A Woman’s Life Transitions

Maiden I suddenly come alive within my body in wonder and acknowledgment of it’s miracle.  I feel it as I am, it is, I am…I am…I am, I keep telling myself in amazement.  I’m here, on the inside, looking out, listening, learning, watching, absorbing.  No one knows this, the people around me seem unaware of … Continue reading A Woman’s Life Transitions

Woman Speak 2-13-2015

The Goddess is Aphrodite, the topic is birthdays and how we celebrate these milestones in connection with the Goddess and all the unique stages in a woman's life.  The discussion is about-- Beauty.  What's beautiful, what's not...How has our society and culture influenced our idea of physical beauty, our idea of youth and aging...How can … Continue reading Woman Speak 2-13-2015

Surprise!!!…I Received my Author Copies today!

LOOK what I got today!!...my *Author Copies*...the big box arrived this morning as an unexpected surprise. Release date:  April 24th, 2015 Pre-Order at this link:  click  Here

Woman Speak 2-6-2015

Come plant rosemary with me...the Goddess is Thalia, the herb blessed Rosemary. Where ever you might live, whether on an acreage, or in an apartment, plant a garden to invoke goddess energy. Here's what to plant at the four corners and at the elemental quarters. And what shall we put in the center?...let's find out. … Continue reading Woman Speak 2-6-2015

Pagan Musings Podcast: 2-15-2015

Mark your calendar! Sunday, March 15th, 7-9pm CST , I'll be a guest on Pagan Musings Podcast (blogtalk radio) Click on the link in the text to hear the show!  

The Spiritual Feminist: top 100 in 3 categories @ Amazon!

Update!..."The Spiritual Feminist" has been in the Top 100 books in the categories of Religion & Spirituality...New-Age...and Goddess. Let's keep it going! Under Amazon's  Special Offers & Price Reduction: "Pre-order Price Guarantee! Order now and if the Amazon.com price decreases between your order time and the end of the day of the release date, you'll … Continue reading The Spiritual Feminist: top 100 in 3 categories @ Amazon!