A Tarot Experiment: Blind Reading

As I have said over and over about tarot reading…the power, the knowledge, the wisdom, the insight, is not in the tarot cards– it’s in the Reader.  The cards are just a tool, a beautiful tool, that gives the reader’s sub-conscious a little jump start.  I believe that most tarot readers can actually learn to do readings without the cards.  I believe that we can teach ourselves to open up to our clients and connect in our own magickal way without any divinatory tool.  It’s just a matter of practice, of honing your skills, of learning to recognize and process psychic information, of learning to control any fear of being “wrong”.  It’s a matter of  trusting  yourself and listening to that little voice in your head. Below is my first tarot experiment, a blind reading.  Blind in that I have laid the cards, but I’m going to “read” them  before  I turn them, and then again afterwards. SL381683 The Blind Reading: A female, and the feeling of distress, but not just physical distress, it’s deeper than that.  There is a family member from the past connected to a traumatic experience or memory.  a Baker– pans and pans (baking pans) of large loaves of homemade bread.  Coins (pentacles) slipping through your fingers, and the cheerful “ka-ching” metallic noise as they do so.

Other impressions:  peasant dresses, or a peasant skirt; those little Russian doll figurines, the kind that is one inside another, inside another, etc.; the song “I’m a little teapot…”; white lilies and calendula. SL381685 After Turning the Cards: There she stands, the figure on the nine of pentacles; complete within herself, in a good place at the present time.  The energy feels like that of a “survivor”. On one side– a relationship, possibly long and enduring, but not without it’s ups and downs (the reversal).  It could also represent “something you’ve left behind”, and this makes me feel almost wistful. On the other side– the King of pentacles, a male family figure who has passed, or a man who’s influence still figures strongly in your life today. (And this influence feels all encompassing, whether this man is alive or not, you are– and have been– forever affected by his energy.)

Other impressions:  the idea of successfully “weathering the storm”; angel wings; sharing; standing at a threshold; “The Grapes of Wrath”; the ram– Aries.


Note: The individual that I’ve chosen as the recipient (or guinea pig!) for this “Blind Reading” may, or may not, choose to leave his/her impressions publicly about this reading and its accuracy.  This reading is done in complete anonymity, and the only thing that’s really important to me is protecting the querent’s privacy and working on my own skills as a reader at the same time. I might also suggest other tarot readers try this and give us your impressions! What do you think of a Blind Reading?  Did a blind reading work for you?  Do you actually pick up information more clearly before you turn the cards, or after?  (Leave a comment, let us know.)


The Tarot: Missing Person Case, Isabel Celis

The following is a cold reading.  This means that I had no prior information, other than the victim’s name, location, and date of disappearance.


Tarot Reading

Missing Person Case

The Victim: Isabel Celis

The Date of Disappearance: April 20, 2012

The Location: Tucson, Arizona

Deck:  Druid Craft Tarot Deck

The Feryllt…8/swords…3/cups

4/wands (r)…5/wands


First Impression: The idea that this whole plot came from a female mind. It was a woman’s idea. I believe she may have just wanted a child at the beginning. There is the sense of someone kept as a prisoner for the pleasure of a group of people, possibly two men and one woman. There is also the idea that the place the child was kept was rudimentary, rough, almost with the air of ‘camping’, campfires, tents, it all comes to mind; a very isolated area. I believe that eventually with this undertaking– the kidnapping of Isabel– things did not go as planned and there were disagreements between the kidnappers. This wouldn’t bode well for the child.

The Princess of swords is unclear to me at this stage of the reading– it’s either the female perpetrator, or it’s a mature version of Isabel.


The Deck: Tarot of The Old Path


There it is again, a woman in control of the situation– and the Ace of cups, the desire for a relationship and/or the idea that Isabel knew her kidnapper. Also, repeated with this deck– the 8/swords (confinement, containment, captive). Also…stones, rock, stone walls, nature, the outdoors; a waterway or a lake.

Knight/cauldrons (R)…10/rods…The Star

Burdens; ray of light; Irises– white; cameras, video, photography; water– river, lake, boat; angels & the energy of Hope; someone who loved Isabel; the idea of a relationship reversed; chains– literally, or chains to actions, behaviors, the idea of “not backing out”, “can’t change your mind”.

It went too far, it went farther than the conspirators meant for it to go, and there was no way they could back out or reverse what was done.

Ace/rods…4/pentacles…The Wheel of Fortune

The Butterfly: freedom, spiritual freedom, or freedom of the spirit.

A greedy individual who wants it all for himself. The idea of one person hiding something from a group of people. Personality: hedonistic, self-centered, narcissistic.

Sunset or Sunrise. Something coming full circle.

Hands tied behind her back; bones; the harvest; the hunt; the stars; completion and closure.

The victim may be buried somewhere close by a body of water– a lake, a river.

Knight/rods (R)…Page/swords…2/rods (R)

A 4th individual is involved in some way– someone watching the situation from afar, an observer– not a participant. This individual could have received information about the abduction from the abductors.

The abductors include 2 males:

One in his 30s, and this man is in control of the situation, he calls the shots. The other people involved follow his lead.

The second man is younger, adolescent or early 20s; and this young man may be an addict, or is an occasional user.

8/cauldrons (R)…4/rods (R)…Strength (R)

The idea of: Rx; prescriptions; medications; a connection with a pharmacy

The woman: connected to the medical profession in some way– a nurse, nurse’s aide, or connected to a pharmacy. She may be fair-skinned with red hair. She either has one child, or she desired a child.

Page/penacles (R)…3/rods…The High Priestess

Someone who knows and mourns from afar, in secret.

Individuals working together towards concealment.

Running water and wildlife.