Scorpio! Here’s Your In-Depth Zodiac Tarot Reading

Scorpio! It's been a while since I did a reading for you. This reading will run about 40 minutes. I'm using the Celtic Cross Spread and Pagans Way Tarot by Anna Franklin. Sit back, grab a cuppa', and enjoy! I'm sure you'll both nod your head in recognition and raise an eyebrow in surprise. Blessings … Continue reading Scorpio! Here’s Your In-Depth Zodiac Tarot Reading

Updated! ~ Free Tarot Reading: Pick-a-Card

You can follow this link and "Pick-a-Card" for your FREE tarot reading...or listen to all three cards for a unique perspective. ~ While you're at The Tarot Parlour, be sure to book your very own Personal tarot reading geared specifically to your Life and Unique Situation! Have fun, and enjoy.

Featured Tarot Reading for April

I can't believe we've worked our way through March already!  There's a beautiful bush in my backyard that testifies to this.  It blossomed full out this year before it had one green leaf on it, and it's still in this state.  As April comes along and Spring is well on it's way, it's time to … Continue reading Featured Tarot Reading for April

Featured Tarot Reading for March ~ The Pentagram Spread

 Tarot Spread Featured for March #1 The Pentagram Spread 1. this is where you came from 2. this is where you are going 3. this is what is difficult for you 4. this is what makes sense 5. this is your ultimate goal Audio Reading PENTAGRAM SPREAD $15.00 Follow this link to purchase Your Reading! … Continue reading Featured Tarot Reading for March ~ The Pentagram Spread

ARIES! An In-Depth Zodiac Tarot Reading (video)

You're up, Aries!  We made a smashing tarot connection today with your zodiac reading.  I thought the reading would run 20-30 minutes, but it stretched to 45.  There's lots going on in your life, that's for sure.  Hang onto your hat, and prepare for your future! Enjoy the video; and thank you for LIKING, SHARING, & … Continue reading ARIES! An In-Depth Zodiac Tarot Reading (video)

UPDATE ~ Free Reading, “Pick-a-Card”

Hello, World! ...the free "pick-a-card" readings have been updated, and this month they are in video format, with Time Stamps.  I loaded this video directly to The Tarot Parlour, so you'll have to follow this link to view them: Enjoy!  

February ~ It’s All About LUV!

Hello, Readers! February is on the horizon as I type this, and with it Valentine's Day.  This is the month devoted to love and relationships, and there's lots of ways to celebrate it, look into it's energy, cast spells to draw it to us, or peek through the universal doorway to the future and see … Continue reading February ~ It’s All About LUV!