Your Daily Cards ~ another website, another update

I have just updated “Your Daily Cards” at my second website. You’ll find this hand written reading in the right side-bar, at the top, right under the picture you see below. If viewing on your phone, click on “view web version”, or you won’t see the sidebar.


Getting Where You Need to Be ~ it’s a process

Hello to all my Special People! Todays’ reading shows us that life and the desired outcomes we have for it can be quite a process. From the Hanged Man (the pause button) and the stall you may be in; to the Queen of Swords and the verbal confrontation you may have to navigate through; to the individual who will always want more from you. We’ll be drawing several cards to clarify the situation, to seek the solutions, and to look ahead to the possible outcome.

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Karmic Cycles & Self-Evolvement

Do you find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour from relationship to relationship, job to job, or in some other situation unique to you? You may be repeating Karmic cycles because you are not learning the lesson Spirit is trying to teach you. Think about your life, your decisions, and the outcomes that you experience. Learn to identify negative patterns of behaviour and the repercussions that accompany them. Close out these cycles and experience self-evolvement.

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Tarot Spread ~ A Snapshot of Your Life

Happy New Year! We’ve enjoyed this Sunday, January 2nd curled up on a cold winter day — yes, cold in Arizona! — with a hot cup of coffee and Netflix. Thank you all for watching my videos, liking, and subscribing. These are so much fun to do, though today’s reading was a very chilly one with the sun moving into the western sky and the temps dropping.

Stay warm, stay safe, and be well. If anyone has suggestions for a question or focus for future readings, leave your ideas in the comments.

Romantic obsession ~ know when to let go

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Manipulating the manipulator

Welcome to Casa Monteraine and another informal video chat. As I announce in this video, I am no longer giving personal tarot readings, but you will find a plethora of videos and info at my website The Tarot Parlour, and I will continue to produce new videos for my YouTube channel.

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The Month Ahead… what can we expect?

  • 1. What is an important theme in my month ahead? 
  • 2. A secret that will unfold this month. 
  • 3. A blessing that will appear this month. 
  • 4. Where can I look to the find magic in my day to day. 
  • 5. What can I do to practice my magic this month? 
  • 6. How an I build trust in my intuition? 

(Note: the number of positions in a tarot spread is not indicative of the number of cards drawn. I draw as many cards as it takes to get an answer.) 


Does anyone else feel the odd heavy energy today?

  • Someone’s chipping away, common sense will come to your rescue

They’re trying to wear you down, it’s all so silly and unnecessary. If you cling to common sense and don’t allow yourself to get sucked into their way of thinking… you’ll be okay.

  • Mediation and  a meeting of the minds

Discord in the land of Couples. You’re going to have to find some common middle ground. Life will be much easier for both of you if you can accomplish this.

Uncomfortable reading, I had to stop

There was something about the scenario of this reading that made me so uncomfortable I cut it short. Something feels eerily “disturbing” about the reconnection predicted here… an uncomfortable connection? fallout? betrayal? sneaky behavior? A dead end? unexpected repercussions? something we’ll be watching on Dateline? It’s hard to explain, but as I was reading, something felt almost dangerous, like a situation that could lead to catastrophe.