~

Tarot Reading: Picking up Personalities

  Write your readings down, for yourself, for your clients, in your tarot journal, for future reference, to look back and see your magickal connection with the cards. Below is an actual tarot reading for one of my clients:  1. Your husband’s job… The Wheel of Fortune The Fool ® 2/pentacles King/swords ® It looks … Continue reading Tarot Reading: Picking up Personalities

The Year in Advance (a 36 card tarot reading)

The following is an actual tarot reading done for a client (published anonymously, of course).  This is an example of 'The Horoscope Spread' (nontraditional), offered at my website: This spread covers a 12 month period. Tarot Reading Deck:  The Goddess Tarot (Horoscope Spread) April: 6/swords ®, Balance ® (the goddess, Yemana), 2/pentacles ® It … Continue reading The Year in Advance (a 36 card tarot reading)