Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The World

21 The World Keywords: finished; completion; self-satisfaction; the circle; sacred space Archetypes: Oscar winners; gold medalists; New York Times Best Selling Authors; Einstein, the Pope; Nobel Peace Prize Winners Correspondences: Number/3 Planet/Saturn Element/Air Astrological Sun Sign/Scorpio Upright Interpretation: The World is rife with positive possibilities; it's letting us know that anything we've been working on, … Continue reading Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The World

Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/Judgment

20 Judgment Keywords: karma; “uh-oh”; conscience; tribulation; revelations; last chances Archetypes: angels; guardian angels; General Patton; your mother; Dog the Bounty Hunter Correspondences: Number/2 Planet/Pluto Element/Fire Astrological Sun Sign/Aquarius Upright Interpretation: Judgment lets you know that it's time to pay the piper; it's time to take accountability for anything in your life that has hurt … Continue reading Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/Judgment

Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The Sun

19 The Sun Keywords: happiness; contentment; illusion; peace Archetypes: Snoopy; Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blond); Mr. Rogers; the smiley face Correspondences: Number/1 Planet/Sun Element/Fire Astrological Sun Sign/L Upright Interpretation: This card has been described as that big slobbery spaniel dog that jumps all over you in joyous unbridled enthusiasm, which can be a wonderful thing in … Continue reading Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The Sun

Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The Moon

18 The Moon Keywords: women's mysteries; secrets; occult mysteries; lies; deception; goddess power; polar opposites Archetypes: Mother Goddess; Dorian Gray; feminists; Katherine Hepburn; Hecate Correspondences: Number/7 Planet/Neptune Element/Water Astrological Sun Sign/Pisces Upright Interpretation: The Moon is every beautiful exquisite torturous moment of deception and denial. It’s the mystery of truth. The Moon propels us forward, … Continue reading Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The Moon

Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The Star

17 The Star Keywords: perseverance; concentration; one-track mind; diligence; endless possibilities; miracles; magick Archetypes: The Nutty Professor; Dorothy (and her crew); Dr. Seuss (his manuscript was rejected 80 times before he hit pay-dirt) Correspondences: Number/4 Planet/Uranus Element/Air Astrological Sun Sign/Aquarius Upright Interpretation: This card reminds me somewhat of Temperance, except the angelic figure on Temperance … Continue reading Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The Star

Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The Tower

16 The Tower Keywords: free-falling; jumping ship; shit hits the fan; cataclysmic; inevitable; Warning Archetypes: Wrong-Way-Corrigan; Gilligan; Larry, Moe, & Curly Joe Correspondences: Number/7 Planet/Mars Element/Fire Astrological Sun Sign/Sagittarius Upright Interpretation: Oh, my-- she says with a weary sigh. I can't tell you how many catastrophes, or catastrophic changes, this card has heralded in all … Continue reading Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The Tower

Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The Devil

15 The Devil Keywords: addiction; vice; weakness; self-inflicted adversity; gross materialism; unhealthy obsessions and compulsions Archetypes: Satan; addicts-- alcohol, drugs, sex; Michael Myers; the boogeyman; Correspondences: Number/8 Planet/Saturn Element/Earth Astrological Sun Sign/Capricorn Upright Interpretation: This card is a bitch. It's sly and sneaky; it has no conscience; and it lives to deceive. How many times … Continue reading Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/The Devil