Are these messages for you?

What Goes Around Comes Around ~ you get a second chance

Ironically, this is the same message that I got in a written reading today. Someone is going to get a second chance connecting with someone, and you never thought this was going to happen. People don’t often get second chances at relationships, this is very rare. Don’t blow it this time.

Do Us All a Favour ~ take the high ground

You have a choice coming up, a great big in-your-face decision to make. Be sure the left hand knows what the right is doing… just saying.

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Is it really your responsibility ~ or not

New responsibilities may be weighing on you right now and you’ll really need to think deeply about whether these responsibilities are truly yours… or not. There are ways out of this situation, listen to the reading for more insight. 

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Getting Where You Need to Be ~ it’s a process

Hello to all my Special People! Todays’ reading shows us that life and the desired outcomes we have for it can be quite a process. From the Hanged Man (the pause button) and the stall you may be in; to the Queen of Swords and the verbal confrontation you may have to navigate through; to the individual who will always want more from you. We’ll be drawing several cards to clarify the situation, to seek the solutions, and to look ahead to the possible outcome.

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Karmic Cycles & Self-Evolvement

Do you find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour from relationship to relationship, job to job, or in some other situation unique to you? You may be repeating Karmic cycles because you are not learning the lesson Spirit is trying to teach you. Think about your life, your decisions, and the outcomes that you experience. Learn to identify negative patterns of behaviour and the repercussions that accompany them. Close out these cycles and experience self-evolvement.

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