PODCAST, Tarot Spread ~ A Conversation with My Greatest Fear

1st Scenario/Instability 0:42

2nd Scenario/Abandonment 3:45

3rd Scenario/Commitment 7:05

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The Sh** Sandwich Tarot Spread ~ fun stuff!!

This is a fun and eye-opening reading, which gives us a lot of insight on ourselves. I hope you enjoy listening to the reading as much as I enjoyed recording it. And let me know in the comments what kind of tarot connection you made today.There are three positions for this tarot spread: 

1) Something you’re doing right

2) Something you need to improve

3) Something you’ve got going for you

Tarot Spread ~ One Question Spread

At a certain point in this video, I give you a moment to formulate the one question that you want answers to. Even though this is a general reading, I’m sure that many of you will be surprised at the results. That’s just the way the tarot rolls. I have opened up comments for this video at YouTube. Let’s see how closely this reading resonated with you.

Discovering Your Passion

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The number of positions shown for the spread below does not imply the number of cards drawn for any reading. I’ll lay as many cards as it takes to get an answer.

What do you need to take care of yourself? ~ tarot spread

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Physically ~ Ace of Swords

For some of you… there are unpleasant physical reactions to other people’s harsh words, criticism, and negative intentions. It’s very easy for someone less sensitive to tell you that you have to get a grip on this, we all know that it’s just not that simple. The problem is that you feel the emotional aspect so intensely it transforms into physical ramifications.

For a few of you… you’re holding on so tightly, trying so hard to remain balanced and unaffected by the onslaught of negativity around you. You may try to ignore an individual’s intrusion into your life, your space, but the very effort to do so is in itself a physical demand that’s become overwhelming.

What do you need physically?… you need to find a way to either remove a specific person or situation from your life altogether, or you need to remove them from your mind and your daily thoughts. Both suggestions are probably equally difficult. Another way around this is to have a diversion ready when you are triggered, such as a key word to repeat mentally to yourself, or a comforting vision to hold in your thoughts, until you feel the tension subside. This might seem like a very temporary fix, but I think you’ll find that it will be enough to relieve some of the physical reactions your body throws at you.

Emotionally ~ 10 of pentacles

For some of you… you’re desperately in need of stability. Whether this instability stems from financial situations, or relationship issues, or something unique to you and your life, without a stable foundation it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to progress and to progress with lasting effect.

For a few of you… you’re trapped inside the box because you’re afraid to break out and instigate change. You may feel constricted and restrained by family and tradition, and you’re not sure what the reaction would be if you did embrace the true you and your life as you’d like it. This suppresses you. The thing is, does it really matter, other people’s reactions? If yes, you might find yourself trapped forever in a life pattern that is not your own.

What do you need emotionally?… you need courage to embrace your true self and the realization that you have the power to manifest it. You also need to make necessary changes to your life that would bring about more mental and emotional stability. For a few of you, this may mean the end of a troublesome relationship; for others it may mean the strength to leave a job or career behind in order to achieve success and a feeling of accomplishment on another path.

Mentally ~ Knight of Wands

For some of you… there is the need to tame your passion and lust for life in order to direct it, to use it, to develop it to your advantage in a deliberate way. You might feel scattered and somewhat puzzled because your mind can’t handle all the information that it’s trying to digest and categorize. This often happens with children and adults who suffer from attention deficit disorders. You’re brilliant, you just have too many voices in your head at one time. There is the need to slow down your racing mind in order to make sense of it all, in order to organize your thoughts and be able to put them into constructive controlled action.

For a few of you… you’re burned out. You’ve been through something that has left you feeling depleted, exhausted, numb, inert. Your mind needs a break from whatever life has thrown at you in order to heal and energize itself. Removing yourself from an individual, or a set of circumstances, if only for a short while, may help you to feel mentally rejuvenated and refreshed, able to look at an old problem from a new perspective.

What do you need mentally?… some of you need a vacation, literally, time away from your everyday life in order to allow your mind the freedom to roam, and imagine, and rest, and follow it’s whims. Others need to tame this wild beast, this racing madness that comes to you most profoundly during solitary moments. Once, long ago, when I was just starting life on a new path, a voice came to me literally, and it said: “Learn to control your mind.”

Spiritually ~ Knight of Cups

For some of you… you’re seeking love, quite simply, and you might be having some difficulty finding it on your spiritual quest. Love comes in so many shapes and forms, it could’ve fit any of the categories in this tarot spread, but it showed up here. The kind of love that encompasses spirituality can embrace all levels of our lives and psyche. An overwhelming ability to love ourselves and to feel this positive energy from those closest to us is fundamental for our own well being, but we also need to tap into the bigger picture and take advantage of universal energy. Don’t give up the quest; don’t surrender to pessimism or skepticism.

For a few of you… you’ve put love on hold, or you’re taking a passive stance when it comes to seeking, or chasing, this elusive treasure. And for a small minority, trudging through daily life, believing that everything in your reality is “okay”, you wonder what is giving the gray pall of a lackluster finish to your world and your spiritual life — It’s the lack of love. Nothing that you aspire to learn, to grow, to create, or to experience will be complete without it.

What do you need spiritually?… you need to learn how to tap into universal energy that is powered by and entrenched in love. It’s like a virus, so to speak, once you’ve made this connection on a spiritual level, it will hit a personal level, and go on and on throughout all aspects of your life.

How you currently feel ~ 4 of swords

For some of you… there’s the definite feeling that you need to recharge your batteries. You’ve drained yourself through a series of life’s circumstances, and you won’t be able to travel much further on your chosen path if you can’t rewind your tapes, erase the negativity, adjust the reality, and renew your purpose. There is the idea of “faunching at the bit”, as my grandmother would say, as in a horse that’s fighting the reins, crazy with the idea of taking off at full speed on an independent run. Grab those reins and go, you’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

For a few of you… there’s still the weight of responsibility (imaginary, real, or magnified), as well as a group or an individual who doesn’t want you to spread your wings. Someone around you may feel stuck in a rut, and they don’t want to be alone, so they will say and do what they have to in order to hold you back, to break your self-confidence, and to feed your self-doubt. Remember, also, that sometimes we do this to ourselves. Learn to recognize this, and you can beat it. You can learn to let go and soar.

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Moving Forward ~ Tarot Special Offer

Moving Forward Tarot Spread ~ Have you been through something in your life that was traumatic, profound, and possibly life changing? Where do you go from this point? You may benefit from a reading to gain insight and possibly discover a new direction.
Moving Forward Tarot Spread

AT The Tarot Parlour ~

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Featured Tarot Reading for April

I can’t believe we’ve worked our way through March already!  There’s a beautiful bush in my backyard that testifies to this.  It blossomed full out this year before it had one green leaf on it, and it’s still in this state.  As April comes along and Spring is well on it’s way, it’s time to take a look at our lives and figure out what it is exactly that we want, and what may be holding us back from attaining it, and this includes our own fears.  Some of our fears and doubts may be sub-conscious.  We often don’t even realize that it’s us holding ourselves back.  This is where a tarot reading will be helpful and often revealing, allowing us to get a step up and get us back on track.

This is the perfect tarot spread to do just that ~

Desires & Fears

1. this is where you came from

2. this is where you are going

3. this is what is difficult for you

4. this is what makes sense

5. this is your ultimate goal

Audio Reading
Desires & Fears

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Tarot Reading: Picking up Personalities



Write your readings down, for yourself, for your clients, in your tarot journal, for future reference, to look back and see your magickal connection with the cards.

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Below is an actual tarot reading for one of my clients: 

1. Your husband’s job…

The Wheel of Fortune

The Fool ® 2/pentacles King/swords ®

It looks as though a change is coming, and it could be a change that turns things topsy turvy, at least for a while. (Note: spinning and cutting come to mind, weaving, as well as objects of a circular nature.)

The Fool generally sees us on a journey, whether a physical journey, or something new which we’re beginning…a new path, which reinforces our first card. This man either has an angel on his shoulder, or he has someone behind him from whom he draws support. It also appears that with this change will come greater financial balance. Also, the idea of “killing two birds with one stone” and “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, comes to mind– this seems strange, even to me. I don’t know if there is a literal connection somehow to birds, or these cliques will have something to do with your husband’s employment in a figurative way.

The King of swords is a proud man who sometimes tends to take life too seriously. It would be to his benefit to look at the lighter side from time to time. Laughter reduces stress. (Note: I got the impression that this King needs some down time and that stress might be a factor in his future in some way.)

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2. Your third grandchild…

Temperance ®

The Hermit 8/wands ® 8/pentacles

This will be a child of balance, patience, and determination; someone with fortitude who doesn’t give up easily, but keeps plugging away until the desired goal is reached.

This is also a solitary child, someone who isn’t afraid of being alone, but rather, gathers strength and maintains serenity by actively seeking ‘quiet time’. She (or he) will not act swiftly, will not in fact do much of anything quickly, but will have more of a slow and plodding nature about them.. They will certainly not be impulsive. Don’t become frustrated when you want something done quickly and it isn’t, ‘cause this child is going to do things in their own good time on their terms.

This individual will know, from a very early age, what their lifework is, and may begin an apprenticeship/training in this field at a very early age, possibly in the late teens/early twenties.

(Note: I don’t know where I get the ‘they’ from, but since it came on its own accord, I’ll leave it as is.)

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3. General Reading

The Chariot

Princess/cups 3/cups Knight/cups

First, is someone getting married? If the aren’t right now, they will be in the future.

I felt, with the first group of cards that your husband’s change of employment would involve: 1) a move, 2) travel, 3) a long commute; and this concept is enforced here with The Chariot. Someone is going somewhere.

The Knight of cups brings to mind the story of the frog and the princess, Sir Lancelot, and the idea of dark water, totally disconnected thoughts…this is what happens when you use the intuitive method of reading the cards. If any of this doesn’t make sense to you now, it probably will in the future.

Also, autumn comes to mind, perhaps in relation to a time element for some of these events to play out. Actually, I feel that autumn is going to be very significant to you in some way. And I also feel as though water plays some significant role here as well– this could be actual physical water; such as a lake, river, creek, pond, etc.; or it could involve the element of water; which includes such things as emotions, dreams, intuition, the west, the color blue, and Mondays. It looks as though everyone is going to have their hands full, when it rains, it pours, as the old saying goes.

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*About the reading:  The ‘they’ in this particular reading came from the fact that I was not only picking up the unborn child, I was picking up a parent as well.  As the mother told me, it was ‘freaky’, and I had it down pat, even to the apprenticeship.

The bond and connection between parent & child is the strongest of all human bonds.  Remember this when you’re doing readings, just as in this case–  when reading for one, you very likely will pick up the nuance of both.

Amythyst 3

Psychic readings, and particularly tarot readings, are a means of seeking answers to questions we may be avoiding, shining light on other people’s motives, exploring new paths and avenues we only suspected were there, and discovering guidance from a source outside ourselves.

If there’s something on your mind– a persistent question, a personal dilemma, a decision to be made– you can seek answers, direction, and inspiration from a uniquely personal psychic reading.




Tarot Reading: Gypsy’s Magick Spell (special offer)

Gypsy’s Magick Spell
7 card spread

Special Price

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1.  this is you
2.  this is your defense
3.  this is what you are afraid of
4.  this is what drives you
5.  this is what you are left with
6.  this is what the future will bring
7.  this is what brings you back down to earth

Tarot Readings with Amythyst

The Year in Advance (a 36 card tarot reading)

The following is an actual tarot reading done for a client (published anonymously, of course).  This is an example of ‘The Horoscope Spread’ (nontraditional), offered at my website: 


This spread covers a 12 month period.

Tarot Reading
Deck:  The Goddess Tarot
(Horoscope Spread)

6/swords ®, Balance ® (the goddess, Yemana), 2/pentacles ®

It appears that you are trying to find balance, perhaps after the end of a relationship.  Not only is your emotions, mentality, your whole psyche, being thrown off by this imbalance, but your finances as well.

The goddess found on the card of Balance in this deck, Yemana, is the patron goddess of women, especially pregnant women, and children.  Offer this goddess sweet liquids, blue candles, and incense so she will bestow upon you good health and healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Other insights…uncertain movement, or uncertainty about moving; “the worst is behind you”; changing direction; strength from the hands (perhaps creativity); hidden agendas; “rising above it all”; duality; multi-tasking; two of something, as in a hand in each; a flock of white birds, perhaps symbolizing freedom, or freedom of thought.

Magic ® (the goddess, Isis), 9/cups, Wisdom ® (the goddess, Sarasvati)

This month is characterized by a temporary loss of power or direction, but it swings around to your favor mid-way through and you will wind up with what you wished for, or what you thought you wanted.  With this comes wisdom, a new insight into what direction you’re headed, what path you have decided to embark upon.  Perhaps the biggest surprise will be that once you’ve gotten what you wished for, you’ll decide that maybe this wasn’t what you wanted after all.

Two goddess are highlighted for the month of May:  Isis, the Egyptian goddess considered a patron goddess of nature and magic; and Sarasvati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, the arts, and science.

Other insights…a totem animal, the hawk; ancestral interest or knowledge; a secret to be uncovered, or a secret admirer to be unveiled; the time of the waning crescent moon is significant this month; the proverbial “pot at the end of the rainbow”; the idea of many irons in the fire, a busy month, lots going on, maybe too much at once; the serpent, representing sexuality, wisdom, the goddess.

Tradition (the goddess, Juno), 7/staves, 3/pentacles

You will find yourself immersed in conflict at work; and you will also find that the best course of action will be to stick with the tried and true way of doing things, the traditional methods.  This will not be the time to try something new, or to instigate new rules and regulations; it will not be the right time or place to change the game plan in mid-stream.

The goddess, Juno, is highlighted this month, which I thought was ironic, but that’s the way the cards so often work.  She is a Roman goddess with the touch of a warrior about her, and it’s her energy, strength, courage, and perseverance that will be needed this June.

Other insights…a struggle with vanity, which may have more to do with ego, rather than physical attributes; the full moon is a significant time for your this month; a position of leadership is highlighted; don’t back yourself into a corner with rash decisions, reprimands, or demands; confrontations; triplicates.

4/cups, 3/staves ®, Prince/cups ®

There’s an issue that has to be faced and resolved involving a partnership, most likely a relationship issue.  You have to make a decision, and until you do, you will feel as though you are stagnant.  Yes or no?  Pick one and get things moving again.

Other insights…a third party; business contracts or opportunities; this month the waning crescent moon will be a significant time for your; a knoll…take the high road; the idea that it’s always ‘the odd man out’; when making a decision, don’t go with popular opinion, you may even choose to go against it; don’t wait too long before making a decision, you might loose an opportunity; Celtic traditions; the elements of Water and Fire, pay homage to both and incorporate their energies into your daily life, especially this month– emotions and passion.

2/cups ®, 10/cups, 9/pentacles

You will discover this month that a coupling or a partnership was the correct choice, and within this decision, you’ll find the fulfillment of happiness in your home-life and within yourself.

Other insights…the full moon for this month will be an especially powerful one energy-wise for you, make your wish, fulfill your magick, whatever it is that you do (whatever divinity or spiritual path you follow), make sure that you honor it at this special time; there will be a rejoining, or reconnecting, with someone you’ve been estranged with; spiritual enlightenment and personal fulfillment are highlighted for August, it’s a month for growth on all sides; “commitment” is the key word for August; promises, binding promised; rainbows, the idea of positive energy, of attainment, something coming full circle; “mediator”.

6/pentacles ®, Prince/staves, Oppression (the goddess, The Wawalak)

The goddesses highlighted this month are the twin sister goddesses of Australian origin known as the “Wawalak”…it is their fierce determination to protect their young against the Great Serpent Goddess that inspired their worship throughout the aboriginal tribes.  It is their strength of will and courage that is honored and worshipped as a mirror of pure womanhood.

This month will be one of frenetic energy and mixed signals.  Although you will start out on a positive note, it is this troubling energy that will disrupt the month for you, and this energy could come in the guise of a young male figure, one with too much energy, bravado, and opinion.  If this is the case, you will know that you must rein him in.  To wind up the month of September, you may have to call upon the energy and courage the twin goddesses epitomize…hang on tightly to what you have, monetarily speaking, and don’t give in to someone else’s suggestion for making easy money, or taking financial shortcuts.
Other insights…a ‘sisterhood’ is highlighted in September; the Triple Goddess (if you’re Wiccan or pagan, you understand this concept); seeking approval and accolades; a feeling of dread– don’t fight it, or let it throw you off-kilter, just listen to it and be aware, it will pass; mirror images.

2/staves ®, 8/swords, Temptation ® (the goddess, Nyai Loro Kidul)

A partnership is going to leave you feeling a bit confined; either you’re going to have to shake it up a bit and roil the waters, or you’ll plug along in a semi-state of discontent, feeling rather trapped by it all.  This ‘partnership’ will be either business/work related, or it will be a personal relationship; you will be acutely aware of which it is.

The Indonesian goddess for this month is Nyai Loroo Kidul, “Queen of the Southern Sea”, often depicted as a mermaid or having a snake’s body.  Her magick lay in the power of rejuvenation and the acquisitions of spirits.  Her tonic is the violent waves of the ocean and the cleansing/healing properties of it’s waters.

Other insights…the idea of ‘co-dependence’; deep sleep; this month may find you dealing with a slight malady, perhaps a bug or something that will lay you up for a few days; emotional turmoil or indecision; shapeshifting– ‘be what you need to be, or be what they need to see’; the element of Water– dreams (pay special attention to them this month), visions, intuition, deep emotions, relationships; water– as in waterways, rivers, streams, oceans…there seems to be some link between you and a body of water this month, I’m not sure how or why this connection comes up, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

7/cups, Prince/pentacles, 5/pentacles ®

Decisions dealing with a financial issue or question are highlighted this month, and the decision that you come to will result in a sort of ‘digging-out’ from some negative financial goings on, it will, in effect, turn things around for you.  Take your time, think wisely, and go with your first instinct.

Other insights…skeletons in your closet, if you’ve got any, now would be the time to clear them out or expose them, they’ll do less damage this way; write down any dreams you might have this month, chances are they won’t just be regular old dreams, but instead will be prophetic or messages from the dead; you might be in for a pleasant surprise this month, not necessarily earth-shaking, but nice none-the-less; either there is a young man around you who is stable, responsible, and good with money and material issues, or this is your energy reverberating throughout the cards for this month; ‘get your ducks in a row’; the idea of not going it alone is strong with these cards, you’ll have a partner/friend/mate, someone whom can share some of the burden with you.

8/pentacles ®, Ace/staves, 10/pentacles

Work– it’s a bit foggy, but it looks as though you will either 1) lose the job you have now, which will turn out to be a good thing, as other opportunities for new financial ventures will be knocking at your door, 2) you will be put to the test with some rigorous new training or schooling in order to advance your position in your current job– either way, it’s a plus.

Other insights…creativity, an art form that is a pastime or hobby for you; a rainbow and all the cliques that go with it, including the one about the pot of gold; paint or painting; money made through artsy adventures; planet– the Sun, with all the intensity, masculine energy, and light that goes into it, including the energy of the god, the ‘he-man’; there is the idea of new money coming in from an unexpected source; there is also the idea of a doorway or a threshold, implying new opportunities, new pathways, or a rite-of-passage.

January (2014):
Princess/staves ®, Transformation (the goddess, Ukemochi), Queen/cups ®

The goddess highlighted this month is Ukemochi, a Japanese goddess of the Shinto religion known as “The Goddess of Food”.  She was killed because her gift of producing food with her body disgusted the recipient, but even in death she continued to provide sustenance.  She is the goddess of abundance.

Expect a final decision or unexpected news concerning business and finance.  The positive outcome from this will be a new age of prosperity for you.  Also, throughout this time, you will learn how to assert yourself in ways that you haven’t tried before, and with the knowledge that it’s okay to stand up for yourself, to stand your ground, you’ll feel a renewed sense of power and energy. Don’t hold back.

Other insights…dignity, grace, and beauty; quiet solitude; there is the idea of exploring your physical side, perhaps your sexual side, and shedding old inhibitions; shared intimacy; a double full moon; I’m also getting the feeling of two other very definite personality types, I’m not sure if this is 1) two very different people who share your circle as friends, or 2) two very different sides to your personality, almost like split personalities; the element of Water– great significance in dreams always comes up with this element, as well as a sharpening of the intuition, the idea of serene contemplation, gentleness and composure, the sign of Libra, early autumn– that time of transition at the end of summer, this time could prove significant for you.

February (2014):
Ace/pentacles ®; Contemplation (the goddess, Chang O), Judgment (Gwenhwyfar)

Money issues could take a bit of a dip this February, as someone either didn’t think things through thoroughly, or someone tried to take shortcuts that didn’t work or were frowned upon by other participants in the venture.

The goddess for this month is Chang O, a Chinese goddess of the Moon.  This goddess wound up on the Moon through a series of unfortunate events– she began her existence as an immortal, later having this position taken away from her through a series of mistakes by her husband who angered the higher-ups, but then back she went to being immortal by being the naughty little wife who didn’t trust her husband and who discovered his magic pill stash– she overdosed and floated to the Moon.  I’m sure there’s a lesson here somewhere, and I’m willing to bet, with it’s Asian origin, the ‘magic pill stash’ was most likely Opium.

The other mythical female character in this group of cards is Gwenhwyfar, who is technically not a goddess, but the unfaithful wife of King Arthur.  She was a woman tortured by the fact that she was unable to conceive, madly in love with her husband’s closest companion, and a woman driven to a convent by her guilty conscience.

I’m sure that there is a link here between these two female figures and this month.  Both of these women suffered from issues with trust, both of these women crossed boundaries that were unacceptable, and both of these women suffered unexpected and unpleasant consequences because of it.

Other insights…seedling, or a sapling; gold; eruption; fertility (or infertility)–as an issue in some form (area) of your life; the idea of a midnight sky, a star-filled sky; there’s the idea that someone here is in a dominant position and someone is submissive; nobility; the idea of raising a wall between yourself and others; totem animal: the greyhound; giving a blessing, good wishes on another– being able to graciously give a blessing, as well as to graciously receive one.

March (2014):
Princess/swords, The Star (the goddess, Inanna), Ace/cups

You will receive unexpected news or insight into a relationship, perhaps the heralding a new relationship on the horizon, or a change in the status of a present relationship (all in a positive perspective, of course).

The goddess for March is Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of sexual love, fertility, and warfare.  The energy of this goddess is unpredictable and contradictory, combining the nuances of both love and war, male and female attributes; and this goddess has a reputation for throwing hissy fits.  She’s definitely on the temperamental side.  Since ‘relationship’ appears to be the theme for this month; this goddess is either heralding the ride you’re in for, or she’s showing up to offer you her support– or both.  At any rate, she’s saying, “Use my energy”.

Other insights…the idea of the sword and the stone, and just ‘the sword’ as well; the magick circle, or any sacred space; it’s the waning crescent moon that’s highlighted this month– perhaps there’s something you need to send away?; griffons, gargoyles– protectors and defenders; masculine energy (the Sun), “my cup runneth over”; sleep, meditation, or a state of inner consciousness.

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This Reading is for You


alone 2

The reading that I’m doing this morning is for you. I don’t know who you are, how the circumstances in your life stands, or whether you will even find this reading. But I woke up this morning with the distinct feeling that someone needs this. I’m going to draw three cards for you, and these cards will be a window into your life, the people who inhabit it, and those issues that are important to you. You will recognize yourself, you will recognize the people who may show up within this group of cards; and you will know, with absolute certainty, that these cards are speaking especially to you, specifically to you, for you and you alone.

The cards: Ace/cups……3/wands……2/pentacles

You’re just beginning a new relationship, perhaps you’re even in transition yet, moving from one relationship to the next. This process can be frought with indecision, that type of second guessing that makes your movement through life feel jerky. There are times that you may even carry around a rock in the pit of your stomach. So many of life’s big changes are like that, and relationships are one of the biggest. But you will get through it. That heavy stone-like feeling in your mid-section will go away, and what seemed new and slightly scary will become routine so quickly that you almost won’t notice the transition.

In order to successfully make this transition, and in order to work towards this new relationship with hopes that it will grow into something lasting and important, you will have to work through issues of defensiveness and insecurity– the scum that’s usually left over from previous experiences. This will take time and patience, both on your part, and on the part of your new partner, or your potential partner. This can also be a measuring stick for the character of this new person in your life. They should be sensitive enough to your feelings that they respect your wishes, whatever those boundaries may be at this time.

Eventually life will come full circle, it always does…right up until the end. This is one of those things we can be sure of, just like death and taxes, as the old saying goes. The most important thing to remember is not to hinder your own freedom with your own hangups. It’s bad enough when other people impact our lives with restrictions and invisible boundaries we don’t want and didn’t ask for; but it’s even worse when we do this to ourselves. How many things in life we might never accomplish or leave unfinished, because we didn’t allow ourselves to proceed naturally. Proceed naturally now…what else can you do?

The number three is relevant to you and your life at this moment; and I feel that this has to do with the area of relationships. It’s very possible that you can’t move forward because you are still staked to one spot, to one person, or point of contact. If you don’t learn to let go, to move on, to forgive, to give up and get on with it, to slide on by to the next level…you will stagnate. Life is a series of progressions. Life is constant movement, sometimes so swift and unrelentless that it makes us dizzy. But life is never suppose to be still– at least not the type of still that prohibits new growth. Lift one foot and take that first step. The second step will be easier. I promise. It always is.

Though you may keenly feel life’s burdens at this moment, that will change. You’re at the threshold of a new day, a new dawn. Once you take that first hesitant step towards your future, the rusty cogs and wheels of life will begin turning again. They might be a little stiff and noisy at first, but the more they move, the smoother the journey will become. Sometimes it’s just getting started that’s the hard part.

You struggle with finding balance now, but your struggle is with that which will smooth out naturally, all on it’s own. Don’t fight it so much. When you do this you are actually working against your own energy. This will make you tired. The last thing I’m going to tell you, and maybe the most important, is not to take off on life’s grand adventure without a game plan, your game plan. When you start a journey, you should have a destination in mind, otherwise how will you know when you’ve arrived?

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