What’s in the cards for you?

You’ll find the following three cards and interpretations at the link provided.  This was a general three-card draw for love, finance, and future possibilities.  This is a free tarot reading, courtesy of The Tarot Parlour.

Today’s Free Reading

Card #1/Love… 5/WANDS

Card #2/Finances… 7/CUPSCard

#3/Future Possibilities… KING/PENTACLES

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A Tarot Experiment: Blind Reading

As I have said over and over about tarot reading…the power, the knowledge, the wisdom, the insight, is not in the tarot cards– it’s in the Reader.  The cards are just a tool, a beautiful tool, that gives the reader’s sub-conscious a little jump start.  I believe that most tarot readers can actually learn to do readings without the cards.  I believe that we can teach ourselves to open up to our clients and connect in our own magickal way without any divinatory tool.  It’s just a matter of practice, of honing your skills, of learning to recognize and process psychic information, of learning to control any fear of being “wrong”.  It’s a matter of  trusting  yourself and listening to that little voice in your head. Below is my first tarot experiment, a blind reading.  Blind in that I have laid the cards, but I’m going to “read” them  before  I turn them, and then again afterwards. SL381683 The Blind Reading: A female, and the feeling of distress, but not just physical distress, it’s deeper than that.  There is a family member from the past connected to a traumatic experience or memory.  a Baker– pans and pans (baking pans) of large loaves of homemade bread.  Coins (pentacles) slipping through your fingers, and the cheerful “ka-ching” metallic noise as they do so.

Other impressions:  peasant dresses, or a peasant skirt; those little Russian doll figurines, the kind that is one inside another, inside another, etc.; the song “I’m a little teapot…”; white lilies and calendula. SL381685 After Turning the Cards: There she stands, the figure on the nine of pentacles; complete within herself, in a good place at the present time.  The energy feels like that of a “survivor”. On one side– a relationship, possibly long and enduring, but not without it’s ups and downs (the reversal).  It could also represent “something you’ve left behind”, and this makes me feel almost wistful. On the other side– the King of pentacles, a male family figure who has passed, or a man who’s influence still figures strongly in your life today. (And this influence feels all encompassing, whether this man is alive or not, you are– and have been– forever affected by his energy.)

Other impressions:  the idea of successfully “weathering the storm”; angel wings; sharing; standing at a threshold; “The Grapes of Wrath”; the ram– Aries.


Note: The individual that I’ve chosen as the recipient (or guinea pig!) for this “Blind Reading” may, or may not, choose to leave his/her impressions publicly about this reading and its accuracy.  This reading is done in complete anonymity, and the only thing that’s really important to me is protecting the querent’s privacy and working on my own skills as a reader at the same time. I might also suggest other tarot readers try this and give us your impressions! What do you think of a Blind Reading?  Did a blind reading work for you?  Do you actually pick up information more clearly before you turn the cards, or after?  (Leave a comment, let us know.)

Tarot, Tarot, Tarot…Find Your Answers Here

I often  receive emails from people who are looking for quick answers to provide unique insight to a single question.  Although I’m not able to respond to every email that comes my way, I’ve chosen a few questions to answer here using a two-card draw.

Marcie:  “Will my boyfriend & I get married this year?”
8/wands     4/wands

Yes, Marcie, and it’s going to happen faster than you think.  This year will find you blessed with a celebration.

Tammy:  “Will I get pregnant this year?”

Knight/wands     Ace/cups (R)

No, Tammy, not this year; and even if you did, you most likely would not be able to carry this pregnancy through.  When the time is right, nature will take its course.

Allan:  “Will my mother & I ever reconcile?”

2/pentacles     The Empress (R)

Not in this lifetime.  There appears to be such an imbalance within the dynamics of this relationship that by the time it’s straightened out, it most likely will be too late.  On the other hand, if you feel an urgent overwhelming need to reconcile, drop everything and do so now– quickly.  Time is running out.

Jake:  “Will my current health problems stabilize?”

Death     5/pentacles

No, your health issues, if anything, will be more tumultuous this year.  The fallout from these new developments will be an issue with medical bills and your insurance company.

Bea:  “Will my husband & I resolve our issues?”

7/swords     6/swords

It looks like your marital issues may be resolved permanently, through legal action.  It also appears that someone is up to some sneaky behavior, best lay things out on the table right now.  It’s time to divy up property and belongings and move on.


The following is an excerpt from an actual online (emailed) tarot reading.  Names have been changed to protect my client’s anonymity.

What do the cards hold for *Stacy*?

The Empress

This is the card of fertility, femininity, female issues, feminine power, the maternal– It’s the Virgin Mary standing on a crescent moon, which in essence is the Goddess, though most people don’t realize this.  The image of a spiral comes to mind again– in the first group of cards, this is how I viewed the two diverging paths, but this is a single spiral, a solitary path, your path, one you need to explore to discover the next phase of your life.  I’m also picking up from this card:  a spirit that stays close to you, perhaps subtly influencing some of your decisions; you’re psychic, or you dream dreams with a psychic bent to them– and this can be how the spirit influences you.  I feel that it’s either a loved one who’s passed or a spirit guide.  You may have a spirituality about you, or deep thoughts on the subject, that you haven’t shared yet with anyone.

2/swords ®     Queen/swords ®     7/swords ®

On my…so many swords and all of them reversed.

Let’s start off:

First, the two of swords…you’re at a crossroads in your life, and just like the blind-folded figure on this card, you can’t decide which way you want to go.  You’re also walking a tight-rope, meaning you’re going to have to ditch the blind-fold in order to take a good look at all your options.  You can’t afford to step into a situation without being prepared to face all the consequences.  And you can’t hold this position forever, you have to make a decision when it’s put before you, and it may not be an easy decision to make– the important ones rarely are.

This Queen traditionally represents a solitary female figure– the widow, the divorcee, the independent woman, an intelligent woman, often a professional woman.  This Queen puts on a stronger front than the other Queens.  She hesitates to show any sign of weakness and sometimes comes across as a much cooler and more aloof person than she actually is.  This Queen feels deeply and can be wounded much more easily than anyone would ever guess.

In order to discover love, you have to be willing to open yourself up, and this is very tricky, because in doing so, you are also opening yourself up to the possibility of being hurt.  It’s an unusual balance between being strong and protecting yourself, and being pliable enough to allow someone into your heart.  The older a woman gets, the less willing she is to do this.

If this Queen is not you, but a woman in your life– she is a woman who has the capability to make your life a living hell.

The bickering, confrontations, victory at a price– all traditional meanings of this card.  I always tell people, when this card comes up, to choose your battles wisely in order to conserve your strength.  You can’t take on the entire world, just take on enough of it to make your own little corner cozy and livable.

I also see in this card:  a sly fox, someone you shouldn’t necessarily trust– kind of like a weasel in the hen house; distance– distance between you and a group of people…emotional distance, an inability to agree, a distrust (rightfully so), plotting, backstabbing.  If you’ve been in an active argument or disagreeable situation with a group of people, and you feel you’ve resolved the issue– don’t think it’s over yet.  Awareness is a great advantage.

I wish I could have said, “I see a tall, dark, handsome stranger.”; but I don’t.  I see personal issues for you to work through, which come first, and are so much more important to your well-being.  Also, when The Empress comes up, and with it all these swords, I advise my female clients to watch their health closely in regards to feminine issues– don’t cancel your mammogram or put off your yearly pap test.  This is not something to be alarmed by, just the powers that be tapping you on the shoulder so that you don’t forget to take care of yourself.


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