Thunder, Lightening, & Raine…er, Rain

Storms moved through our area last night, some pretty strong ones. My youngest daughter and I had fallen asleep together watching tv, and about 2am I was woken up by the sound of a vacuum in the basement. Water was coming in, and my husband was trying to stay ahead of it with our vacuum/shampooer, which only has a 1 gallon capacity. Eventually, as the rain got heavier and the winds whipped up, he couldn’t keep up with it anymore.

About 3:30am we decided that I’d run out to Wal-mart and get a shop vac with the largest capacity I could find.

When I opened the garage door, Mother Nature was just revving up for a second round. I’ll bet I stood there for about five minutes, watching the fantastic lightening, and watching the awesome cloud formations that were revealed with each new flash. I actually debated about just how smart it was to be traipsing out into this wild night.

We have a scanner, so I knew that some city streets were flooded. This meant taking a round-a-bout route to the store. Even when it’s not storming, I think the atmosphere of a sleeping city is strange, especially when you’re not use to being up and about at this time of night. The rain let up on my way there; and I thought, this is pretty cool, not really too bad as I scurried into Wally-world. The storm kicked back into high gear only after I had loaded the new shop vac into the back of the vehicle and was just turning the ignition key to start her up and head for home– what timing!

I wish I could say that I had worked some incredible powerful mojo to control the weather; but no, Mother Nature just happened to be looking out for me.

Hubby was vacuuming water till after 5am this morning. And then, just as suddenly as it started coming in, it stopped.

The weather channel said that this evening it’s suppose to start raining again, and it’s suppose to rain through the night. If I didn’t work any weather mojo for my trip to the store, you can bet that I will be working weather mojo today to keep the rain at bay.