Twin Flames ~ Do we all have one?… and other questions

Definition:  A twin flame is an incredibly intense soul connection. A more apt description of a twin flame is a “mirror soul” or a person’s “other half.”

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  • What are the signs of a Twin Flame?
  • Are Twin Flames meant to be?
  • Can Twin Flames look alike?
  • Do you only have one Twin Flame?
  • How do you know if you’ve met your soul mate or your twin flame?
  • Does everyone have a Twin Flame?

Second Time Around ~ Should You Remarry Your Ex

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While the reasons for getting remarried vary from couple to couple, many people realize after the anger and frustration dissipate that they actually miss their former spouse, especially if they were married for any length of time. Then, they start to wonder what they could have done differently, or if the marriage could have been salvaged. Some people even wonder if they made a mistake.

Here are some other possible reasons divorced couples consider remarrying one another.

  • Realize single life is unsatisfying and difficult
  • Recognize they divorced impulsively or for stupid reasons
  • Realize they’re still in love with their ex
  • Experience some personal growth that led them back to the relationship
  • Miss the familiarity they had with their ex
  • Forgive and/or forget the things their ex did wrong
  • Maintain a positive relationship with their ex