Signs He’s a Keeper ~ Yeppa’

Some people find their true love and life-time partner right off the bat and spend the next five to seven decades in harmonious coupledom.  But there are others of us who will spend a life time searching for "The One".  And during this arduous, often tempestuous, and discouraging search, we will run into people and relationships … Continue reading Signs He’s a Keeper ~ Yeppa’

The Witch’s Diary: Pagan Date Night (video)

This weekend something happened that's unusual at our house-- all of the kids had some place to be, right down to the youngest one.  Yippity-Skippity.  My husband Joe declared DATE NIGHT...and we answered the "Call of the Wild". hashtags... ‪#‎datenight‬, ‪#‎marriedcouple‬, ‪#‎thewildside‬, ‪#‎swinginginthetrees‬, ‪#‎puddytats‬ ‪#‎animalbehavior‬