Podcast ~ A Relationship Spread

In honor of Valentine’s Day, right around the corner, let’s take a look at this relationship spread titled:

 “What is he/she Really Thinking?” 

1. What is he/she saying to you?

2. What is he/she really thinking?

3. What is he/she really feeling deep down?

4. His/her actions and behavior towards you.

5. Outside influences that are having an effect.

6. Future — next 2 or 3 months. 

There’s a positive outcome in sight here, in spite of a period of limited or misunderstood communication; as well as individuals who are interfering with their opinions and their negative influence, most likely well meaning friends, family, or colleagues. There’s a positive choice here to pursue a serious commitment, to heal and begin again. This may come after a harrowing time of mixed signals and the confusion caused by two individuals in particular who are allowed to have way more influence than they should, one of them being a maternal figure. The bottom line, a second chance awaits this couple who have the desire to work for the success of their relationship. It’s in the cards, Spirit tells us.