A New Opportunity May Lead to Solitude

*Note: in this video I mention the words and melody to a song that popped into my head as I was getting ready to do this reading. Watch the video and see if you recognize the song and can tell me the name of the song, who recorded it, and what decade it’s from.

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Setting Boundaries & Making Choices ~ don’t throw a wrench in the middle of it

Sometimes tarot works in mysterious ways, and sometimes it puts before us things that we’d rather not think about or acknowledge. But sometimes this is what’s needed. This is a reading for anyone who has a difficult time setting boundaries, and anyone who tends to be impulsive when it comes to choices. As the title says, “Don’t throw a wrench into what you have.”

It’s In the Cards ~ “Do I stay, or do I go…”

Seeking domestic bliss by redefining exactly what a “happy family” is suppose to be; seeking stability in your decisions and course of action; knowing when to stay and work on what you have… because it’s worth it.

Your Daily Cards

  • The Spirits Speak… (7/cups; 6/swords; 6/pentacles)

You are faced with numerous decisions. It feels mind boggling, doesn’t it. And the decision you make will determine whether you stay, or move on. I’m hearing in my head the words and music from a song.. “Do I stay, or do I go…”. There’s no longer equal give or take with a situation, and you may feel that there are difficult changes which must be made. The correct decision, and necessary changes, will return equilibrium to your existence. Good thing.

I was close!… Here ya’ go, just cause, this was the melody running through my head!

Should I Stay, Or Should I Go

Desert Reading ~ on a dark and stormy morning

This is a quick four-card reading which reveals several issues with communication, or miscommunication, for some of you. It also opened many questions: Why aren’t you talking? Why are you hesitant to open up communication? Why are you defensive? Why are they defensive? Is it time to take down some boundaries… is it safe to do this?

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Taurus ~ In-Depth Tarot Reading ~ January 2018 (video)

I’ve done a series of videos, 12 of them, one for each zodiac sign, using the Celtic Cross Spread and a variety of tarot decks over the past year. I have to say that this is one of the strangest. Instead of editing out odd moments in this video, to make the reading run smoother, I left them in, and I talk to you about them. I let you know what feels odd about the reading, how the energy feels, what I’m thinking. I don’t know how else to explain the strangeness of this reading, other than to just let you watch it and find out for yourselves. This felt like such a bizarre reading, I almost didn’t post it.

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Tarot Reading: May’s Energy ~ 2015 (video)

We’re going to look at everything this month from beating our personal demons, to recognizing enablers in our life who may be holding us back; we will be healing from painful issues in our past that we have to learn to let go; and we’ll be hanging onto our hats for big changes and lots of “movement” where relationships and employment are concerned.  May will be full of new victories and a few surprises.